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  1. The console game certainly looks impressive! I hope Yukes get the time to polish it this time, unlike their last few WWE releases. Hopeful it's a great game overall, fingers crossed!
  2. Those of us that play Forza Horizon know all about the auction house and grabbing a great deal on an expensive car there. What's your best deal so far in Forza Horizon 5? Any amazing snags? For me so far it's just an NSX for $30,000, which isn't a huge savings, but it worked for me!
  3. Agreed, but of course it will be released universally and without restriction on non-limited copies.
  4. That's a great pickup, the PS2 Slim is an excellent console. As far as games go, there's Ico, Shadow of the Collossus, Okami, Rule of Rose, Katamari Damacy, and so on. So many amazing games for the PS2!
  5. You're absolutely right, I was one of those that bought the NHL and FIFA releases each and every year because I was so into the sports that I just had to buy them, but ultimately they offer very little in terms of new features or functionality year over year. Then you get to a new generation of consoles and it's as if they start from scratch all over again, strip the good features and then re-introduce them three years down the line as "all new" to the series. So it's not worth buying every single year, but once every few years, sure, it changes enough to be worth a look! Snowboarding games are incredibly fun, particularly the ones that came out in the PS1/Sega Saturn era, like Steep Slop Sliders, Coolboarders, and so on. Not realistic by today's standards, I know, but back then they were absolutely incredible fun. Today's games (Steep) are great fun, as well, and the realism has certainly kicked up a few notches!
  6. EA are getting very good at botching launches, but when it comes to Battlefield (and CoD, too, but since this is EA, we'll ignore them), I think it's time for the series to be given a break. I know EA won't do that, it's one of their golden geese, their go-to titles, but there comes a time when enough is enough, give it a few years before bringing back the Battlefield name, and do it with a stellar release, not just another "here's idea x, let's just do it if it makes sense or not."
  7. Fingers crossed it brings the series back a bit, I'm looking forward to this one!
  8. I typically don't rage quit, per say, but I can walk away from a game when... Getting to the very end, or being in the lead in a match with little to no time left and still losing, somehow. Unbearable gameplay to the point of the game being secondary to the horrible controls. Or when the story does indeed go into left field for no reason whatsoever, a silly twist that ruins a game. Then I'll walk away and leave that game alone completely, but otherwise I like to finish what I start.
  9. I can understand that, the NPC quests can be a bit silly at times! I don't want to do hand-holding quests or tracking down toys, either. Idiotic. I believe those that "become" introverts are actually ambiverts already, they have introverted tendencies and extrovert tendencies, and when they find an introverted activity that captivates them, the introvert tendencies kick in.
  10. I agree with that, choice is paramount in today's games. It makes sense to offer optional tutorials.
  11. Yeah, it's been the norm for a good while, go and find items to replenish your health rather than it just replenishing automatically. It makes the most sense, but I also don't dislike regenerating health.
  12. Very true, don't need to force tutorials on those that don't want them, but also handy to have for those that do. Plenty of room for that middle ground option where needed.
  13. Yeah, I feel it's hard to make someone an introvert, usually those that are have always been and had that tendency long before they took to gaming. I know that, as an introvert myself, I took to gaming easily and excessively because I was already introverted, I didn't want or need people around me at the time. As I've gotten older I've branched out a little bit more, to play games with some friends, but even then it's extremely limited. I think it's the same for other introverts, gaming just sort of exacerbates the tendencies rather than creating them.
  14. No, I think those that are introverts (like me) are born with that particular characteristic, and games are just a natural fit for the introvert personality.
  15. I'm fine with wired or wireless controllers, since I'm a retro gamer, so I can take either wired or wireless and not feel odd about it.
  16. I have to agree with some of the sentiments above, it really depends on the game itself. Some games need them, and there's nothing wrong with that.
  17. I like the way Destiny does health regen. You don't regenerate while actively in combat, but once you break and pause for a moment, health regens. Granted, I'm also not against games like Bioshock where you need to acquire health in order to build health back up.
  18. I used to stay up all night when I was a teenager, so I'd be gaming from about 7PM until about 7AM, no stopping. It was so much fun back then :)
  19. We've seen Spiderman, Superman, Batman, the Avengers, and so many more super heroes given their own games, some of which were fantastic, some were...well, games. But if you could reach into the depths of movies, tv shows, anime, manga, comic books, and so on, and pull out a character that you think should have their own game, who would it be and why? What makes that character compelling to you?
  20. Does anyone here play sports games? What are your thoughts on sports games as a whole? Are they a waste of time, a waste of money, or are they genuine fun that you get genuine enjoyment out of? For me, personally, I really enjoy sports games. I play FIFA yearly, NHL yearly, and I have friends that play MLB the Show, so this year I even started playing that. They're good fun, you can have a great time playing against friends, and just for passing the time in general. What about you, do you feel that sports games are worth the time?
  21. Source:https://www.gamespot.com/articles/report-alleges-activision-blizzard-ceo-bobby-kotick-hid-knowledge-of-misconduct/1100-6498073/ Per the source: Pretty awful that they held onto knowledge of the misconduct, fired employees for speaking out and actively suppressed coworkers so they weren't able to speak out. That's awful for Blizzard all around. Horrible attitude, creates a toxic environment, and it's just awful all around to do.
  22. Source: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/saints-row-reboot-delayed-to-august-2022/1100-6498096/ Volition have announced that the reboot of Saints Row has been pushed back to August of 2022, giving them time to "produce the best Saints Row possible." I appreciate that, from an end user perspective, it's a solid plan to make sure it works and you don't have to wait for a fix after launch, but of course as a consumer delays aren't fun to experience. Per the source:
  23. That video definitely outlines a good deal more about Jega, I'm looking forward to seeing him in-game and learning about how these Spartan Killers stack up!
  24. I start with the game default settings and adjust upwards as needed. I tend not to go downwards, because that usually makes me less competent at the game itself.
  25. I'm still playing Forza Horizon 5, but I've been jumping back into Mass Effect LE, as well, trying to get through it again. Such amazing games.
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