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  1. Gaming in adult life helps me to return the state of mind of a child - with no problems, when everything seems easy. It helps to take all the difficulties easy, it really helps a lot! All in all, "adult life problems" are nothing but the "children" of adult state of mind. I use every option to be like kid - not in the sense of irresponsibility but in the sense of joy and soul/mental freedom. Gaming for me is necessary to achieve it.
  2. thanks))pleased to hear. I have 2 fav titles - Spyro and Crash Bandicoot - which I can play for hours. And... I'm waiting for Stray cause I like cats very much. I'm quite good at Spyro and Crash but oh no, I'm absolutely not good at .io games. I'm usually killed/dead in the first 2 minutes. I've seen several youtubers playing professionally such games as combines.io or paper-io.com, and their performances are great! I didn't even guess that there could be such well-designed tactics of step-by-step winning where I lose immediately ( and lose interest too). I'm better in using spinner than in playing web games ahahhaah
  3. Are they Nintendo versions of browser titles?
  4. Actually I'm not a keen gamer, I'm rather an amateur ... I think I just use it as a kind of psychological item like spinner 😃 to relax, enjoy, refocus attention. There's something good for the adult mind in a bit of gaming. Conscious gaming =)))
  5. like Agar.io, Combines.io, Slither.io, Venge.io I cannot give a strict definition either, bt I call "io games" all those short free (often multiplayer) browser games and there are thousands of them now. I like to switch off my brain for 5-10 minutes while playing them at work during breaks😁it's good that my boss is not against some gaming on the workplace hahhhaha or after work... just to do something stupid and waste a bit of time, kinda of relaxation session
  6. I played a little but preferred to watch him playing. And one day I asked him why he's not playing any more and he replied that he completed it (while I was on vacation out of town). It was sad... as far as I remember, Havana was my favorite location.
  7. Hey, does anybody here play IO games, those short online challenges like Agar io? I've discovered that there are thousands of those mini games now, so they must be pretty popular but I've never met/talked to an io game fan :)) as for me I play io games from time to time (to waste it ahahahaha) and what about you?
  8. Yeeeah, I remember Driver)) My brother was a fan of this game and I always watched him playing. Recently I was cleaning my flat and found our collection of PS1 games. I wanted to throw away our old TV set but then I thought what if I want to play PS1 for fun and nostalgia? Where would I find another TV set?😂 so I left it at home only because of old games, Driver among them and CTR... going to keep all that outdated old stuff, it's priceless
  9. I was pretty scared by Alien, but now I don't have much time for AAA games and prefer short free horror games like https://kevin.games/horror to kill minutes of procrastination and cheer up. Yes, now I use scary titles for laughter and fun :)) life is sometimes too frightening itself, no need in additional creeps😅
  10. Hey, how are you today?😊
    Thanks for visiting my page!

    I enjoy playing video games and like to observe how the industry is developing. Btw, psychologists claim that gaming is good for you in many ways! Together with my friends I work on a project Kevin Games for everybody to have fun and kill 5 minutes with pleasure! Let's play just now!

    kevin - games - 1.png

  11. I wonder how did Nsane Trilogy and Reignited Trilogy appear for PC (remastered Crash 1-3 and Spyro 1-3 with no changes in plot/gameplay) - it's a miracle😁
  12. yeah, I play Nsane Trilogy now and I miss CTR...
  13. Oh, then it's worth trying, thnx for the idea)
  14. I feel myself not even a cruel killer but a homicidal maniac when I play/watch it ahahahah))) but I understand it's only a game made for exceptional fun🤣 thanks for the nostalgia!)
  15. I think I'm getting old😅 I really find most of old games better than the new ones (apart from good remaster versions) - to some unknown reason i think that more and more new parts are made just for money, speculating on a cool original idea. The only thing that confuses me about this point of view is that almost all the elderly think the same way about anything new😂 Offtop: there's a good example of "no more new parts" - Gravity Falls cartoon series. When the plot logically ended, the cartoon ended and the creator decided not to make new seasons cause he truly loved his creation. I think that many games should follow this path )))
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