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  1. Totally understandable, and you're right, much easier to run!
  2. Yep, absolutely, I know I play a lot more during December than in other months, considerably more. A chance to really crack down on that backlog!
  3. I have to agree, there's something truly special about playing the actual games on the actual hardware. None of the emulators, however real they look (scaled down) have ever truly matched up to the real thing.
  4. Precisely! It's a bit sad that it goes to one retailer in such a limited run, then gets immediately snapped up by scalpers so none of the true fans can get a shot at buying a copy. That's the thing, though, these limited edition releases, they're never going to make it to that point, they're sold out already and we're a ways away from launch. Yep, that's their target market, essentially, those with money to burn.
  5. It's no secret that graphics cards are ridiculously expensive at the moment, with prices ranging from $400 up to $1500 for the highest of the high end. While most want the bleeding edge with every build, putting in the latest and greatest top end components, most can't afford to spend the kind of money that top end components cost now. Do you feel that the RTX line of cards has enough going for it to warrant purchasing one over, say a GTX 1660 Super that is available for a decent amount less? For me, I'm not seeing the benefits of an RTX card yet. I know it'll take time for everyone to play a little catch up and make the adjustment worthwhile, but...I'm not seeing the overall benefit from what I see of them. Do you think they're worth it, or will you be sticking with GTX cards for the time being?
  6. Source: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/sega-files-trademark-for-sonic-frontiers-possibly-hinting-at-title-for-next-sonic-game/1100-6497822/ Sega has recently filed trademarks in both Japanese and English for the name Sonic Frontiers, potentially hinting at a new game for the blue hedgehog. Sega recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of Sonic, and it appears they are getting ready to reveal the next generation of Sonic games in Sonic Frontiers. It is currently being developed by Team Sonic, the team behind Sonic Generations and Sonic Forces. It's unknown what this particular game will cover, as very little has been revealed, but it is slated for a 2022 release window.
  7. Source: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/halo-infinite-spartan-killer-jega-was-made-to-be-disturbing/1100-6497849/ One of the main characters in the upcoming Halo Infinite is a Spartan Killer by the name of Jega, and 343 were very specific in pointing out that this character was designed to be the creepiest, most disturbing character to appear in the Halo series so far. Jega is part of an elite group of enemies classified as Spartan Killers who represent a group known as the Hand of Atriox. These elite assassins are there to do one thing, and one thing only -- kill Spartans, with their main target of course being Master Chief. Jega's nature is vicious, callous and he loves to toy with his prey. He exists solely to kill and he is very good at it. What are your thoughts on these Spartan Killers? Do you think they will make formidable enemies to the Master Chief? How about Jega, does he seem like he'll be too much for the Master Chief to handle?
  8. Source: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/fable-reboot-has-been-in-development-for-four-years-at-playground-games/1100-6497871/ PlayGround games, the developers of the Forza video games series, have been developing the Fable reboot for the past four years, one of the lead engineers of the Microsoft-owned studio revealed in a tweet celebrating his fourth year with the company. The Fable reboot was first announced in 2020; however, this tweet indicates that the game has been in development for a considerable length of time, with no real indication as to whether or not it is close to finishing or when it might launch. That's a considerable length of time! Do you think the Fable Reboot will save the series, bringing it back to where it was in the days of the initial trilogy?
  9. Yeah, I have to agree with you on that one, it is restrictive in the design aspects! You can create some amazing liveries, but if you use even one tiny decal that you didn't make yourself your design becomes locked. That's really sad, I think if anything it should boil down to a certain percentage of the artwork being unique that determines whether or not the design can be shared. Say, 85% is unique to you, then it should be fine to share it, since such a minute amount is some random decal.
  10. I'm a game collector, so I have days like this frequently. It could be my original Xbox, or it could be my Sega Saturn, Genesis, DreamCast, N64, etc. It's great playing classic games, they're so much fun!
  11. Yeah, I completely agree, there has to be some sort of verification so scalpers can't just get in there and grab them all to resell. I understand people need to make a living, but scalping is just awful. Yes, please! Here's hoping there's a second run, or another retailer has a larger run of them. That's the problem right there, scalpers buy them, send the price way up on where it should be, and then the consumer is forced to pay up or miss out, which is just awful.
  12. Oh absolutely, I do the same thing, but sometimes you pick up a game, know what it's going to be, and it can still be challenging, or more challenging than you were expecting, and that can throw you off at times. You're right, though, it's best to go in knowing what's coming!
  13. It tends to happen when consoles become harder to find in the wild, and the Saturn being considered a flop, there weren't a whole lot of them sold in the first place, so it naturally jumped in price and has only gone up over the years. You can find the white Japanese Saturn fairly easily, because it was a success there, but you need a memory card/action replay card in order to play non-Japanese games.
  14. Sorry, I don't have any capture cards or anything for Xbox, so I can't really provide screenshots, but there are some amazing videos out there of initial game play on YouTube, take a look for some, it'll get you in the mood for Forza Horizon 5, for sure!
  15. Agreed, with the holiday season upon us again, it's definitely going to be time for a lot of people to pick up new games, so backlogs are definitely going to be growing!
  16. Source: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/halo-infinite-collectors-edition-sighted-at-walmart/1100-6497736/ Within moments of gamers finding this limited edition bundle exclusive (or apparently exclusive at this time) to Walmart, the $170 edition sold out. It contained a limited edition art book, a plasma pistol bottle opener, an energy sword statue, a steelbook case, and of course additional in-game content. No word on if this edition will see a restock or if other retailers will carry something similar, but this edition has and remains completely sold out. It seems likely that mostly scalpers will have acquired these, so expect to see them on eBay for a significant markup shortly.
  17. Pretty much the only game I spend time playing on my phone is Star Trek Fleet command, and even that is one I don't spend a great deal of time on, but when I do play games I've noticed that the vast majority of them, Fleet Command included, have a great deal of add-on content, supply packs, enhancement options and so on that just cost absolutely ludicrous amounts of money. Some packs start as low as $5usd, and that's ok, I can understand that, but then they go up and up and you see packs for $49.99usd or $99.99usd and that absolutely boggles my mind, because that means people are paying for those packages for them to exist. Why would you pay $100usd for a free game? I understand it probably is a tremendous help to the game to buy that pack, but at the end of the day...is that worth the investment? Have you ever purchased a pack like that? Do you think they are worthwhile, or do you find them to be an annoyance?
  18. Do you think that it's right for people who pre-order a game or who otherwise have connections in some way that allows them to get the game early and enjoy some exclusive early access time? I know a lot of people who think this is a bad thing and unfairly gives some an advantage. For me, I think it's perfectly fine, those people pre-ordered the game or they have connections to someone or something that gives them early access to the game, and that's fine. They get a few extra days to play it before the general public, there's nothing really wrong with that, IMO. It doesn't take long to catch up on a few days or early access to those who grind their way through games quickly, so it levels out easily enough. Do you think it's fair or unfair?
  19. So Forza Horizon 5 launched today for those who pre-ordered and other folks, too. Has anyone gotten into it and given it a go? I have, and I have to say, it's really impressive! The map is huge, the gameplay feels a bit tighter than 4, and the cars of course are quite nice to race around in. That Mercedes! Wow! And of course, can't hate a Supra :). I'm a bit of a Forza fan, so I'm loving it totally. Mexico's a lot of fun to drive through :)
  20. Most of the Fable games, any of the Mass Effect games, most of the Saints Row games, etc.
  21. Most of the Mass Effect games have this aboard the Normandy.
  22. No, most of the time I want to finish the challenge myself and know I beat it instead of having to skip it.
  23. A favourite game definitely helps the mood. A new game can go either way, depending on the game. A challenging game can make me feel worse for not getting through it, but a fun game can make me forget about whatever was bothering me.
  24. Playing Forza Horizon 5 tonight, love it! It's a great game in the early stages! Map is HUGE!
  25. Oh absolutely, it's not hard to build up an extremely large backlog very quickly and cheaply. Agreed, it's very rare that you complete your backlog of games, because most you pick up and play for a little bit and then forget about, ignore, or just plain don't like, so that backlog keeps on growing and growing.
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