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  1. Besides Tony Hawk games there were Coolboarders games. Did anyone here play those? They were more fun to me. It was basically the same thing but it was snowboarding, not skateboarding.
  2. Empire, I noticed that Suits is on Amazon Prime Video but is not available for the US. What country are you in? It completely depends on your country.
  3. lmao You mean physical cases to reflect what games you own on Steam? That's hilarious. I've never seen anything like it so if you do it please share of a picture of it!
  4. My native language is polish. I lost it after moving to America at 12. It took me about 3 months to be fluent. What's your first language and how long did it take you to speak English?
  5. I've always used a laptop. It much more portable. The one is use is a i7 that was made for gaming. It's the new HP. It works like magic.
  6. I hate spending alot of money on a phone. The only time I upgrade is if the phone stops working but it takes years for that too happen.
  7. I do most of my playing on either s8 or S8+. For the size of my hands it's way easier to use the S8 but the mrs. whose hands aren't much bigger claims s8+ is easier.
  8. When I was a kid I wanted to learn how to skateboard so bad. My cousins went to a skate park every day and I tried following in their footsteps. Unfortunately I have two left feet and couldn't for the life of me pick it up. I wish I would've tried harder.
  9. I was born into a Catholic family then later raised in a Christian household. Faith was a big thing in our house. I personally was never a big believer in the higher power. I think what many call faith is just Hope. Wishful thinking.
  10. Jerlene


    Everyone always says how much they love Titanic. Most people can quote multiple lines and get very passionate about it. I on the other hand can't stand the movie. Do any of you feel the same way?
  11. South Park was always a big fat no for me when scrolling through the channels. I am super surprised that it's been out for this long. Just not my kind of comedy.
  12. I tried watching it years ago. It was one of my sisters favorite show. Personally I couldn't get hooked on it. Maybe the story line will be better this time around.
  13. 9. You still have a very long way to go. How long do you think this is going to take? And what if you only make it to a 100?
  14. I love all the Lion King movies. This one looks really interesting. Its more realistic. I will definitely want to see it.
  15. My initial thought was to baracade myself in Costco if it's possible to get there. They literally have everything you would need. Food, clothing, weapons even medicine.
  16. What's next? We dont really live on earth? Someone came up with this crazy idea of flat earth and was persuasive enough to convince others. Sheep mentality.
  17. Dressing him up as Hitler was not a smart move. There's so many other historical figures to choose from even from that time. Hopefully next year he'll think things through better.
  18. Happy Thanksgiving to you. I believe the reason UK does not celebrate it is because it's a American holiday. Lol. On that note I spent my Thanksgiving with the Mrs. and our cats. We're going to spend it tomorrow with the rest of the family.
  19. Jerlene

    Country Music

    Country music has always been my first love. I listen to other genres but always go back to Country. As far as a favorite artist goes that's hard, theres so many amazing voices out there. Right now I'm really into Kane Brown.
  20. One movie I was excited about was The Host. Alien souls occupying human bodies. The book was amazing. Had me hooked the entire time. However the movie wasn't near as exciting. Sometimes I'll refuse to read the book just so the movie isn't ruined for me
  21. Jerlene


    This may be a unpopular opinion but I LOVED that movie. Fighting PacMan in real life, sign me up. You should give it a try.
  22. Oh man. Tony hawk games were some of my favorites. I wish they would bring them back. I think too many people are into shooting games right now. Maybe and hopefully one day they'll bring it back.
  23. It all depends on the game I'm playing. I mostly get bored of mobile games. But I try to keep my life balanced with other activities like hiking or reading so that I dont get to the point where I'm bored.
  24. I'm all for headphones. I agree the sound is so much better and allows you to hear things you would otherwise miss with speakers. Plus if other players in the game use some obscene language it's better to not have everyone around you hear it you never know who's listening.
  25. Wow. This one is pretty old school. I haven't played it for years but I loved it when I was playing it. Any good updates lately?
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