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  1. On 6/30/2023 at 2:39 PM, The Blackangel said:

    I have no clue what that stones shit is. It says absolutely nothing to me. Sand is a stone and so is Bear Tower. So to reiterate, that doesn't say a goddamn thing to me.

    For my collections, I have 80 something Zippos, and closer to 100 skulls. If you're interested, I can post my gaming library. But it's a long ass list.

    On the cot thing, here's a pic for you.




    hahahaha! 🙂  aaahhhh now i get you, you mean a camp bed lol 🙂 and stones as in UK weight measurement, so 1 stone = 14 pounds (so 30 stone would be roughly 420 pounds hahaha) now dya get ma drift lols 🙂 Wow 100 skulls, your house must look like the Paris catacombs, which by the way is cool as!! 🙂 and 80 Zippos, that isn't far off what my old collection would have been tbh, i dont remember the exact number, as ive slept since then, but yeah wasn't far off! 

    As to your game library, bring it on mate, as id be happy to show you how to game anytime!! 🙂 

  2. 7 minutes ago, The Blackangel said:

    Too late. I have a minifridge and a microwave in here. I also have a couple cots as well. I have my skull collection as well as my Zippo collection. But like you said, I only have to leave to use the bathroom. If I can figure out a way to turn the closet into a bathroom, then 'll pretty much have a whole apartment in here.

    The only thing anyone can do to get me out is to lure me with food. If you can feed me a meal that I like, we're going to be great friends.
    I'm a sucker for food. I bet you never met a girl like that before!

    Awesome!! mini fridge check, microwave check, awesome gaming setup check! what do you mean by cots?? like baby beds?? so you can put the kids in their cots and know they are ok and safe while you game sort of thing?? or are cots something else to you?? in the UK they are baby beds! 🙂 also Skulls and fire, great mix, Ghost rider would be right at home there lol but yeah mate i love skulls too, in fact anything dark like that, dragons, demons and ghosts anything like that and im happy. Funny enough I also like Zippo's too, I used to collect them back in the 90's but again that's another part of me that faded when I got into my relationship, so who knows I might start collecting them again too! Its little reminders like that, that make me realize just how much of me was lost, just for a quiet life and not to rock to boat, obviously it happened over many years, so was not as apparent to me at the time, but yeah i see it now and can guarantee it will never happen again! I am who i am and i like who i am, as i dont hurt anyone, i just do my own thing, so in future anyone who does not accept me as i am, does not accept me at all, simple as, as im never living my life too please someone else again, at the cost of my own happiness! but enough of the doom and gloom, that's old news now, as im me again and happy again!! 🙂 I also love food again now, i did lose my appetite for years (again down to depression) but now wow there is no stopping me (ive literally just smashed a KFC in about 10 mins ago lol) so yeah ive had to start working out again too, as now im eating good again, ill end up 30 stone if i dont keep myself fit lol And no your right ive not met a girl with all the above traits before in one package, ive known plenty of "gamer chicks" like, but none as dedicated as you!! 🙂 But again mate, if it makes you happy, the dont stop doing it! 🙂

  3. 3 minutes ago, The Blackangel said:

    That's what I thought, but figured I should ask anyway.

    Well yeah, as it could quite easily have been something else, like "cloud based algorithm" or "catching baby ants" or even more appropriately "cherish being alive" hahahaha sorry in a silly mood, as going to Alton Towers (theme park) on Saturday, with an old work pal that ive not seen in years, so really excited (like a big kid 🙂 ) living my life again after being so down and depressed for so long, its great! 🙂

  4. On 6/28/2023 at 4:06 PM, The Blackangel said:

    As far as gaming it's a bit of a back and forth between RDR2 and Zelda OoT. I love my N64, but RDR2 calls me quite a bit. But with my setup here I can watch TV and play my classic systems as I have 2 TV's set up. I could hook my PS5 for RDR2 to the small TV, but that just wouldn't do the game justice. We also have a 75" TV in the living room, but I spend my time in my home office.

    Hahahaha sounds like you've got your setup pretty much figured out lol, and yes totally agree, you cannot play RDR2 on a small TV, that would be sacrilege! 🙂 you could always drag the tiny 75" TV in to your office (put the small one in the living room) then also get a mini fridge in there and your good to go! you would never have to leave your office, well apart from the toilet of course! 🙂 but yeah mate it sounds like you've got a pretty sweet setup, which is awesome, as having you own place to escape and do what you want and that makes you happy, is more important than we realize! also yeah i love the N64 too, but Goldeneye was my go to 64 game, i do like Zelda dont get me wrong, but the time i spent on Goldeneye was more than i care to admit lol Glad your good though Blackangel and like i said previously, im always here should you need a chat too! i might be a bit late in replying sometimes, if im busy that is, but il always reply eventually! 🙂

    2 hours ago, The Blackangel said:

    Quick question.

    What is "CBA"? I'm not familiar with the acronym.

    As Shagger kindly pointed out, it means Can't be arsed (cant be bothered), I think it may be more of a UK saying tbh (to be honest lol) but basically I had just written the full description of what had been keeping me so busy, to Shagger, and instead of writing the same thing over and over again, I just referred you all to my reply to Shagger! Lazy much?? hahahaha 

    1 hour ago, Shagger said:


    Can't be arsed.

    Thanks for that bud! 🙂 I think its more of a UK saying! 🙂

  5. On 6/11/2023 at 4:56 PM, Shagger said:

    I am going to have to move this to General Chat.


    I see you've been through a lot, but I'm glad things seem to be coming togethe. It's great to have you back.


    Thank you Shagger, so for the delayed reply, go so much on at the min its unreal, ive never been so busy! 🙂 Not only am i still learning all of the stuff i mentioned in the above post, but ive just bought and set up a green screen for my channel, so learning all the tricks to using that effectively, as there is a lot more to it than i initially thought, lol isn't there always hahahaha Also ive started repairing and restoring faulty tech again too, so i buy faulty phones, laptops, tablets and consoles etc etc etc and then repair, refurb them, then sell them on, which is my way of not only recycling what would otherwise be e-waste, but than can sell it on to people much cheaper than it would cost them to buy a new one, as we are all struggling at min, under the current climate, plus i make a little on top for my time, so it helps me get by too! 🙂 so yeah mate been really really busy, still trying to have a social life too, but its easier said than done as there's only so much time in a day! :)

    On 6/13/2023 at 5:14 AM, Reality vs Adventure said:

    20 years is a long time and I can understand how you can lose individuality during that time. I’m not anyone to give advice, but I am supportive and that’s what we all need and what we are all here for is all those fun good things in our heart like gaming. Don’t let your ex take that away from you.


    Thank you for your kind word and support R vs A, i really do appreciate it more than you know, especially at the min, sorry about the late reply, but ive so so busy its unreal!! (see above reply to Shagger for the deets, as i cba writing it all again hahahaha) But yeah im getting there now bud thank god! 🙂 and no one will ever take gaming from me, its such a huge part of my life and who i am, soo no danger of that! :)

    On 6/15/2023 at 12:16 AM, killamch89 said:

    Happy to hear you're back and I'm glad you took some time off to get yourself back on your feet.

    Thank Killa! i really appreciate it mate and i glad i did too mate, as it was sorely needed trust me, i was so down, lost and confused it was scary, but that is all in the past now mate, life goes on, we heal and we plod on dont we mate, what choice do we have! 🙂 sorry for the late reply too, ive been really really busy mate, seriously!! (see reply to Shagger above for the deets, as cba writing it all again hahahaha!)

    On 6/17/2023 at 12:17 AM, The Blackangel said:

    Was wondering what happened to you for a while. I'm sorry to hear about your split. Relationship endings always hurt, but after 20+ years would be absolutely devastating. I hope you're doing ok.

    You know us freaks of nature, oops I mean gamers, will be here for a long time. I'm interested to hear what games you're playing.

    Hahahahahaha freaks of nature! id rather be around freaks of nature and fit in, than be around fake peeps and not feel any kind of connection or common ground! 🙂 Also yes mate ill admit, even though the split was my choice, it was a shock to my system, as its all ive know for so long (2 decades wow!) but now im glad i did it, as im me again and able to pursue my likes and do things that make me happy, which wasn't an option for as long as i can remember! 😞 but its all part of my journey mate and has happened for a reason! Life is just a lesson, one which can teach us so much, if we just listen! 🙂 so yeah im getting there now bud, thank you! i hope all is good at your end too and ditto im always here for you guys too, should you need an ear or a shoulder! 🙂 sorry for the late rely, ive been so busy is un believable seriously (see the reply to Shagger above for the deets, as cba writing it all again lol!) Im currently playing The Last Of Us part 1 mate, (it's on my channel!) absolutely awesome story im loving it! I waited 10 years to play this game, as im a pc gamer, so had to wait for the port! what you on with at the min, owt exciting??

  6. Hey all, i hope you are all well and doing good! 🙂 Im sorry ive not been on chatting with you all for a few months, but as i stated back in February, i had just separated from my partner of 20+ years, so was in a weird place back then and was unsure of what i would do going forward, as i had not been on my own for as long as i could remember! So yeah it was a shock to my system to say the least, and as im sure you can appreciate, i was not in a very chatty mood! 😞

    Anyway what i did do was lock myself away from the world, and did a bit of soul searching and finding me again, as when you have been in a relationship for that length of time, you tend to lose your own individuality, which i did massively, as my ex was a massive control freak. So what i did is focus on getting me back to me and also learning a lot more about having a YouTube channel and video editing etc etc etc, as i started my channel in about October last year, but by the time i split with my ex in 
    February, i still had no clue what i was doing, as i was learning everything from scratch. Anyway as i said, i took that time out to do a lot of reading and watching tutorial vids, to build up my experience, which im still doing as we speak, but im also getting back out of the flat now too and having a life again, instead of just solely focusing on my channel. So yeah life is better now and hopefully my vids have improved as well, due to all the tricks ive learned along the way lol, although my confidence on screen is still a huge obstacle to overcome, but all in good time, Rome wasn't built in a day was it! 🙂

    So yeah, i just wanted to let you guys know why i disappeared for a while, and that im back and will hopefully be chatting everything gaming with you all going forward! 🙂

    Speak soon!
    Woody! 🙂

  7. On 2/27/2023 at 2:37 PM, Shortie said:

    I went through a really rough mentally abusive relationship for a while which I was scared to get out of at first due to what had been said to me. I found comfort in playing video games which too my mind away from what I was going through and as much as it didn't get me out of the situation it helped me get through the tough times. I am now happy to say I am out of the situation but I suffer a lot of mental health issues now because of that and even now, gaming is a get away for me when I have bad mental health days. 

    Hi Shortie, im really sorry for the late reply, but as i stated at the top, i was going through a rough patch when i wrote this post, as i split up with my partner of 20+ years, so ive only just started living a normal life again over the last week or so, which is why im now back on this forum too! 🙂

    Anyway as to you reply, im really sorry you had to go through something like that, that was also one of the issues i had early in this relationship tbh, where i would be physically, mentally and emotionally attacked, especially when alcohol was involved! I endured that for many years, mainly because we had a child together, but also because i thought i could help her see sense and that she could not treat people that way. It worked to a certain degree, but the biggest factor in preventing it, was making sure the drink was managed, which meant i could never have fun or get drunk, as i was constantly on guard!! so yeah i get where you are coming from totally and know how traumatic it is, even more so than i originally realized. When i separated from her, a few months ago (when i wrote this topic), that's when the severity of the whole situation dawned on me even more, when she no longer had a hold on me anymore (if that makes any sense?) and again like every other traumatic time in my life, i turned to games lol! Now ive also got my YouTube channel to keep me occupied too, which it does believe me, way more than i ever thought it would! So yeah bud, between playing games and editing vids for my channel, which by the way im getting much better at i think, ive once again got through a really hard time in my life, which only collaborates what i was saying a few month ago when i started this topic, at which point id only just separated from her, and the reality had not yet set in. Also as to the mental issues, i suffer with anxiety and depression now too, so again feel you on that score too, and again games also help me when im having a bad day! The choice of game also has a big part to play, as mentioned by Ravenfreak below, as if im anxious i tend to need a more relaxed immersive game, to quietly and calmly pull me into the story, and therefore forget my anxiety. I think someone should do a study of it in one of the big universities, as i really do believe games can have a real impact on people suffering with certain situations/conditions! But anyway im sorry for the short novel Shortie lol and if you ever need to talk mate with someone who has been where you have by the sounds of it, im always happy to chat mate! 🙂 I hope you have gotten over the worst of it now though and that you have found a way to not let it spoil the rest of your life, as that's where im heading 🙂

    On 2/28/2023 at 12:56 AM, killamch89 said:

    Momentarily, it can help to take your mind off things but I don't think it really helps long-term if you don't try to address the root of the problem.

    Hi killamch89, im really sorry for the late reply, but as i stated at the top, i was going through a rough patch when i wrote this post, as i split up with my partner of 20+ years, so ive only just started living a normal life again over the last week or so, which is why im not back on this forum too! 🙂

    Absolutely agree, but sometimes a momentary release from said situation is a godsend, especially when it rules your life. Its the same way as how some drink or take drugs (ive tried that too!), they are just ways to find some 
    respite, even if for just for a few mins. But yes you are correct, ultimately you will need to establish the root cause and deal with it, but finding the right time can be key, as trying to do it when someone is extremally traumatized or depressed can actually do more damage than good. That's when finding a distraction, like playing games, until the time is right, can be helpful! 🙂 

    On 3/18/2023 at 12:58 AM, Kyng said:

    Yeah, definitely. I find they can be very immersive, and thus have high 'escapement value' from real life - especially if they're fantasy-themed!

    Although, I suppose one disadvantage is that, once the traumatic time is over, I might grow to associate the game with the traumatic time. (For example, one thing that dampens my enjoyment of Transport Fever is that it was my main lockdown game!)

    Hi Kyng, im really sorry for the late reply, but as i stated at the top, i was going through a rough patch when i wrote this post, as i split up with my partner of 20+ years, so ive only just started living a normal life again over the last week or so, which is why im not back on this forum too! 🙂

    Yes you are correct, but also that is the same for a lot of things in life, and is 
    unavoidable. Like for example, if you drink too much of a certain type of alcohol, and end up throwing a really bad whitey (throwing up like the exorcist), you will probably not drink that specific drink again lol! But there is a couple of points id like to make about that theory, firstly if you were to use a game to get you through a bad or traumatic time in your life, and it served its purpose and got you through it, would it be such a bad thing to not be able to play that specific game again?? I mean dont get me wrong its not ideal, but when put aside the alternative of having to deal with the trauma without said distraction, which would be worse?? My second point id like to make, is that in reality you would still be able to play the game, in the same way as you would be able to drink that drink again (in proportion this time lol) the only thing stopping you from doing either of those things would be your own mind, as the game is no different than it was before you played it! So i guess my point is, like anything in life, its about perception! So for example, if instead of thinking oh i cant play that game again, as it reminds me of the trauma i was going through when i last played it, which is basically looking at it from a negative perspective, you could think to yourself wow i love that game, it got me through one of the hardest times in my life, which had i not had it, i dont know how i would have got through it?? So then when looked at from a positive perspective, you would appreciate the game and not fear it, if that makes any sense hahaha!

    Im sorry to be getting all philosophical on you lol its just how i think now, ive started looking at life differently lately, and im a lot happier because of it, perspective effects every aspect of our lives, as there is always 2 sides to every coin! 🙂

    On 4/8/2023 at 11:47 PM, Ravenfreak said:

    Games are definitely a great way to distract you from traumatic events going on in your life. Honestly any time I would hear my parents argue when I was growing up, I'd go and play my Playstation to distract myself. Gaming is the best way of escaping from real life's struggles in my opinion. Though of course you might not want to play violent games if you're sensitive to violence and if that's what's been causing your trauma.

    Hi Ravenfreak, im really sorry for the late reply, but as i stated at the top, i was going through a rough patch when i wrote this post, as i split up with my partner of 20+ years, so ive only just started living a normal life again over the last week or so, which is why im not back on this forum too! 🙂

    Yes you are spot on there, the choice of game is very important, like ive stated above in the very short reply i wrote to Shortie hahahaha, im in a very philosophical mood tonight, so my replies have been a bit long winded lol, ill try and keep it short and spare you my babbling! So yeah the choice of game is important, like i said when im having a bad day with my anxiety, ill need to play a slow relaxed game, one that's gonna bring me back down gently, whereas if im peed off and angry, then something like doom eternal or a good zombie game would be good, to get out some anger and aggression! As to it being the best way to deal with trauma, that all depends on the person i suppose, for me and you then yes it probably is the best way to distract us, but others maybe not??? 🙂

  8. 15 hours ago, Smokey said:

    I think so. Gaming has helped me through some serious rough times in my life. A pretty bad time in my life growing up is what sparked my true love for gaming and actually what led me to building my own gaming website at the time.

    Eyup smokey, I hope your well mate! 🙂

    yes bud, as discussed with Kane99 above, the escape and comfort that video games can provide, especially when we are dealing with difficult situations or occurrences is massive. Don't get me wrong they can't solve our problems or take away any hurt or anxiety we may be feeling, but sometimes in life we let things get on top of us or overthink certain situations, which usually makes things 10 times worse. The escape from reality that games can offer is sometimes that rest we need in order for our us to mentally reset or recharge, so although they don't solve or win our fights, they give us the rest bite that is usually really needed and appreciated, much in the same way as a boxer resets in between each round I suppose! Lol I'm glad they have helped you like they have me mate, as its quite easy in this day and age for things to become too much and overwhelming, so the fact that we found an escape may be more important then even we realise! Keep ur chin up pal, and I hope all is going well with your website! 🙂

    2 hours ago, Empire said:

    I would not say that it necessarily helped me deal with my trauma because that's a whole can of worms as far as coping/functioning goes, but Life Is Strange: True Colors is probably the most cathartic game I've ever played as far as something dealing heavily with trauma and probably the game that I have identified with the most in this regard as well.

    COmes down to what you play..?

    Hey Empire, I hope your well mate! 🙂

    Yes bud you are totally correct in your statement, its not a cure or a solution for stress or anxiety, infact there is no such thing as a one size fits all cure or solution to the stress or anxiety of life, but depending on thr person and of course as you rightly pointed out, the type of game you play, they can be really helpful as in providing a distraction or escape from whatever it is that's effecting you for long enough that you can have a mental rest from it and re-charge your mental coping mechanism, at least that's what I found anyway, as u see the problem I found was not the depression or anxiety i faced, bit the fact that it was constant and always there, that ended up wearing me down over time  which is when I belive bad things happen when people feel like that (no light at the end of the tunnel) whereas when you immerse yourself in something else, to the point that you forget, even just for a short time, your worries, you can reset and be in much better stead to deal with whateva your dealing with! It's not just games that can provide that escape either, we are all different and have our own preference, for some it's going to the gym, reading a book or watching a good film, it's just in my case video games are my go to therapist lol

    As to life is strange, I've played every single one if those games and absolutely love them, they are fantastic and I hope they carry on making them, ibfact they are going to be one of the next games I feature on my YouTube channel, as my channel focuses solely on story based games, so they were one of the reasons I created my channel  to feature games like them! 🙂 so yes mate I can feel you on that front as I feel the same about them 100% and I'm glad they helped you too! Keep ur chin up pal and whateva gets you through lifes bad patches us well worth doing! 🙂

  9. On 2/24/2023 at 5:46 PM, Kane99 said:

    I have used video games to help with stress, anxiety, depression, etc. Video games is one of my escapes from reality and life in general. It has helped me through many hard times. From the stresses of work, running a festival, seeing horrible things, and so on. 

    Video games though, can trigger certain things, so it also depends on what I'm playing. Like if you're a veteran of war for example and have PTSD, some video games may trigger you more than help. 

    But yeah, I use video games as therapy all the time. To help me relax, to help me unwind, to help me socialize, etc. 

    Hey Kane99, i hope your well mate! 🙂

    Yes i can feel you totally on the anxiety and depression front, as ive suffered from both, quite severely, for most of my life, which im on meds for too, so yeah bud i hear and feel you there! 🙂 Im glad to hear that like me games have been a form of escape for you too, as god knows what would have happened to either of us had they not been an option??

    As too your comment about PTSD, yeah i have to agree with that mate, but in reality anyone suffering from PTSD should really stay away from subject matter that could trigger flashbacks or seizures, especially vets like you mentioned. I know if i were a veteran and suffered with PTSD, i would not be going anywhere near any war game whatsoever, as its just not a good idea on any level, as i have seen first hand just how devastating PTSD can be.

    But yeah mate i have to agree with everything you said and im so glad we have both found solace in video games, to help us through hard times! 🙂 Long live video game therapy! 🙂 

  10. Hey all, i hope everyone is well! 🙂

    Im sorry for the lack of interaction from me over the past few weeks, but ive separated from my partner of 20+ years and as im sure you can appreciate, ive not been in a very chatty mood, to say the least! 😞

    Anyway the above is what made me think about this topic, as after the separation i threw myself into some large open world games (Dying Light one and two), that i knew would keep me occupied for hours and hours, as a way to distract myself from my reality and give me something else to focus on. Obviously it wont take away the pain or headfuk of the whole situation, but in my opinion beats sitting and doing your own head in or wallowing in self pity lol Then i got to thinking about other times in my life, where ive been faced with hard or difficult situations and i would say that video games have helped me through probably around 80% of the difficult periods of my life, i guess by distracting my thoughts and letting me take out any anger or frustration i may be holding on to, on the skulls of the zombies, as i run round the streets of Harran (Dying Light) 🙂

    So yeah my question to you guys is, have you had a similar experience yourselves? Have games helped you get through difficult times or situations in your lives? 

    Take care peeps and thx for reading my post! 🙂

  11. On 1/21/2023 at 1:27 PM, Tonberry said:

    Probably a rare pick, when I was at a friend's house (who played much more M-rated games than me) I was so traumatized by the introduction in Max Payne 1 when his family gets murdered that I immediately ran home completely shattered and just started crying.

    Hey Tonberry, god Max Payne, now there is a bast from the past, me and my younger brother where quite shocked by those games too, at the time they were released the subject matter was quite brave in all honesty, as at that point there were loads of discussions about games causing violence in kids (in know it still gets discussed, but it was way more prominent in the media back then, as games were still quite new) I always remember the red snow parts of those games too, really creepy! But they ended up being one of my favorite game's back then, its a shame t didn't carry n or get re made with modern graphics! 🙂

  12. On 1/21/2023 at 1:27 PM, Tonberry said:

    Probably a rare pick, when I was at a friend's house (who played much more M-rated games than me) I was so traumatized by the introduction in Max Payne 1 when his family gets murdered that I immediately ran home completely shattered and just started crying.

    On 1/30/2023 at 9:25 PM, killamch89 said:

    Thanks for telling me about VorpX. I also knew that Fallout 4 and Skyrim had official VR releases and plenty of mods for both so I can't wait to try out those in the future. So the Quest is the only VR headset you've used up to this point? Do you have to login to Facebook just to use it as the media was reporting a while back or is it straight plug n play?

    Hey Killamch89, again sorry for the late reply, but ive explained my current circumstance on your other comment! 😞 But yes mate ive only bothered with the quest 2, as the price of the other headsets that match its performance are more expensive and dont have the benefit of being able to use them as standalone headsets, for example if you were to take it to a mates house to play some less serious VR games in standalone mode, plus the quest 2 has one of the best display ratios on the market for its price point, so it was the only choice for me tbh! As to FB you only have to log into FB account when you set it up for the first time, then it just starts u normally after that and you go either into your standalone home, or your hooked up to the PC home depending on how ur using it. i wasn't a fan of having to log into FB at first tbh but it was a small price to pay for such a good headset. That is the main reason why the quest 2 is so affordable, due to the logging into FB thing so it all comes down to personal opinions! as i say though you only log in on first set up, after that your straight in as soon as u boot it up! 🙂

  13. On 1/30/2023 at 8:01 PM, killamch89 said:

    I know that the Broken Sword games were filled with accurate historical facts but it's the way how they built manage to make it come to life throughout the entire game that amazes me. I think Broken Sword is one of the few point and click games I don't mind playing at all. On another note, Syberia looks pretty good - I'll definitely have to give it a go.

    Hey Killamch89, yes i totally agree that broken sword was one of a kind, one of those one in a million games/stories, that will remain one of my favorite all time games and that i have re-played over and over throughout my life. Im sorry for the late response, ive just separated from my partner of 20+ years, so haven't been on for a few weeks, just trying to get my head straight at min, but ill be back and chatting with you all soon enough, just need some me time is all! 😞

  14. On 1/24/2023 at 8:48 PM, The Blackangel said:

    It's RDR2 for me. I get into playing it and before I know it, the entire day has passed, yet I STILL don't want to put down the controller. I've gone on binges that lasted more than a week. From the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed, I'm on the game. @Rain Dew has had to literally pull me away from the game a few times. Lucky for her, I'm in a wheelchair. The game is so easy to get so deep into it, that you forget it's a game. And the fact that there's so much to do in it, makes it all that much harder to put down.

    In my personal opinion, RDR2 is just about the greatest game ever made.

    Hi Blackangel, i hope your good! 🙂

    Yes mate i have to agree, it is one of the best for defo, but so was the first one back when it came out, obviously its dated now and the bar has been lifted, as far as gamer's expectations now, but back then the first game and Gun were the best western era games out! And yes i can totally feel ya regarding the binge comment, as probably 80% of my life has been a gaming binge hahaha but yeah i can understand why you would need to be wheeled away to bring you back into the real world for a while, if just to eat (something other than junk food or noodles lol), get a wash and some fresh air lol, as again been there done that hahaha but yeah mate i agree, defo one of the best games out there! 🙂

    On 1/27/2023 at 5:53 PM, killamch89 said:

    I think I've played all but one of the Broken Sword series of games and it's always interesting how mundane the story starts with some outlandish tale but by the end of the game, you literally have to face off against some ancient beast or someone wielding some legendary ancient artifact that the tale was about. I remember playing the first Broken Sword game as a teen and I kept saying, this is such a well-written story - how is this a GBA game? I don't think I've ever played the Sam games or any of the others you mentioned but I'll check them out.

    Yes mate they are really well written games and i think they aren't as well known as they should be because when they were released, gamming was still quite new and growing, plus the Devs weren't the biggest of companies, so it seemed to fall through the cracks unfortunately, which is a real shame, as i would defo have liked the games to have kept coming! Yeah it was funny how to plot went from zero to a hundred miles an hour, with some outlandish cult or artifact behind some dark plot lol a bit like the tomb raider games in a way i suppose, but they were all packed with facts and accurate historical info, which is how i first heard about the templars and their holy quest, so yeah just an all round great title and series of games! Yes mate i would look at the sam and max games, as they are really funny and Syberia is a great adventure game and the latest and concluding game isn't that old, so yeah i reckon you will really enjoy Syberia if you like Broken Sword, ill attach the link to the trailer below for you! I will be featuring all the broken sword and Syberia games on my YouTube channel, so if you cba laying them you dont want t buy them you can always watch them on my channel! Here is the first Syberia game trailer!    


  15. On 1/22/2023 at 5:26 PM, killamch89 said:

    Hmmm...This is quite a good one actually, I'd have to agree with RDR2 and I also love Alien Isolation's story. Another one I could say is a GBA game called Broken Sword: The Shadow Of The Templars - extremely well written to where a simple murder turns into an incredible plot with so many twists and turns. I don't think any other GBA game comes remotely close in terms of story.

    Hey Killamch89 🙂

    Yes mate RDR2 is friggin awesome and yes Alien Isolation too, ive got to admit ive got a soft spot for anything to do with Alien, as ive been watching it since i was a kid and love the band as a whole! I can't believe you mentioned Broken Sword though, that is one of my all time favorite adventure games, in fact it was Broken Sword and Monkey Island that got me into Adventure games back in the 90's, ive played every single Broken Sword game that ever came out and i love George Stobart and Nicole's relationship throughout the games, as its so believable and the humor in the games is right up my street! 🙂 If you like that genre of game, have you played the Siberia and the Sam and Max games, as they are pretty much the same sort of game and are great too!

    23 hours ago, Empire said:

    Something like that, I would say the walking dead game. I have not even complted it anyway as I have one epsiode left of the game, but when I Was doing it to start off with I did three episodes and taken over 5 hours XD I just wanted to do it. 

    Hey Empire! 🙂

    I take it by The Walking Dead games you are reefing to the Telltale ones, which are split up in to episodes? If so i have to completely agree with you, as ive played every single series, not only of the Walking Dead games, but every game series that Telltale have released, such as Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, The Wolf Among Us, Law and Order, Tales from the Borderlands, Guardians of the Galaxy and Batman! i dont know if ive missed any out but they are all made in the same way as the walking dead games and are also great, so if you like the walking dead i would also advise you to play all the other Telltale games releases above, as they are obsoletely fantastic! 🙂 I've played all the other walking dead series that Telltale released too, like season 2, the Michonne story, A New Frontier and the Final Season, all of which are as good as the first season you are playing, so if you decide to play them, that should keep you busy for a while hahaha! 🙂 I will also be featuring all of the above games on my YouTube channel, as that is the only type of games i feature, Story based games! 🙂

    15 hours ago, Kane99 said:

    Honestly Resident Evil 4. I normally never touched the RE series growing up. I tried RE4 many years ago, but never stuck with it. But when I tried it in VR, I actually wanted to play the game. It's fun having to pull out a clip to reload your gun as zombies shamble towards you. Or having to switch to a grenade mid fight while trying to get used to the VR controls. 

    I have played a quarter of the way through the game, and I think it's thanks to VR. Otherwise I wouldn't have played it. 

    Hey Kane99 🙂

    Yes mate im the same, RE4 was not one that i got into before the VR version, as i think RE4 was one of the RE's that came out in a period where RE moved away from its roots into just another zombie shootemup, so i lost interest in RE at that point, but im glad to say im back in love with the newer RE games! 🙂 But yeah mate i really enjoyed playing RE4 in VR, its more of a fun game to pay in VR as the graphic's aren't great or anything like that, but its good fun! I didn't realize you were into VR, have you played Half Life Alyx, Fallout 4 VR or Skyrim VR? they are really good VR games I really like the Lone Echo games too! 🙂

    11 hours ago, Shortie said:

    It's been a while since I was gripped on a game to be honest and couldn't pull myself away from it. I would have to say that the last game I played that had me gripped was Destiny 2 with the Witch Queen DLC. After getting that DLC I spent hours up on hours on Destiny 2 going through the new expansion and just having a blast. 

    Hey Shortie! 🙂

    Yes ive always wanted to play the Destiny games, but im a PC gamer, so unless i emulate, i cant play them unfortunately and i dont like to emulate games, as it sucks the performance right out of them and spoils the experience, but from what ive seen of the destiny games, i can see why they would be Immersive! 🙂

    10 hours ago, Reality vs Adventure said:

    I’m happy you are enjoying Valhalla as it really is something special. My personal experience has been a yo-yo because I lost saved data and had to start over. I’ve been so mad at times because of bug issues. Valhalla just had its last update for the game and by now it runs smooth as it should have been from the get go. But I jumped back into it and got over 200 hours now and it’s primo fantasy, from the world itself to the other maps, to the awesome gear and mounts. After the last update, you now get a free piece of gear each week. And nothing like having a dragon mount and a fiery raven. I’m all in now is what I’m saying.

    But lately the past month or maybe two I’ve delved deep into Cyberpunk 2077. Its heavy on story and has blown my mind away. This is another game that has had its issues and so sad for that because it’s one of the best games I’ve played. But I started playing after the last big update so I’ve had a good experience so far despite having to try and start the application several times before it finally comes up to play. Other than that, no problems at all. Did I say my mind is freakin blown away by the game? I have stayed up for hours as the story draws me in so much and everything flows so well that it’s hard to know a stopping point. 

    The quests keep me right in it from one thing to the next and even those side quests are no punk. Side quests are heavy duty stuff too. Amazing. They really are setting a reputation for themselves just as I remember playing Witcher 3 and all the great quests there. Currently, I’d have to say Cyberpunk 2077 has its hooks in me big time. It’s deep, really is. Gameplay is fun too. Such talent here. 

    Hey Reality Vs Adventure 🙂

    Yes mate Valhalla is great and as im from the North of England, it has historical value to me too, as it was my ancestors that would have faced the Vikings and Romans for real, so in a way gave me a better appreciation for what they went through! Also god yeah Cyberpunk is in a league of its own! Its such a well made game, that Knight City feels real and alive! I had a bit of a yo yo experience (as you put it lol) with Cyberpunk, as i got it straight away when it came out, as i had been waiting for it for ages, as im a massive fan of the Witcher games, so was really excite about Cyberpunk, as millions of others were, but the game was unplayable at that point, which was really depressing due to how long i had waited to play it! 😞 Also i was disappointed in the Devs for releasing the game in such a sorry state, which as im sure you are aware caused uproar and rightly so, its a prime example of what happens when money is more important than the game itself! So i left the game alone and waited until the issues had been fixed, instead of just writing it off as a flop and boy am i glad i did, as once it was playable it was effing epic and i can definitely say its one of the best games ive ever played, its so addictive its unreal and it draws you in, which again has a lot to do with how believable Knight City is, it actually feels alive and the characters within the game are fantastic! There is a documentary on YouTube about the making of it and about how it could have finished the Devs off, due too it being the mess it was upon release, its a really good documentary and gives you an appreciation of the work that went into making this legendary game, it really is a fantastic game and without a doubt had its hooks in me for a very long time, as im the type who has to 100% a game, so all the side quests and everything, so lets just say i had bags under my eyes for quite some time thanks to cyberpunk hahaha maybe in 6 months time ill let it get its hooks in me again, just waiting for enough time to pass that i forget a lot of the story and missions! This is another game i would love to play in VR, as imagine how immersive that would be actually walking round Knight City in VR, only reason ive not tried playing it in VR via VorpX is because of how system intensive the game is, it takes  a lot to run the game when just playing it normally, so to play in VR, which is basically rendering everything twice (once for each eye) so with todays GPU's you would need the very top end cards to even attempt it, like a 3090 or a 4090, so ill wait for a few years,, upgrade my GPU then try it in VR! 🙂

  16. On 1/22/2023 at 5:20 PM, killamch89 said:

    I get what you mean - I just want VR to improve further before taking the plunge. I'd like to try playing Alien Isolation with VR if it's possible because I know it'd be an extremely horrific experience.

    Hi mate, you can pretty much play any game in VR via a program called VorpX, which allows you to play in VR. The problem being that sometimes the HUD doesn't look good in VR, obviously as it wasn't made for it, but because the VR following is now growing (quite quickly, probably due to VR now being at a playable level now, if hooked up to a PC) so usually you can find a mod that makes the game more playable in VR, which is really good, as there has been quite a few games in the past that would have been good in VR, infect probably most first person games would benefit in some form from being played in VR, as it just raises the immersion level ten fold! You can play Fallout 4 in VR now and Skyrim, which are both official VR releases, nit just modded by the community! So yeah mate all in all i would say now is a good time to get into VR, as the community is now growing fast, as the tech is now at a level where its believable and playable in games, although the jury is still out on if ill ever play another horror game in VR hahahaha! I think as it gets more and more popular you will probably see the prices of the VR headsets skyrocket, which has already happened tbh, as i bought a quest 2 about 8 months ago 2nd hand fo around £180, which i ended up selling as i moved home and needed extra cash, anyway i bought another Quest 2 2nd hand about 3 months ago and i could not find one anywhere for less than £300, which is crazy when you bear in mind months earlier when they were newer to the market, i could get one for £120 less, so it just shows you how much VR has taken off in the past 6 months and its only getting more and more popular/expensive, its the start of Ready Player One in my opinion! 🙂

  17. Hi all and happy new year! 🙂 As those of you who have read any of my posts before know, im an avid gamer and absolutely love video games! When playing a very well written and developed game, i often find myself struggling to pull myself away from them, which can lead to a 24hr binge lol I must admit though of late not as many games have gripped me to that extent, which maybe because 2022 was a slow year for gaming (due to the pandemic) but i think the last 2 games i found hard to pull myself away from were Red Dead Redemption 2 and Assassins Creed Valhalla!

    My question to you guys is, do you find yourself so engrossed in some games that you cant put them down? and if so what were the last games to make you feel this way?? 🙂  

  18. 8 hours ago, killamch89 said:

    Wait - you played it in VR? How'd you manage not run into the wall or something. I don't think I could handle it in VR at all - the normal game is terrifying enough.

    IYes mate in VR, you have options depending on the floor space you have, if you have a large fllor space then you can walk around normally, but if you have limited floor space, like most of us do, you can use the analogue sticks on the handsets (same as using a controller) to walk about, although you can still move about too for short distance by walking, same as you can duck or lay down if needed, that came in handy when playing Medal Of Honor above and beyond in VR, as you can duck down behind cover when shooting lol honestly mate playing games in VR on a quest 2 hooked up to a good gaming PC in next level stuff, its mind blowing as you are actually in the game! 🙂 i Played GTA 5 in VR too hahaha that was a laugh, but yeah mate on a serious note playing horror games in VR is not for the faint of heart let me tell you lol it scared the crap out of me, as you are actually in the haunted house and can see and hear the paranormal activity going on around you as opposed to on a screen, especially with a good pair of surround sound headphones on, so you hear every floorboard creak or door slam, its on another level altogether, im not easily scared bud, but that really did make me not want to be there it was horrible, but fantastic all at the same time hahaha 

  19. On 1/14/2023 at 9:59 PM, Moonface said:

    Dead Space. When I first played it, I only got as far as grabbing the Plasma Cutter and noped out very shortly after. Didn't touch the game for months and only went back to it and got through it by using a guide so I could at least prepare myself for anything jumping out of vents at me and stuff. Eventually I stopped being so scared by the game but not until after I had beaten the campaign, so I didn't get to experience anything blind and appreciate the surprise encounters and stuff. At least I got to do that for Dead Space 2 though.

    Eyup Moonface, i hope your well! 🙂

    Yes bud Dead Space was awesome and is currently being remade, you can watch the trailers for the remake on youtube, it looks great, especially with todays graphics and physics engines! But yeah defo one of the scariest games ever! I used to play a game called F.E.A.R at around the same time as dead space, that was scary too, the girl in it reminded me of the girl from the Ring films! That's the problem with scary games though, sometimes they get too scary, but then if you watch a walkthrough and then know where everything is and what's going to happen, it spoils the whole experience, as ive done that in the past myself and it wasn't the same! 😞

    On 1/16/2023 at 10:05 PM, killamch89 said:

    That game quickly made me distrust all statues I see in-game as they kept constantly moving and peeking at you around corners. That is pretty genius how the game developers managed to make a normally inanimate object (the statue) so terrifying. I swear it'll take me some time before I ever try to replay that game.

    Hahahahaha me too mate, wont be playing any scary games at all for a while in VR i dont think hahaha seriously if you have a VR headset, play Paranormal Activity in VR, you will never be the same again hahaha 🙂

  20. On 1/12/2023 at 8:17 PM, Reality vs Adventure said:

    That does sound pretty cool to hook up Oculus to PC. How does that even work though with a headset? Does it provide better graphics that way through the Oculus? Does the PC convert it's graphics into the headset? And of course sound improvement too right, if you have a speaker system? I think you are on to something that just might be top notch gaming experience. 

    Also as to the sound, you could probably use a good surround sound system, but i would advise a good pair of surround sound headphones for VR, as then you are completely immersed! Logitech make a vey good pair of in ear headphones specifically made for VR which are supposed to be awesome. I personally use my 7.1 surround sound over ear headphones (corsair virtuoso SE) so yes mate sound is much better too through PC! 🙂

  21. On 1/12/2023 at 8:17 PM, Reality vs Adventure said:

    That does sound pretty cool to hook up Oculus to PC. How does that even work though with a headset? Does it provide better graphics that way through the Oculus? Does the PC convert it's graphics into the headset? And of course sound improvement too right, if you have a speaker system? I think you are on to something that just might be top notch gaming experience. 

    Hi Reality vs Adventure, i hope your well! 🙂

    Sorry for the late reply, but ive been really busy! 🙂 Yes mate, PCVR and playing on a quest 2 standalone is like the difference between playing games on a phone and playing games on a gaming PC or console, as Quest 2 abasically has the processing power of a smart phone (maybe slightly higher) so yes when you connect your quest 2 to a gaming PC via a fast usb c cable (has to be a fact cable to be able to exchange data at needed speed, i use a fibre optic usb c cable) so when you do that, the quest 2 basically becomes just a display and all the processing gets done by the PC, you can also connect wirelessly to a PC now via oculus air link, but the data rates aren't as good as a fast cable, so i would always suggest a cable if wanting the best results, You also have to do a couple of tweaks in the oculus software to get the best possible results, but nothing to technical. Once it is al set up correctly its mind blowing it really is, ive even played GTA 5 in VR on it which was a different experience than playing on a tv or monitor let me tell you lol It does take a good PC to run VR games on max setting though, as you ae in effect rendering everything twice, once for each eye, so when playing top end games in VR, it can get really hard for anything but a top end PC to handle. It is well worth it though, as its an entirely new experience when your actually in the game, like i say check out Lone Echo and Half Life Alyx on youtube, they are top end PCVR games, also Medal of Honor Above and Beyond is another good PCVR game! 🙂 its the future of gaming if you ask me! 🙂


    On 1/14/2023 at 8:43 PM, Shortie said:

    Saw was one game I remember playing way back that I played but after a while I couldn't continue playing it just because it did scare me. I am quite easily scared so games and even movies like that scare me quite quickly. Another was when I was a kid and my brothers had Resident Evil, I used to watch them play and they used to let me play as well but I would get too scared during me playing that I would pass it back to them. It's weird as I now don't get scared when it comes to Resident Evil. 

    Hi Shortie, i hope your well! 🙂

    Yes mate i remember the saw game, it was quite scary as it goes, but so were the films lol and yes mate that's what i said in my original comment, resident evil (RE) used to scare the crap out of me when i was younger, but now, maybe because im older or have been numbed after years of gaming, i dont get as scared by the newer ones, although i do still love them! 🙂

  22. 8 hours ago, killamch89 said:

    Hmmm. This quite an interesting one - Madison was pretty scary - scariest horror game I ever played. I don't think I've ever panicked in a game quite as much and just wanted it to end.

    Eyup Killamch89, yes mate Madison was a very scary game, that friggin statue that kept appearing in random places freaked me out and yes i could not wait for it to end too! 🙂

  23. 7 hours ago, killamch89 said:

    Definitely as we're also entering the age where we can get internet connection from satellites via Starlink so digital only consoles will be the way of the future. It also saves gaming companies a ton on things like shipping among other things and those bastards will do almost anything to make more profit.

    Hahahaha Hey Killamch89 you ok, yes those bastard do do anything to maximize their profits, which to a certain degree is good business, but not at the cost of quality, or freedom of choice, like the choice between owning a digital or physical copy of something! 😞 But like you say mate, everything is becoming digital, so that's progression for you, when you buy something now, you only get access to it rather than actually owning a copy of it, its like renting a house as opposed to buying one, its crazy!

    3 hours ago, Shortie said:

    I think heading towards a future of no physical media or discs would be a blow to be honest. So many people still prefer to pick up physical games even now and taking the ability away from them to do that would affect them badly. I feel what Xbox has done with their consoles, one with a disc tray and one without is a better option going forward as it gives the consumer the chance to choose which one they would prefer and still be able to go either physical or digital.

    Hey Shortie, i hope your well!

    I completely agree mate, not being able to own a physical copy is not a good thing at all, but its not something we can stop unfortunately, as that choice has been made for us! 😞 the Xbox thing where they made two versions of their console, isn't going to be permanent, they have only done it this time to ease us into accepting that digital media is the way forward, i would not be surprised at all if their next gen console was digital only! Its not the right time for them to completely phase out physical copies just yet, as you can see from this topic alone, a lot of people still prefer Physical copies, me included, so that's the reason, in my opinion, why they have released 2 versions of their latest console, but again that wont happen for much longer unfortunately! 😞

  24. 3 hours ago, Reality vs Adventure said:

    That's cool you played some games on the Oculus VR. The scariest game I ever played was The Exorcist on the Oculus. The VR amplifies it so much when you are free to move and interact. Plus, I'm a sucker for all the demon stuff. Scares the s**t out of me when the human face is evil. That is also one of the reasons why I thought RE7 was really scary on the console when people freakin turn devil on you. AAggghhhh!!!!! lol.  And I didn't even play that in VR...Wish I did. 

    Hey Reality vs Adventure, i hope you well! 🙂

    Yes mate tell me about it, VR takes games to another level it really does, ill admit i was not prepared for just how much more immersive VR is when i played Paranormal Activity, as it really did scare the crap out of me bigtime. I must admit though it makes all the difference when you hook up a quest 2 to a capable gaming PC, as running the quest 2 on its own as a standalone headset is fun, but when hooked up to a gaming rig and setup properly, the difference is night and day it really is. I played Lone echo where you are a robot helping your human commander maintain a helium 3 mining rig, which is orbiting Saturn, when i first looked out of the cockpit window and saw Saturn and its rings close up it was awesome, also Half Life Alyx is probably the best looking VR game to date, which when the graphics are maxed out in PCVR looks mind blowing, i really am getting into PCVR now, as its at a level now where it looks believable which is great! 🙂

    On 1/9/2023 at 11:38 PM, Kyng said:

    I didn't get very far into Outlast... to be honest, I'm not entirely sure why I even bought it, since I'm not really into horror games to begin with 😛


    (I think I only got it because a friend recommended it to me - and then, she hated it too!)

    Hi Kyng, i hope you good pal! 🙂

    Yes mate outlast was a weird one, which you either loved or hated, but it was scary as hell, like i said before, i think its the fact that you cant fight back that makes it worse, all you can do is run and hide! 🙂 Im not great with horror games mate in all honesty, but i like the rush youu can get if its a well made game, like the one im playing at the moment, which is on my channel, The Devil In Me. Its scary as hell once it gets going, but its welll made and the graphics are awesome! 🙂

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