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  1. The World Health Organization actually labeled a gaming addiction as a disorder. Do you agree with this? I completely do. You experience range when you lose multiple times in a row, or at least I do. And if my girlfriend tells me I can't play I miss it and experience withdrawal. I get angry until I can play, even if it's for a minute or two. It's disgusting. lol Read more here: https://www.knoxnews.com/story/news/education/2018/11/23/video-game-rage-gaming-disorder-addiction/1987388002/
  2. A study done in Australia in 2016 found that kids are taking their skills that they learn at school and sharpening them at home while playing videos games. The same study also found that it makes gamers less anxious. This is something that I would personally benefit from. Do you guys find that these are true to you? See more benefits here: http://www.teenink.com/opinion/all/article/1018274/The-Positive-Sides-Of-Gaming-Found-After-Being-Hidden-For-So-Long
  3. I wanted to give streaming a go and thought I'd make my focus fb.gg. Does anyone here use Facebook's gaming hub? Do you recommend it?
  4. You can get the Flash XL Series gaming chair on Newegg for only $274. Newegg usually sells the chair for around $700 so this is an awesome deal. If I had the money to waste on a chair this chair would be it. It looks incredibly comfortable and ergonomic. Take advantage of the offer here: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?reviews=all&Item=9SIAENA6K59421&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=11552995&PID=7706533&SID=pcg-3027136583904056648
  5. I saw that Walmart was going to be selling the new HP gaming laptop so I tried to jump on the deal but it looks like they're already sold out. Hopefully they'll be doing it for Cyber Monday, too.
  6. This one looks extremely promising. Very promising keyboard. Although the price and availability isn't available just yet, I won't be surprised if it ends up being hundreds of dollars. Source: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/asrock-x399-phantom-gaming-6,38124.html
  7. PCWorld.com has dropped price of The Retro Gaming Console from it's usual $299.99 down to $44.99 for Black Friday. That's 85% off! I just checked the website and the price is still valid at the time of this post. The Retro Gaming Console comes with over 600 games. You can't beat this deal. https://shop.pcworld.com/sales/retro-gaming-console?utm_source=pcworld.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=retro-gaming-console&utm_term=scsf-307917&utm_content=a0x1a000003oIuY&scsonar=1
  8. Wow. You spent all of your school years learning English? Was it a required course or you chose that?
  9. I like the styling of Alyxx. It's aesthetically pleasing to me. But Alexandria is a nice name. Do you ever go by your actual name?
  10. Jerlene

    Black Friday

    What stores did you end up visiting during Black Friday? Was it big stores like Target and Walmart, or smaller local shops? It's the big ones that you really need to worry about.
  11. Jerlene

    Sports injuries.

    It shocked me, too. I didn't expect to even have a sports related injury because I never got hurt during sports. I guess it was just the use of the muscle. Too much stress on it.
  12. Did you skateboard professionally or something? Or was it just a hobby that you no longer have any interest in?
  13. Tennis and snooker? For real? Those are two really boring games to watch. lol Have you tried watching surfing? That's always fun.
  14. What is flavoured water? Would Perrier fall under that category? My girlfriend is the same way. When she drinks water she prefers water like Voss and Perrier.
  15. If I'm looking for support I'm one of the few that will go to a blog before I go to a forum. I like just reading articles and being done with it. If I need help that isn't covered in a blog post though, I go straight to a forum.
  16. I prefer this to anything. A lot of people these days are just using forums for support. Tech forums still get lots of activity because they give quick support and you're not waiting on one person, there's a whole community that can help you. Same goes for a lot of other niches. It just depends on your niche I guess. General discussion boards are the ones dying more than other forums though.
  17. Eminem definitely wins this one and everyone to come. His diss track was way more sophisticated. Machine Gun Kelly still has some learning to do.
  18. I don't know about daily but I definitely think about games I used to play occasionally. I'll think of Call of Duty often but definitely not on a daily basis. I guess I'm not really a hardcore gamer. These days I'm good with just my mobile games.
  19. Oh man. I was hooked to Lie To Me, too. That show was awesome. I was so sad when they canceled it. Don't know why either since they had the ratings. Fox is famous for killing good shows though so we should have seen that one coming.
  20. Canada's Thanksgiving is different from America's Thanksgiving. America started celebrating it because it was the day the Pilgrims and Indians came together. Our former President, President Abraham Lincoln, declared it was a holiday to be celebrated every November. Not too sure on why Canada celebrates it. I think it's just to give thanks. But I don't know why Britain wouldn't celebrate it at all since Canada celebrates it.
  21. Besides Tony Hawk games there were Coolboarders games. Did anyone here play those? They were more fun to me. It was basically the same thing but it was snowboarding, not skateboarding.
  22. Empire, I noticed that Suits is on Amazon Prime Video but is not available for the US. What country are you in? It completely depends on your country.
  23. lmao You mean physical cases to reflect what games you own on Steam? That's hilarious. I've never seen anything like it so if you do it please share of a picture of it!
  24. My native language is polish. I lost it after moving to America at 12. It took me about 3 months to be fluent. What's your first language and how long did it take you to speak English?
  25. I've always used a laptop. It much more portable. The one is use is a i7 that was made for gaming. It's the new HP. It works like magic.
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