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  1. If you have Playstation 4, you can easily check out this Chess game. You are going to love it.
  2. As long as they try to make one that's worth the pay once in a while, it offers a little bit of hope that we may see something good in the future.
  3. I believe that the main purpose of video games trailers is to sell the video games. It's purely a marketing tool used to market the games to gamers.
  4. That's my point exactly when it comes to choosing between money and playing games. I will only choose games when it pays me for playing it.
  5. As much as I love to play games with my phone, I didn't get to do it with my Java phone because they aren't really good when it comes to playing games.
  6. If the review is truthful and honest, it's supposed to at least give one something to look at and ponder for a while before making a decision.
  7. November 5th of this year, I'm definitely not going to miss out on the game. I'm setting a remainder for it now in my dairy.
  8. Unless in a rare case of dealing with a gamer who's got a multiple person's personality that it's going to be hard to learn exactly who or what they are capable of from playing games.
  9. It's when they start overdoing the use of microtransactions in their games that it gets on my nerves. Too much of everything is bad in my opinion.
  10. Yeah that's the one I'm talking about. I think my sister still have the game on her phone. I will check it out and see if I can get it.
  11. I do very well agree with you here. If a child is brought up parents or guardian who are narcissistic, such kid will grow up being narcissistic as well in his or her behavior.
  12. There is also a chance that you will get a few trailers that wouldn't give everything you expect in the full movie. They can't really put everything in the trailer.
  13. This should definitely work for me being the kind of person who doesn't really care much about the name of my characters. So, I can easily name them anything.
  14. Yeah, it's not something that you can easily see happening with Playstation 5 console or even PS4 to begin with. Even my PS4 never had such happen to it.
  15. If it's possible to eliminate the use of microtransactions in open world games, it's something that would be a good idea in my opinion. Most gamers are tired of that crap.
  16. Thank you for sharing this link for me. It's a shame that the product is out of stock now, there was one I saw that was sold for $90+. It's quite expensive, I will keep checking back for it.
  17. Of course, I know when I had to knowledge on how to play Football games, I had to watch my friends play and picked up how to play from them.
  18. If gamers get tired of what the GTA 5 offers in the next five years, then it's going to be a good thing to have GTA 6 out by the time.
  19. If I have the skills and knowledge to repair them myself, I'd be happy to do so but I don't and I hardly trust those doing it for money. I have this feeling they would sabotage the tech to always be faulty.
  20. This is even different when it comes to repeating at a task. At least, it's as a result of not having completed the stage. But in a situation after passing a stage, and get to the next stage but only to repeat what you did in the previous stage.
  21. It's why I'm so into the soundtrack of Need for Speed racing game genre. I can't seem to get enough of their soundtrack used in the video game.
  22. You're definitely not going to see me because I really can't do well with such post. Head of security is too much for me to handle mate.
  23. I would have it all in a game remaster that's asking me to pay full price. I wouldn't pay full price only to get half the package of my money worth.
  24. My first choice is going to be having Radical Entertainment (1991-2012) get back in business. The company made some notable games like Prototype, The Simpsons : Hit and Run, The Incredible Hulk : Ultimate Destruction etc.
  25. Must it be on PC? In my opinion, it's going to be challenging playing on PC while at work as it might have you exposed for querry. It's better to play on your smartphone.
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