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  1. I have a touchscreen PC but I usually turn off the touch screen function. I have a bad habit of touching the wrong spot.
  2. Any Mario game would be awesome to see. Also zelda the amazing classic. Any of the originals would make me happy.
  3. I haven't come across a game yet that I thought had too much violence. Maybe its because I know it's fake.
  4. Jerlene

    Candy Crush

    I remember when Candy Crush first came out. Everyone was obsessed. I played it too but it phased out. Do u still play? What level did you quit on?
  5. Phone every time. Tablets are too big for my hands it makes it hard to play comfortably. Plus i usually play when waiting around and I always have a phone with me.
  6. Usually a friend will tell me about the new must play game. Sometimes I'll check online to see what's hot right now.
  7. For me it was my childhood friend. We were 7 I think. We lived in a tiny village where all u pretty much could do was play games.
  8. I can finally feel like a real pokemon trainer. Haha. I really want to check it out. I dont think I'll ever get over pokemon.
  9. I use a monitor. My tv is usually used as background noise to whatever I'm doing.
  10. I personally prefer the physical copy. I like to know that I always have it no matter what. I have a tendency to forget passwords to things too much.
  11. Disney is coming out with so many classic remakes. Which disney movie had the best remake or which one you think would make a great one?
  12. Jerlene

    Clash of Clans

    I just recently downloaded flash of clans. Still not sure if I like it. It's not catching my attention just yet.
  13. Oldest game i still really enjoy would be Spyro. Simple time wasting dragon fun. Takes me back to childhood days.
  14. When I was a kid I would cheat alot in sims. There was a code to use to get unlimited amount of money. I just wanted to build a nice house for my people. Lol.
  15. It's never happened to me. I think my brain knows that it's just a game. I'm focused on the mission more.
  16. Jerlene


    Since I was a kid I've gone through phases of genres. From alternative to pop to country. Do u have phases or have you always been into what you are now?
  17. Adventure are my favorite. Theres a few horror games that I like too but they're not my mains.
  18. One game I dont think I'll ever get sick of. I'm a easy mind to entertain. Plus the possibilities are endless. U can always build something new. Like adult legos.
  19. Hulu has a new series Light as a Feather. It's supposed to be a twist of craft and PLL. It wasn't as entertaining as I hoped. Any thoughts?
  20. Being a bit of a neat freak I'll wipe it off once a week or so. It's super dusty where I live. Dirt collects too quickly.
  21. Awe man going down memory lane. My first was the n64. I spent many nights playing with my cousins. Been looking for one in local thrift stores lately.
  22. Jerlene

    First Xbox?

    I never bought a xbox personally but I did play on the 360 alot with my roommates. It wasn't too bad. I had a good time.
  23. First Sony system I played was Play station. Dance dance revolution with the floor mat was family favorite. I enjoyed chasing ghosts with scooby doo. Lol
  24. Jerlene

    Play vs watch

    I much rather play sports, any sports than watch them. Just watching is kinda boring. Are u a player or a watcher?
  25. Personally I prefer Pepsi over Coca-Cola. It's a bit more sweeter and not as harsh on my teeth. Some cant tell the difference between the two. Can you? Which team are u on.
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