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  1. i do believe in the metaverse and i can see how it can benefit society a lot but i dont think the world will ever be completely people just living in the metaverse like in the movie ready player one unless it progresses to a level that makes it more beneficial then the real world and i definitely dont see it happening in the next 5 years😂 but i do see the metaverse progressing a lot in the next 5 years and having a big impact on society just like how internet changed the world
  2. i have played all ps1-ps5 but i am currently using my ps4 as my main because i sold the ps5 for a profit😂
  3. oldest console i have is ps1 with a couple games but its somewhere stored away in the garage with the ps2 and ps3, i maybe play with all of them like once a year 😂
  4. if they did add gambling to games i wouldn't even attempt at trying to play them because i know full well there will be so many different rules that'll make the company have a big edge, just like how card counters avoid online blackjack because the rules and house advantage just isn't worth it most of the time. idk about you but im not a fan of losing my money 😂
  5. ofc, they do still play but we cant really play with each other as our schedules just dont work out (which is fine)
  6. i was thinking of getting a pc eventually but i dont think ill ever completely leave playstation, ill just keep around for when i wanna chill on the tv and play with friends and family when they come over
  7. 😂the game is a trivia type game with multiple choice answers and whatever answer you choose would be what colour you pressed on the controller, essentially its kahoot on console 😂
  8. honestly the only people i see play facebook games is my boomer mum and her friends 😂
  9. I have never met anyone who has played this game😂 its a game that i used to play as a kid with my family, it was the disney game think fast i wonder if anyone else has played this, it uses controllers that look like this that connects to the ps2
  10. something to make me rage would be having something happen to me that is out of my control continuously for example... getting spawn killed continuously on bo2 nuketown in 1v1 snipers 🙃
  11. when i was in school i would regularly play long hours on fridays after school until the sun rose the next morning so about 12+ hours and when i was in lockdown i would play minecraft for maybe the same amount of time
  12. online randoms? no, its usually too toxic and i just use discord to communicate with friends
  13. im not even gonna question why you have this photo😂 whatchu do in your alone time is your business😂
  14. i grew up with playstation 1-2 for my childhood ad ive kinda just stuck with it because it is what i feel most comfortable using
  15. all of my siblings love gaming and we grew up playing many different offline multiplayer games (either sport or first person shooters) we would always compete with each other and take turns while switching out the loser but nowadays we only play sometimes like when we are together because now everyone has jobs and have moved out
  16. I usually just start again and only stop after I'm so mentally exhausted that I don't have any energy to rage😂
  17. big brother or older brother in japanese
  18. when i was in highschool some boys filmed our female teacher... under her skirt... posted it on "the hub"... they got caught and im not sure what happened to them after
  19. i played rugby right up until my final years of high school because thats when people actually get good and the game gets dangerous if you're not careful or if you dont take it serious which i didnt
  20. while growing up i had always used wired controllers starting from ps1 to ps2 and then to ps3 but then my brothers and I had finally gotten a wireless controller and we would always argue to see who got it because we all saw it as the "good controller", so I guess ever since young I have been seeing wireless controllers as the luxury and wired controllers to be a burden
  21. I find that sports games are very enjoyable when playing with family and friends but
  22. hmm maybe Aang but Roku and Kyoshi are good too
  23. yes, i feel very restricted and hate having to come very close to the tv just to be able to play especially when i plan to play for a long time
  24. I just play them through for about 2 minutes and after that I would prefer to just get straight into the game to experience the rest
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