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  1. Everything depends on the kind of games that I'm interested in playing at the time. If it's a game to be played with friends, then I would play with my best friends who knows how to bring the competition. Take for instance, anytime that I'm interested in playing FIFA which isn't all the time, I would never play the game all alone. It's best played with my friends.
  2. Resident Evil is one movie that Capcom have done everything within their power to develop games on it and they have quite a number of the series running through the gaming industry. My favorite of their Resident Evil games would be RE 4 because it's the real definition of horror. They got it spot on with the game. Resident Evil Village is good as well. Also, another one that you can't leave out easily would be the one and only Sonic the Hedgehog.
  3. Gaming is a big part my days routine because it's the best thing that keeps me occupied whenever I feel lonely or bored. If there's a need for me to feel busy without being idle, gaming keeps me busy till I get tired. It's why getting off gaming completely wouldn't be an easy thing for me to do. But, even though I love gaming so much, I do tend to get off gaming casually sometimes in order to allow myself cool off from constant playing all the time. I normally take 2 days off and come back fresh to my baby.
  4. They are already free games, and I know that the worst they can do with the game would be load it with lots of microtransactions. It's all about if it's what you want to spend money on if it interests you and most times, you aren't forced to pay for them. I have spent a few bucks on free games but it's mainly for ads to be removed because they can get on my nerves.
  5. I don't usually keep count of the number of video games that I managed to play in a year. I would have to just run an estimation quickly in order to come up with a number. It should be about 19 or 20 games that I managed to play last year. I haven't played much of new games this year yet.
  6. I have played at least 4 hours or 5 hours as the longest run I have ever taken myself and it was just because I was all less busy. It's was just one weekend that I managed to do that. The following morning, I never liked how I felt about it because it stressed my body too much. I'm very comfortable with just playing not more than 2 hours every day. I might even skip a day and wouldn't mind at all.
  7. When it comes to my kind of guns, I'm so much into snipper rifles. This is because I love taking those long shot. Taking out my enemies from long distance without having to be close to them is always fun for me. It's why I love Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle in Fortnite as my favorite gun. It's one great sniper gun.
  8. There is no doubt that PS5 console is the pinnacle of gaming consoles right. One thing that I personally enjoy about the console design and development was the choice Sony made available for gamers to choose how they want their PS5. With the Standard PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition to choose from, gamers are left with the option to go for a PS5 that comes with 4k Blu - ray Drive which is a huge upgrade over what any other consoles offer. On the other hand comes the PS5 Edition gives you the opportunity to save some money because it's cheaper and also with being disc less where you can buy your games digitally. With this and a lot more to consider, how would you like to have your PS5? Would it be the Standard or the Digital Edition?
  9. One of my uncle's is always a big fan of DLC's. He pays more attention to them than the main game itself. I usually felt that it's something weird but on the other hand, it's what his preference put him up. I do enjoy playing good DLC that offers something that's worth playing. Some of the best that I have played are ; Bloodborne - The old Hunters, The Last Of Us - Left Behind, Mass Effect 3 - Citadel and The Witcher 3 : Blood and Wine.
  10. You do have a good point there. The thing with me and driving is that I don't do it myself. I have my personal driver which was why it never occurred to me. But, I think that you're right, even though I don't drive myself, it seems like something that might hunt me later maybe when I get older. Thanks for the suggestion by the way, it's very thoughtful of you.
  11. You're right about that on being able to play a lot more on weekends especially on Saturday. Just like yesterday, I was able to play at least for 7 hours starting around 7:25 AM throughout the day till I stopped playing around 9:00 PM. I played at intervals for the 7 hours in order not to strain myself too much all because I had the time to play more.
  12. Nothing hurts more like losing something that was gifted to you which you do love so much. I would be sad over it for a long time as if that happened to me. I do have a PS4 but looking for Atari compilations on the console never occurred to me for once. Thanks for mentioning that, I think that would be a good way to start.
  13. Video games consoles have been a major breakthrough in the gaming industry. It's why we have seen so many different type of consoles and their unique controllers over the years gaming have been part of us. As we have next generation consoles right now, the old generation consoles are still there with their incredible games. If you have the opportunity to choose any old console from the past that you never played with for purchase right now, which one would you like to go for? I never got to play on Atari 2600, I wouldn't mind getting it and having a taste of what it's like to play on it.
  14. There's something that usually happens to me when playing video games and I have observed that it normally occurs whenever I play over 4 hours uninterrupted. I tend to go pitch black blank just like someone who's brains shutdown for a minute. I would stare at the gaming TV but wouldn't actually be seeing anything for about a minute before things gets back to normal. I have tried to ignore it but, it's been repeating constantly, so I decided not to play any game for more than 2 hours. I'm just trying to be careful and hoping it's nothing health related.
  15. Video games are something that's capable of keeping down for hours in a day if you give into it fully without holding back. It's probably why a lot of people get addicted to them without knowing how it happened. It's why I always set a timer for my myself whenever I'm playing any games. The purpose of doing that is to have something pull me back into reality when I must have lost myself in the game. How long do you usually play in a day? Is it always fixed or you stop whenever you feel like it?
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