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  1. Trying to get back in the gaming world, Tony Hawk has released a new mobile game called Tony Hawk's Skate Jam. The game was released on Thursday(yesterday) for free on both Android and IOS. After 16 years of releasing game after game after game, Hawk said that releasing a mobile version was just the logical thing to do. I personally was a fan of the Tony Hawk games. I loved my Tony Hawk game for GameBoy. It was small and very 90's, but it was fun. Anyone tried this game yet, or have plans for trying it?
  2. The head of global gaming on Youtube recently announced that over 200 million people watched gaming videos on Youtube, equating to 50 billion hours for the year. Did you contribute to those hours? How many hours of gaming related videos did you watch in the past year? I watched a total of 0 to be completely honest. I don't see the point in watching other people game when I can go and game myself. But obviously not everyone feels that way. In fact, Youtube allows users to sponsor their favourite gamers for $4.99 a month and has said that this helped contribute to some of those hours watched. Do you or have you sponsored anyone?
  3. HP’s Omen 15t gaming laptop is a fantastic alternative to gaming laptops like Alienware. I was lucky enough to check this laptop out before it was even announced and I actually wanted it way more than the Alien. If you're looking for a new gaming laptop though, the HP Omen 15t, which boasts a 144Hz display, GTX 1070, and more, is now cheaper than it was on Black Friday! To get the deal, head over to Slick Deals(slickdeals.net) and add the promo code 20GAMERHOL to see the price drop to $1200. With this deal shipping is free! You have to act fast though as this deal ends tomorrow.
  4. I absolutely do not have what it takes to game competitively. I lose more than I win. I play games just to have fun or kill time, it's never with the intent to beat everyone else playing. Although I do love the feeling I get when I win. lol Gaming competitively has never been something that crossed my mind though so I never really tried. I'm just not built for it. I can game for maybe an hour straight then get sick of it. It's not a big deal.
  5. I clicked on the provided link and I was actually going to do the survey, but the survey is no longer available. Did you take it down? Will you be putting it back up? I'm willing to help you out and take it so just let me know. But my number one motivation for playing games is just to kill time. I play games when I have a lot of time to kill and have nothing else better to do on my computer or phone. I don't play often but when I do, chances are I had nothing else going on at the time. Also, boredom would be next. I play if I'm bored and again, nothing else to do on the computer or my phone. I mostly play on my phone though.
  6. Ha! Game of Thrones whiskey sounds really cool. I would have thought that the bottles would be way cooler than that though. But I may actually try it. I love my brown liquor. Maybe drink that while chasing it with Assassin's Creed wine. lol I just looked at the prices for the Game of Thrones whiskey and they're actually not that bad. It's way cheaper than I thought it would be. Very affordable. I hope it tastes good though.
  7. That's a link for the UK? Do they only buy within the UK? For me, I only use Facebook to sell my things. If I'm doing it in person then I'll sell my stuff at garage sales and what not. I went to GameStop in the past to try and sell my games, consoles, etc. and they were way too cheap for my liking. They wanted to buy my Wii for $20, my Xbox for $80 and my PlayStation for $50. Those were the prices that I was quoted for not just the consoles, but the games and controllers too. No thank you! I do alright on Facebook though. The best part is I don't have to deal with shipping or anything.
  8. I'm a huge fan of Call of Duty and have been for so many years. My brothers started me off by letting me play with them. They still play it today. I remember the first one that I played was Modern Warfare, just the original one. It was amazing, more than enough to get me hooked. My favourite one is Modern Warfare 2, though. Everything after that stopped being true to the franchise. But they're still good. lol I'm a fan of Black Ops and what not.
  9. I actually just saw the trailer for that a few days ago and it looks amazing. I can't wait to watch it. The original movie is my all-time favourite movie so I've been waiting for something like this for a while.
  10. If it's a game I love I can go back to playing it right away. But usually I wait untill I've forgotten most of it. It's not as fun if I remember exactly what to do.
  11. I've seen him around the octagon but I didn't know he was a gamer, too. But wow. Gaming has become a real thing then. How does he make his money? Advertisements?
  12. So recently I've been on a binge of rewatching law and order:SVU. It makes me a little scared of going to New York even though I know its fictional. Has a show or a movie made you think twice about going somewhere?
  13. You learned how to speak, read and write English from a game? I don't think I've heard that one before. That's awesome. How long did it take you?
  14. Mine Sweeper will for sure have you frustrated. Lol. I've never rage quit a game because of losing but when my system decided to keep freezing.
  15. The weirdest game I've ever played was Thief. It's one of my girlfriend's games and she loves it so I gave it a go. Never again. So boring. I'm not even sure what the point of the game is.
  16. I think it's more like you play the games on the facebook hub and stream that on something like twitch and youtube. I'm not too sure. I need to do more research on it but it sounds promising.
  17. I agree that it's more intimate. You get to know the other users much better on a forum than on a blog. Off topic. Why did it take you guys 6 years to start dating? lol
  18. I agree with DylanC the classics are my favorite. The new ones are good but I find myself playing the older versions more because of the maps.
  19. Actually, the original Nintendo was my first Nintendo console. I loved that all you had to do was blow on the cartridge and the game would magically start working again, even though the label said not to blow on it. lol
  20. I like Just Dance. It's a good fun for the whole family during family dinners. I haven't bought one in a couple years. Maybe I'll check this one out.
  21. A lot of difference of opinion in this thread. lol Do you guys like Wild Cherry Pepsi or Cherry Coke? They're basically the same thing but I prefer Pepsi's version because you can totally taste the cherries in it, whereas Coke's version tastes more like Coke with a cherry in it.
  22. The only game I'm really playing right now is Township. I'm playing it on my phone. I'm currently on level 57. I'm incredibly addicted to this game and I highly recommend it to those just looking for something to pass the time.
  23. It's nice living here if you grew up here. It's hard for a lot of people who decide to move here because everything is at a much slower pace. I think children will ask for stories from when there were no cell phones. lol
  24. That was one of my favorite maps to play. The mannequins were my favorite targets. Hahaha
  25. Oldest game would have to be The Sims. I got hooked on it from a friend who would spend her whole day on there.
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