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  1. A good number of original Xbox games have been made backwards compatible and can be enjoyed on the Xbox One/Series consoles, but some never quite got there, due to licensing issues or other reasons. Is there a game from the original Xbox that you would like to see brought to the modern era and made backwards compatible? For me it's Advent Rising. I loved it on the Xbox and while it did release on the PC eventually, it still feels like an Xbox-exclusive and one that realistically could do with becoming backwards compatible. I don't know that it ever will be, but it's one I hope for someday. It was like Mass Effect before Mass Effect, a really fun concept!
  2. There is no question that the Wii U was grossly underwhelming as a console, it sold poorly, most people thought at first that it was just a Wii accessory that they didn't want to spend the massive money on, and third party developers very quickly gave up on supporting it in favour of Xbox, PlayStation and PC audiences. So in that regard it is, and always will be, a flop; however, not all flops go on to be remembered as such, some become future classics (Virtual Boy, Sega Saturn, for examples). Is the Wii U one of those consoles that, in your opinion, has enough going right for it to become a future classic? For me, personally, I feel it has the goods to be a future classic. It has so many amazing first party games available (and yes, most of those are now on the Switch), it was a fun console to play, the gamepad was a great tool that was quite innovative for its' time, and there can be no doubt that it's sold poorly enough that, in another 10 or 15 years, numbers will be low enough that it will be considered somewhat rare. So, I'm going on a limb and calling it a future classic!
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    Thank you, it looks like you've got quite a nice community here :)
  4. We all have one, whether it's induced by a lack of time or a rather good Steam sale, we've all managed to hit a point where we have games that we just haven't gotten to yet, and that sit waiting for the day we finally play them. How many games do you have sitting and waiting, collecting real or virtual dust in the process? For me the number is beyond count, though I would wager I have at least 300 physical games I've never touched since acquiring (many still sealed), and easily the same amount in my Steam library waiting for a play-through. There's no rush to play them, obviously, and so I'll get around to them as I'm able to :).
  5. Does anyone here actively collect video games? What is your favourite console in your collection, and favourite game? Do you base your collecting around value or around the games themselves in terms of quality and nostalgia (meaning that a lot of super-rare, very expensive games are awful to play, while some more common titles are incredibly fun)? For me, personally, I went through a phase where I picked up any and every game, and a phase where I started looking for the rare and expensive stuff, but I finally slowed down and realized that I wanted to collect games that I actually wanted to play, and I've worked my way up to 40+ consoles and handhelds and 2,500+ games, MOST of which are games I actually like or, if they're in my backlog, games I want to play. My favourite console is the Sega Saturn, I've loved it since day one, just such a fun and underrated (though poorly managed and advertised) console. I love collecting for it, though it's gotten far too expensive for me these days, I still enjoy importing Japanese Saturn games (if anyone knows where to find an affordable copy of Super Tempo, I'm on the hunt! :D) and get a lot of joy out of what truly is a console ahead of its' time. My favourite game for the Saturn is Panzer Dragoon Saga, and I'm not saying that just because it's rare and expensive, I'm saying it because it is and remains one of the finest RPGs ever made.
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    Hi all, My name is Chris, I'm 33 years old and I'm a lifelong gamer and collector. I've loved gaming since I was just a youngster and that love continues on into today, so I look forward to talk with you all about games and gaming in general :). Outside of gaming I'm an avid reader and love to listen to music. Occupationally I was a Java programmer but quit that in order to look after my mother, who has dementia, as her full-time caregiver. That's about all there is to know about me, hope to see you in the forums :)
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