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  1. lludawg

    Skate City

    I heard EA announced Skate 4 so I am excited to see how that unfolds. The top two Skate games I have heard of are Skate 3 and Skater XL. It is interesting how other companies seem to be producing skate games because I really think they need to do something drastically different to overtake Skate 3 and Skater XL.
  2. I like flashy armour! It's got to have some colour and shine to it haha. Who cares about practicability 😂. As long as it looks good, I do not care if a bullet or arrow can get through 😝
  3. I always thought the skateboard controller in the Tony Hawk Ride game was kind of a gimmick. People play skateboarding games to do tricks... standing on this skateboard controller is just not the same.
  4. Anyone played any of the newer Pokemon games lately? I wonder how the difficulty has changed in those. Back in the day I remember defeating the gym leaders could be quite challenging and it would take hours and hours to train your Pokemon until they were strong enough. Although that was quite time-consuming, the satisfaction of completing the challenge made it all worth it.
  5. I have had a couple close calls where I almost dropped my phone on the hard ground while gaming. Fortunately I have always been able to catch myself. There have been accidents where I am gaming in bed and drop my phone on my face though! Do you have any stories of breaking your phone while mobile gaming?
  6. If I remember correctly I started with PC games before consoles. My uncle was a big fan of Warcraft 3 and Starcraft so I would watch him play and eventually he taught me. I've owned consoles on and off but PC games seem to always stick with me.
  7. Interesting! Do you find on mobile you might lack some of the performance that you might get with a PC? For example, in Teamfight Tactics you sometimes need to act fast to counter your opponents. Personally I find this a lot harder to do this on mobile in comparison to the PC version.
  8. When I played Maplestory I had lots of friends who always wanted to train with me. Unfortunately, when you train with more people you get less experience points because it is spread to the party members you train with. I would often make excuses to not train with certain people so I could train with others. One time I was caught in a lie 😅. That is when I started training on my own.
  9. I am a big movie fan so usually it is the other way around for me. Seems like when a movie does well, a game version is tried but sometimes you just can't beat the movie. Do you thinking turning movies in the game is often just a way to milk more money from the popularity of the movie?
  10. I just saw that the mobile Crash Bandicoot game got released! Saw a streamer play it and it looks fun but nothing like the original console version. One of my favourite childhood games that's for sure.
  11. I am a sucker for Nintendo games so I would probably go with the new Nintendo. I still do not have a Switch so if they were to come out with an upgraded version of it, it might be my sign to pick one up!
  12. That phone looks crisp and clear! Very sleek! The pictures he took in that review look really nice as well. Seems like the price is going to be super reasonable too.
  13. I would say offering some sort of fun competitive game modes during the regular season could make things more interesting. For example, League of Legends is a 5 vs. 5 game but it would be cool if they threw in some 1 vs. 1 matches every once in a while during the regular season. Maybe before the start of the actual matches or something.
  14. That is a great idea! Makes me think of that card game "Cheat" or "BS". I wonder what the best types of games would be for this type of cheating tournament though.
  15. lludawg

    Pet Games

    Have you ever played any pet games? When I first got my Nintendo DS I played Nintendogs, which was a game where you owned dogs. Our family never had the ability to get an actual dog so this was the next best thing haha. Also, I was a huge Neopets gamer back in the day.
  16. I usually start on easy mode or normal mode and increase the difficulty as I get better. I like a slight challenge but if a game gets too difficult I often find myself stressing out 😅
  17. Tidus and Yuna YESSS! They were the perfect match. FFX is such a fun game ahhh I wish I had the time to replay it.
  18. I am not the biggest fan of redoing things so I will usually only redo it if I know for sure I can be more efficient with my supplies. Sometimes I just like to celebrate a difficult win, even if I could have done better!
  19. My family actually used to use our Wii in the basement for Netflix and YouTube but it seems as if Netflix is going to be discontinued by June 2021. YouTube has also been discontinued for the Wii.
  20. I have never had a console fail on me before but if it did happen I would have absolutely no idea how to fix it myself so I would definitely bring it to some sort of repair shop. Actually, I might ask some tech savvy friends first if they know how to repair it.
  21. I remember playing Maplestory and I wanted to trade someone for an item so bad that I gave him basically everything I had... even the clothes off my back. So I was able to get the cool gun but I had to walk around in my "underwear" until I could afford new armour. 😅
  22. I have definitely experienced a sense of wonder when playing Final Fantasy. When the characters are performing their ultimate spells, it just seems so magical and puts me in awe every time.
  23. I enjoy playing NHL on easy mode because I like seeing how many points I can score over the opposing team. Feels great when you win a hockey game 20-0 😝. Also, playing on hard mode makes it almost impossible for me to win haha... losing is never fun xD
  24. My brother is a fan of buying refurbished PCs but I personally have only bought new computers. My brother has not had any problems so I do think they are a good way to save some money.
  25. Even the login music in Maplestory is so good xD
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