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  1. Some people are not really qualified to be called a parent because they can't even take very good care of themselves and not to talk about taking care of kids.
  2. What's the best website or platform where you seek out video games reviews before you decide on which one you want to purchase?
  3. I'm not going to bother about the game till November 5th, then I will explore the possibility of getting it that very day if it's possible or by the next week of it.
  4. Don't ask my gaming buddies what they did to beat you. They will make a fun of you all day long and still not tell you. You have to learn on your own by figuring it out from trial and error.
  5. Of course, they are supposed to influence their kids being the ones that are tasked with their upbringing who still fail at their jobs.
  6. The problem with gaming communities these days is that you hardly find one that's not a toxic setting. It's why I'm happy being here on VGR.
  7. I'm a big fan of Ghost of Tsushima and it's something that sounds nice for those playing the game to experience a free flowing game without any microtransactions.
  8. I would rather use the $187 and invest in cryptocurrency trading. It's going to pay me better interest over a period of time than just getting a controller with it.
  9. The power button can easily be called the reboot button because it is the same button that does the same function. Although, power button is more popularly used.
  10. When a side quest is too long, it gets me bored playing it and not to talk about playing one that's repeatedly giving me the same thing over more than one point.
  11. Playing with my Playstation 1 injured me on more than one occasion as a result of how the analog control was hard. It when broke at one point when I was using it.
  12. They are just video games for God's sake, why would I get myself worked up too much about what to name my characters when they won't complain even if I decide not to name them.
  13. It's not all about the resources spent on making the games that they need to cover up, they have workers to pay, bills to pay, so the game's selling price will definitely not be enough. It's why I'm open to allowing microtransactions to used in a moderate way.
  14. Until Rockstar decides that the time is right for the release of GTA 6, there is no amount of noise gamers will make that will influence their decisions.
  15. There are so many great games that got good ratings from most gamers. Games like Need for Speed : Most Wanted, Ghost of Tsushima, Dark Souls, God of War, Bioshock Infinite, DMC.
  16. There is no arguments on this being absolutely wasting money unnecessarily but what can we do, it's his money and he can spend it on what are his preferences.
  17. Not everyone can drive, if you are finding it very difficult to learn it, it's best to allow it for those that can actually drive to avoid scratching your car.
  18. It's why I would never consider letting any identified enemy live the next minute because their still being alive is a threat to my survival.
  19. Getting to lose your job as a result of not knowing what's your priority is a thing of stupidity in my opinion. That guy deserves to be smacked on the head real hard.
  20. I would very much like to play all the Playstation 5 exclusive games on my PS4. They should make it work as soon as possible, so I don't have to worry about getting a PS5 now.
  21. I'm targeting getting my hands on any Xbox series consoles. I'm yet to play on any of it but it's only a matter of time till I get one, even it means to borrow one.
  22. It's only those that are too rich in my opinion that can spend so freely because they know that money isn't the problem for them at all.
  23. I believe that working with a budget is the best way to keep your spending on anything including video games in check.
  24. I hope you can get your hands on the PS4 console as you have planned out. There are so many games that you will enjoy better playing on it.
  25. Asking for $3000 isn't that big in my eyes. There are some people with a lot more crazy ideas that might cost over $50,000.
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