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  1. I'm surprised I came across someone who even knows who UB40 is, at least by name. I'm sure everyone has heard a UB40 song and just can't put the song to a name. They were absolutely amazing though. I just saw that they're coming back here in a few months. I may have to buy tickets to go see them. Guaranteed good time.
  2. Unless you have an already established forum, forums should definitely be secondary. Focus on blogging more in this day and age. Everything is different now. I hope forums do somehow make a comeback, but I highly doubt it. Definitely not holding my breath.
  3. I don't know. I think we can all relate to it in some way, or at could have at one point. I'm currently in a late 90's, early 2000's mood so I'm currently listening to Hold My Hand by Hootie & The Blowfish.
  4. The 40th anniversary of the release of the original Superman, starring the now legendary Christopher Reeves, is being celebrated by being released in [very] select theatres. There will also be a bonus feature of Mechanical Monsters, which I'm sure not very many people have heard of. It came out in 1941 and didn't hit it big, but the creator created Popeye so it might be worth a watch.
  5. You would spend the entire day at a mall? That's insane. I could never. I have a hard enough time staying there for an hour. I would go to watch a movie though.
  6. Oh yeah. That'd be hilarious if Spain celebrated our Thanksgiving. lol Does your country have a holiday equivalent to Thanksgiving though?
  7. I don't like going with new "companies" or companies that just resell hosting. I need them to have their own servers and be reputable. SiteGround was my very first host. Complete and total crap. But I love GoDaddy. I loved them as a domain registrar so I figured what the heck. I was not disappointed.
  8. Those are both good reasons. If I live alone there's no one else to distract the intruders while I get away. lol Nah. I do love company occasionally though.
  9. I agree. I'm not as picky as my girlfriend. I love movies from the 90's. It's A Wonderful Life is one of my favourite movies, too. If the story is good I'll watch it.
  10. Same here. I don't know the names attached to it so far and these movies are usually a flop at the box office. My expectations are very low but I hope I'm wrong.
  11. Ah, that sucks. Hulu would be amazing and the only thing I watched if I didn't get sick of watching commercials. I can't upgrade either because I get my Hulu for free with my phone service so I would be wasting it. Blah.
  12. So I take it you're not a fan of Amityville? The newer one with Ryan Reynolds isn't too shabby. I would watch it again. Have you seen the newer version of The Last House On The Left? That one was pretty good. More suspense than horror though.
  13. Amazon always has some great deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That didn't even cross my mind though. I need to remember to check them out on those days.
  14. Oh yeah? Why is that? I wish I could say the same thing. But hey, at least she won't be surprised. lol And I'm not in prison so that's a plus!
  15. Well with age usually comes experience so if it is actually experience that an employer is looking for they should just go for the older person.
  16. Yeah, not a lot of people keep diaries or journals. I remember having a little pink one with a lock when I was really young. I made like two entries in the thing, One of them was about how cute the boy from Free Willy was. lol
  17. Well, a lot of "jobs" online are freelance. I guess I could just create a "Freelance" section near my "Skills" section and list relevant microjobs I did.
  18. In America you can start working legally as early as age 14, as long as you have a work permit signed by your parent. Knowing they won't live with their parents forever they should take advantage of that and work and save for when they move out.
  19. You would choose to make a forum even now when forums are dying and no longer a go-to type of site? I love the features forums have to offer, but that's a risky move.
  20. That's kind of sad. So it's mostly rainy where you're from? How often do you have sunny days? You're not really missing anything here. Lots of greenery and beaches.
  21. A lot of people find that annoying but I never have. I can understand why people would find it annoying but I don't know how they can let it bother them.
  22. lol Yeah. I knew it was some kind of face, but wasn't exactly sure which face it was. Why did you choose that face out of all faces?
  23. haha I used to eat it at least once a week but my girlfriend got sick of all the boxes laying around the kitchen and yard and I got sad when I realized the workers knew me by name. lol
  24. Holy hell! That's some awesome stats. Where is ES? Spain? How much do you pay for that service? I thought I had some good speed but you knocked me out of the park.
  25. I'm more of a PlayStation kind of person so I haven't really played a lot of Xbox games, but I've played several. I'm a huge fan of Call of Duty so any Call of Duty is the winner for me.
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