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  1. Source: https://kotaku.com/so-many-ubisoft-employees-have-quit-that-theyre-calling-1848248999 Hard to be surprised given all that's gone on with Ubisoft in recent times, and understandable with covid going on, as well. It'll be interesting to see if Ubisoft eventually goes under or finds a way to rebuild.
  2. Nope, we haven't seen a genuinely unique idea in ages, remakes, reboots, remasters are all we're getting nowadays.
  3. Source: https://kotaku.com/the-epic-games-store-is-giving-away-loop-hero-and-other-1848248757 Worth keeping tabs on if you're looking to pick up free games!
  4. Agreed, there's no way he's selling that beauty anytime soon. Too much effort put into building that to warrant selling it. That's not an investment, that's a passion project.
  5. Source: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/pc-grand-theft-auto-trilogy-buyers-can-get-a-new-game-for-free/1100-6499159/ Not bad options for those who purchased the trilogy on PC! Well worth a look for anyone that picked it up, any of those options would be a worthwhile acquisition.
  6. Source: https://kotaku.com/hades-wins-a-hugo-award-making-history-as-first-video-1848242324 [QUOTE] Yesterday, Hades made history by becoming the first video game to ever win a Hugo Award, an annual literary award presented to the best science fiction or fantasy works from the previous year. Hades was developed by Supergiant Games and released after a period in early access last year. Supergiant Games creative director, Greg Kasvin, tweeted his reaction to Hades winning the historic award, stating that although he wasn’t able to make it to the award ceremony, he was “grateful” that the Hugo Awards are “recognizing work in this category, much less the work we did!” [/QUOTE] Hades won the newly-minted "best video game" category, becoming the very first video game to win any Hugo award, given out for literary content in the science fiction genre. Very well done, Hades, it's always nice to see video games break new ground!
  7. The downside of the business world, as more and more independent studios get acquired and swallowed by their new corporate overlords. The quality of their games suffers, the team behind the games suffers, the culture of the company that made such great games possible collapses behind a corporate identity...it's just bad all around when companies get acquired.
  8. I hope this happens, Gex was awesome on the Saturn, one of my favourites!
  9. I prefer not to collect merchandise/memorabilia so much as the games themselves. I have some memorabilia, but nothing particularly special and not very much of it.
  10. It was an ok game, but I found it horrible, personally. I know a lot of people liked it, though, and no hate to those who did :D
  11. You're not wrong, we always seem to get the "coming Q2 2022" followed by "June 2022!" and then "j/k, it's January 2023" release window. It's ludicrous to announce a when until the game is a decent way along in development.
  12. Agreed, tutorials are a must to learn the game. Even if they're not mandatory, they're usually still there, and that's the important part.
  13. Yeah, his collection is absolutely insane. So many games for so many systems, and those arcade machines! What a place!
  14. Movies love to cross-promote as much as possible, to sell as much merchandise as possible, and that usually means there's a video game tie in or even a complete video game associated with a movie. To those that have played them, which video game based on movie has been the worst you've experienced? For me it has to have been Enter The Matrix on the Original Xbox (and PS2). It was a horrible game to play, but I'll give them credit for working in the various Matrix effects and atmospheric elements which did make it feel like an extension of the Matrix universe. Did anyone else play a terrible movie tie-in game? What was the worst you've ever played?
  15. I'd go back to the launch of the N64, because what was such an amazing time for gaming. I remember spending hours each day hacking games with the GameShark to make new codes to swap levels around, make new textures, create new moves in wrestling games, etc. So much fun back then! You don't really get that these days, even though games look better and load faster, the fun is somehow missing from them.
  16. No, I don't mind liberties being taken in games. Bioshock, Wolfenstein, Fallout, Civilization etc. are all great games to play, but they're nowhere near historically accurate. It's nice when they are historically accurate, but it's not necessary to enjoy the game.
  17. Left to my own devices I'd follow this example:
  18. I completely agree, if they need to delay the game again to make sure it's a quality product, then do it. More companies need to do exactly that.
  19. The modern consoles emulating the games are nice, but there is something to be said for playing classic games on classic hardware, that little extra nostalgia.
  20. Agreed, it would be foolish not to include a tutorial in a game, it's essential for newer players to learn how to actually play a game.
  21. Halo vs Halo's Remastered graphics. Sure, it looked better, but it didn't feel like Halo anymore, to me at least. I love the old graphics, reminds me of the original Xbox launch day, waking up at 7AM to set it up, booting up Halo and waiting through an exceptionally long school day to get home and get back to again. Those were the days!
  22. I have anxiety issues anyway, so yes, most definitely certain games can exacerbate those anxieties. I still play a game even if it does trigger me a bit, because I want to be able to get through things that challenge me.
  23. I'm not really all that into genres, if a game is good, I'm happy to play it. It could be a Barbie game for all it matters, if the game is fun and I enjoy it, I'm playing!
  24. I don't necessarily display my games out of a need for them to be seen, but given I have an extensive collection at this point, them being on shelves and plainly visible is simply unavoidable, granted, almost half of my collection is in storage at this point, so it's not nearly as bad of a "display" as it used to be :)
  25. I completely agree with this, far too many games are seeing botched launches now, it's a bit ridiculous. I love Saints Row's humour and I want to see this game released as much as anyone, but not if it means another botched launch and glitches galore. Take the extra time, fix the game, make it work. I'm glad that's the route they've taken.
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