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  1. It never gets better than that. It was a sleep that's worth being paid extra for working overtime 😂. I'm never working overtime in my life again.
  2. Don't get ahead of yourself yet. I'm yet to start as everything is still under speculation. If I eventually get to make a decision on it, I'd let others know.
  3. A celebrity and daily earnings? I'm completely lost here. What are you trying to say?
  4. You don't have to worry about it. I haven't joined any of them but I'm sure that @Heatmanis a big fan.
  5. It just got integrated into the game after their collaboration few months ago. It's why the skin cost a little bit more for now.
  6. It's why all my games are tied to well constructed reviews and it's never led me astray till date.
  7. It's arguably the best Final Fantasy series by most gamers. If you haven't played it yet, you should. I'm playing Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon: Classic Edition today.
  8. A lot of toxic people are online because that's where they get to show their might. Also, a lot of them are just pretenders and all live fake lives. They aren't worth it most of the time.
  9. It's all about how you trained your pet. When you do that right, they surely know what's wrong and they feel guilty about it when they do it and you ask them. You should watch this video.
  10. The outfit looks similar to what Assassin's Creed wears. They are so much alike in many ways except for the color.
  11. Getting the reviews on the game after a while it's been released would give you everything you need on the game. If you base your decision on it, you would hard go wrong.
  12. I'm not sure if he's featured in video games yet. I'm only sure of cartons and movies with Black Adam his latest to be released soon.
  13. Yeah, I did told her one time that should I get to her level of games player/collected, I would be working on starting something like a game library or small museum.
  14. One thing that I'm sure they taught most gamers that got caught in the bug was to be very patient when it comes to getting new games.
  15. That's very correct mate. It took me at least 6 months before I got used to playing with the PC mouse and keyboard. It felt really weird at the first time I used it.
  16. Just don't take it too far would be my suggestion because you never can tell how it might end up in your case.
  17. This is Raven right? I guessed because of the feathers on his waist and showed of wing beside it. The Banana Skin as I love to call it.
  18. He could have easily given the PS3 away and the person who got it would treat it like a new baby and not left it dumped for a while till it's ruined.
  19. Being addicted and having the feeling of needing to prove a point at that particular point in time makes it difficult for me to stop.
  20. I believe that gradual development makes a lot of sense to newbie gamers. It's not always in their best interest to fast track everything, there might be a challenge they wouldn't know how to take care of, just because they are stronger doesn't mean success.
  21. I have seen a lot Cryptocurrency channels or server on Discord lately. I used to think they were more on Telegram but it seems like they have jumped ship to Discord.
  22. If the timing is right and they get the game Bloodborne well in the same way they did with Elden Ring or further make it better from what the first release brought to the table, it's going to sell well.
  23. I'm going to start copying that from you, so thanks for making me see a light where it never occurred to me. I can only tell that my lady loves board games, now I have to find out more.
  24. If the occasion calls for me to completely drop the games till I'm done, I wouldn't think twice about it. I can always get back to the games.
  25. Maybe I over exaggerated but it's cos I can't understand why they do that. Such amount is money only on games is too much for me to have an understanding with it.
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