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  1. I've always view immersion in a game situation as the emotional, psychological feelings around a video game which I am addicted to.
  2. I can't think too much when it comes to my fav video game in 2021, MGP series have been the most consistent before GTA S.A, GTA V 5 etc.
  3. It should be all of the above dear, I wouldn't go for half option, I simply want the improvement in all ramifications so the experience will be worth it.
  4. At least their is no problem, I'll wait for the release of GTA V 6 in the next 3-4 years. I am still enjoying GTA V 5, its never faded, still interesting.
  5. Two controllers is also good if you're insinuating about having two controllers and not going above it. For me, provided it's quality controllers it will last for a while as long as you're not sharing it with crowds.
  6. Is Runscape an AAA game type? The best time to play video games it's during the break when you're left with enough time for recreation.
  7. The games should be more realistic, their shouldn't be bugs, glitches in the game. Characters should be more interactive during companion missions, the gameplay should look more matured like real life, and not displaying anime kind of moves.
  8. My favourite game series is MGP, I've always loved the storyline of the video game due to its cutscenes pre-game. I also love FIFA, GTA S.A because it's storylines are centered to your player during mission.
  9. I really don't know about any game programmer, nor writers, around video games as an individual. Their are lots of them mentioned here and I've learned from what members talked about them.
  10. Hmm, I don't think Apple store will ever be open for any other devices apart from iOS, because the store is meant for them just as Google play store is mainly for Android phones.
  11. Lol, they aren't done at the moment milking from GTA 5. When they are done I'm very certain they'll simply move over to continue milking by releasing the 6th edition.
  12. Currently now I don't see such worthy anymore since video game devs are simply looking for the money and not building games impressing me to release it's required amount to purchase it.
  13. I am hopeful FIFA 22 gonna be very much fantastic, it will be gradual process for fans to get going with the game due to its cost at present being expensive.
  14. Yeah, most of them I do play with especially my friend that owns a PS4 console is a super when it comes to video games, especially on soccer series.
  15. Hmm, that's a pity buddy, you need to take some time out online and have appropriate rests to feel energized to start from where you ended.
  16. Yes, the game is great especially when I had the first experience around the game. I am simply anticipating to get it rolling on my console.
  17. Not only dusts penetrate in, other particles enters which stays longer on the system simply causing the keyboard breakdown and unable to function properly which is wear out, cos it poses damages to the computer operating system.
  18. Yeah, because mobile is everywhere you go, you don't need to worry about location and poor internet connection, because the games can be played offline.
  19. Their are similar games like that, if you've played more of the action games you'll come to understand some are sharing same relationship which makes their controls, gameplay similar too.
  20. It's quite devastating that noise of the music or soundtrack blocked the hearing from getting the speech perfectly. That's why we need to lower the volume to get clear info.
  21. They fade because nothing lasts forever. When we've played it many times it becomes absolet and require update or simply getting boring at it.
  22. Let's hope on FIFA resurgence very soon from bugs that slows down gameplay and makes it very much more boring when it consistently occur.
  23. Rock-star have prolonged the release of GTA 6 simply focusing on remaking most of their older editions to run smoothly with some added features.
  24. Since their is search engines available to me, I can simply do a one time name search which is suitable for any character in an RPG and it will show up one time too.
  25. For instance if I am playing an MGP game I'll always want it to come after successful racing contest, award ceremonies in the game etc.
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