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  1. I'm not sure if Call of Duty Vanguard is out yet. I think that you're making a mistake or having it mixed up. I think it's supposed to be on November 5th?
  2. If the video game is worth my getting crazy over it playing in my own space, I don't really see anything wrong with it. If not, then playing neutral seems to be a good fit.
  3. Money is the only good language that I understand perfectly. So, if I'm to do a crunch time on a game, it wouldn't be a bad thing if I'm offered $1000 😇.
  4. Rockstar is not yet done with making thousands of dollars from GTA 5. So, as for GTA 6, it's never coming out anytime sooner until the company says otherwise.
  5. Looking at how good Cyberpunk 2077 would have been is something that I ever wish I could be able to play right now on either my PS4 or PC.
  6. It's why I don't just get into such games with just about anyone because my enjoying the game play is totally dependent on my partner. If he sucks, it's game over for me.
  7. There is no way you would ever be able to finish playing all those 1000+ games on your backlog. If it's possible to gift them out, you should consider it.
  8. Three controllers are the maximum number of such hardware that I can have at a go. If there is any need to change any, I'd do that but would never have more than 3 at home.
  9. I'm not that too greedy but I would have Playstation 5 in all the rooms in my house, so I don't have to force myself to go to where I have one set up.
  10. That's very funny. You just reminded me of that animation 🤣. Thank you for the warm welcome.
  11. When I make use of my gaming headsets, it makes it very easy to hear every bit of the dialogue that goes on in the game.
  12. An honest answer is always yes, I play with my smartphone all the time. In fact, I can't remember any day that passed without playing with my smartphone.
  13. Will playing video games put food on my table or take care of all of my responsibilities? No, so I'm definitely going to give up gaming for money.
  14. Most new video games that I got aren't that too hard for me to master playing it except for Dark Souls. It took me over 3 weeks before I got used to playing it.
  15. Before playing most of the games that I have gotten into, I always make sure to get a recommendation. So, all games I have played are worth it. I did enjoyed playing Mario when I was a kid.
  16. If it's a video game that I practically know nothing about, then there is a good chance that such a review would influence my decision in buying the game.
  17. When is this game Call of Duty Vanguard getting released? I have always been a good fan of COD franchise, I'd not like to miss on this one.
  18. Sometimes, playing video games shows an extention of ourselves, so there is a possibility that a lot can be learnt from watching someone play a particular game.
  19. Piracy is a very big problem in the gaming industry. In as much as these companies get too greedy along the way but it's not a justification for piracy to take root in them.
  20. I know about this game Parking that you just mentioned. It's available on mobile right? I have played it very well and it's quite efficient in teaching one how to drive and park cars.
  21. Boblee

    Sims Games

    What's the difference between Sim games and simulation games? I don't seem to know what makes vary from each other.
  22. Some kids and even adults tend to dispose narcissistic behaviour amongst themselves with games they get into. The rate at which some of them are toxic to fellow gamers is worrying.
  23. My game backlog isn't that big enough in my opinion because I don't have too much cash to splash on buying video games at the moment. But if I do have access to more funds, that might likely change.
  24. It's not just for my video games that I lookup to the trailers but also for the movies I watch as well. It offers me an insight to what I can enjoy in either the game or movies.
  25. When it comes to my favorite stealth games, Assassins Creed happens to be my number one. I played a lot of the game on my PS4 more than on my PC.
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