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  1. The sun is way too disastrous at my end too, that's why I enjoy more of the activities during the night. Video games looks cool during the night hours since the weather stays cool.
  2. This portal 2 action game is amazing after watching the trailer. I love games with such an awesome storyline, graphics and gameplay. I might be triggered in the near future to go for it.
  3. I take beer occasionally, such has made me not to have a favourite brand. But I do take more if Heineken than any other brand. Not that it is my favourite, because I don't take beer all the time like a daily routine substance.
  4. Mortal Kombat I and II will stay on being an interesting games for years to come. Even if I'm unable to play at this time, but I wouldn't skip playing the series game when the chance pop-up for me, I still cherish playing them again.
  5. Apex legends Mobile edition', is the one I've played. The game quality is high, with 3.0GB of storage requirement for it to be downloaded. One of the largest in terms of storage consumption via mobile games.
  6. Online multiplayer is safe better than offline multiplayer mode. I just can't entertain any one at home at this time. I've lost more than I can with friends coming around.
  7. Square Enix got their reasons for investing that sum into NFTs and it's Blockchain. I know NFTs are risky, but wouldn't evaporate their investment over night. Before they decided to invest, they must have been educated about NFTs. Let's watch and see what the future holds for them, if the investment gonna be fruitful or fruitless.
  8. If I ever get the chance to play video games professionally, I wouldn't mind playing for hours. Not now that I'm not earning anything from it. I will play as my body can carry, participate in other activities too.
  9. She's residing in U.S, I'm not bothered going to see her, even if our friendship ends up in digital, I don't get bothered. At least their is video chat feature, we can continue seeing ourselves there long time.
  10. Can you share the link concerning the court verdict? I don't think either they can become victorious in such kind of lawsuit, unless they got major proofs.
  11. I never existed within the said years in which the movie you talked about trended. And again, I wouldn't go back watching the movie (s), cos I got no much time watching old movies.
  12. Change my world season six ( Nollywood) 5.5/10.
  13. I never intentionally fast, it occurs unexpectedly, maybe I was too busy that I forgot about food. I don't see myself going through n fasting for 12 hours let alone seven days.
  14. What if I'm trying to save, and the weight becomes much on me, and we crumble together? it is a bit risky, but if I have the power, I'll save all three, adopting a technics that will make me act smart and quicker.
  15. I've heard you mention couple of times saying, you hanged on playing games like 'Elden Ring, Top Eleven soccer, for hours. So, why do you say you never played longer in the past five years?
  16. @Heatman provided a video for you, do you can learn how P2P exchange works. After watching the video, if you have any questions, do relate to me I'll help you out.
  17. If I don't have funds to spare, their is nothing I can do, I'll just move on and continuing enjoying the previous edition.
  18. When I first played spiderman on mobile, it was still splendid, one of the few 3D mobile game I've played till date that was just splendid.
  19. I do resell games after some time, at least I must have played the game 10 tines before considering to sell. And one of the major reason why I sell a particular game is the out of being bored with the game at some point.
  20. It's been a while I saw you here. To be frank, not a day one got to play games. When you're very busy with your time, you wouldn't even remember to play games.
  21. Refrigerator, Air conditioner, TV, Console, mobile phones, jacuzzi, lights all over. This are the few household appliances I admire mostly.
  22. that's one of the horrible Nigerian song I found loving.
  23. I have learned about outlook, but I'm yet to use that email brand. I've been using Gmail all my life, I'll look to get something new other than Gmail. Maybe, as I'm planning on having a business brand, I'll go for 'outlook or yahoo.
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