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  1. These companies always do background checks on any project they intend investing in, to know it's viability and profitability. So it's not surprising that Microsoft has made far more than they invested within a short period of time.
  2. This year I'm planning on playing less of PES and more of other games, I have already started hitman 3 hopefully I will go all the way with it.
  3. I actually had to go through the whole lot four times, before I was able to deduce that they're not actually real packages. Because I have tried to imagine any of them in a retail shelf, no it won't work.
  4. I'm currently doing justice to my hitman 3, and I intend starting cyberpunk soon, that is if PES will allow me.
  5. 163 So it's 837, hopefully we will get there before the end of 2022.
  6. These scenarios are definitely scary, and the chances of survival in all of them are very low, so I will just go with option 2.
  7. The first thing I will do is to ensure that I stocked anywhere I'm going to bunker down for as long as the situation will last, also it's very important to have a companion so that boredom won't kill you before the zombies catch up with you.
  8. They don't have any case, although the company might decide to settle them to avoid unnecessary distraction, but other normal circumstances this shouldn't be an issue, because even human being do resemble another, talk more of an online simulation.
  9. Most conspiracy theories are borne as a result of gap in communication, when something happens and there's no official or generally acceptable statement or explanation, then people will tend to fill the gap. So some of the conspiracy theories are true while most of them are just a figment of one's imagination.
  10. Games can be more than entertainment if well designed, it can be used to tell a story, to teach, to educate, etc.
  11. I always turn mine off after usage, because I feel that leaving it on might affect it in the long run.
  12. My name is Ernest, I'm a new member on this platform, I'm hoping to learn new things and make friends.
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