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  1. I have assassin creed and lord mobile. Am thinking of getting back call of duty, it's been a while. I just deleted angry birds and temple run.
  2. I think he just sign-up to promote the game, he should apply for sponsorship on this site.
  3. The game looks cool. I would have gone for it if it were on Android. I think this must be your first game is of the graphics.
  4. Peterlight


    I think I played this game back in the year 2016. It was fun, more like empire. I did enjoyed the game but had to delete it when COD ghost came out, it took too much space from my phone.
  5. Come to think lf it, the anime movie was fantastic, never knew the game will be this boring. I will pass.
  6. Sadly, if I was cut playing the game on my phone, I will be begging my baby brother to please give me back my phone cos he is going to make a loud cry until my mum gets it for him and you know what that means.
  7. I played the apple arcade ones on my friends iPhone so I pretty much like it compare to the Google stadia. If I have got an apple phone, I would play it more
  8. Peterlight


    I still have this game on my phone, i did play it this morning. Yeah the game is quite addictive and time consuming. My mum almost removed my ear because of the game.
  9. None was my favourite and never will be. I think the games are for senior citizens and girls, not that I am discriminating or something. I just think that not every guy will want to play these games except his girlfriend forces him, you know what I mean.lol
  10. My junior brother could kill for this type of games,lol. He kinds of take it personal when playing them. You dear not take the phone from him at the time he is playing it if you don't want the whole world to come crashing on you. Lol
  11. Am a big fan of board games more like monopoly. I have been playing the game since I was a child. The fact that I can get to play the game on my phone, it's like living my dream. I just wish we could connect more with people from different nations, you know what I mean.
  12. It is Tetris, maybe a little bit upgraded. I kind of love the concept where you get to control three blocks, it's kind of challenging.
  13. I played it till I got to level 476 back in 2017, I don't know what happened, I just simply lost interest. The game was quite fun back then and I got a lot of challenges from my Facebook friends. I haven't seen anyone finish the game till date.
  14. I loved Mario back in the 19s and I have played mario run a couple of time. It's quite fun and fantastic.
  15. Yeap this is the one my friend is using and it is pretty good, you should get. He has been using it for 2 months now and I don't see it getting spoil anytime soon.
  16. It is a lovely game following the movie and the love I have for the minions, I just wish there would be more to it, like other characters and stuff.
  17. COD is still a fun game to play on phone but I still prefer the pc game to mobile, I changed my phone battery twice because of this game
  18. This is my sister's favourite as of few weeks ago, the game is somehow fun. I don't play it but I do watch her play it on her tab
  19. Not bad for an android phone but the only issue is it's kind of big and can only be used to play android games.
  20. Am not a fan so I don't see myself going for it anytime soon.
  21. This is better than apple earpod which just came out recently. At least it is affordable and gives better sound.
  22. I don't think this stretch phones will go far, cos I see it has a bomb getting ready to explode. I think they should be looking at phones that can never be stolen or swap once bought. I have seen many people people's details get into wrong hands when their device was stolen. This idea is not bad atall, it is just a start and I know a lot of phone companies will try this too in the nearest future.
  23. The price is kind of off too. No one will want to go for A+ with that huge price, maybe someone like me. I think iPhone is better considering the fact that you get to choose which app to run.
  24. I think they are using the chance of making the most wanted device in the world to display unimaginable prices on their product. I just never know why I don't own an apple device yet.
  25. Superb, I think am in love with the game already. I think the game should be out already. I can't wait to get my hands dirty. It looks more like a video game and not mobile
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