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    I went through phases for a while when I was younger, I always remember I went through phase where I enjoyed Pop music so much I would listen to it all the time but then a little while after that I jumped from pop music to rock and then from rock to Country music and back to pop. I am now pretty content with what I enjoy listening to with Country music being the top on my list for wanting to listen to each day. Pop music is still another favourite of mine, just not as much as Country music has become my favourite.
  2. I remember picking up Red Dead Redemption when that first came out and as much as I tried playing it I could never get into it. Due to me not being able to get into the first one I guess that is why I have somewhat been put off jumping on the second one if I am honest and haven't bothered yet. So many people are saying how they are loving the second one compared to the first one but at the same time, many people loved the first one when I didn't so I am torn as to whether or not to pick it up yet or not. Don't get me wrong, the game looks amazing but I am still on the fence about purchasing it just yet.
  3. I agree with this and think it's a good thing to have in place if I am honest. All too often people get way to addicted to gaming in a way that it becomes unhealthy and that is when some kind of help should come into play. Spending time on video games but knowing when to take a break shows signs of a healthy way of gaming but when you get to the point where you game for hours up on hours and you don't know when to stop and it starts affecting your life bad, you know you have an issue. Usually people who continuously play games and don't know when to stop are those who are suffering mentally with issues, getting help is always better than shutting off even if sometimes shutting off feels like the better option.
  4. Back when Minecraft came out for Xbox I remember I spent a whole lot of time on it just building random houses and such. I found it very relaxing and used to love spending time with my family playing the game creating different things. My children still play it from time to time and they enjoy following tutorials on YouTube and making huge creations on there and then saving them, it gives them hours of fun on rainy days and they love the outcome of their creations.
  5. I love playing almost all games that come out from fighters to racing and FPS but when it comes to picking my favourite genre of game I would say I find it difficult to choose between FPS and racing genres. FPS I would say are the one genre that I play the most but when I fancy a change I will switch to racing with Forza Horizon 4 being the one racing game right now that I am spending a lot of time on when I get the chance!
  6. My cousin got me into gaming. I remember when I was younger, I used to spend a lot of time at my Auntie's house and it was my cousin who was a huge gamer. We used to spend a lot of time together playing games such as Alex The Kidd and trying to get past the mini games such as Rock, Paper, Scissors which was always a lot of fun. A lot of my favourite memories of gaming come from when I used to stay at my Auntie's with my cousin and game.
  7. My very first Nintendo was the Super Nintendo. I remember me and my brothers getting that console when we were younger for Christmas and Super Mario World was one of the first games we got. I remember having the gameboy but I can't remember if I got that before or after the Super Nintendo. Gameboy was awesome though and I always remember that console I played a whole lot of Kirby! They really do need to make Kirby again!
  8. When I got my Nintendo Switch a few weeks ago it was sold in a bundle with a game called Sports Party. Today was the first time I played it after having time to be able to sit down and play it without worrying whether I would have to jump up and run and do something. I will admit the game is a lot of fun and it's definitely a game I could play when I need a break from other games I have on my Nintendo Switch. Has anyone here got Sports Party for Nintendo Switch and if so, what are your thoughts on the game?
  9. I can't say there has been any remake I have noticed from the TV shows that I used to watch and enjoy but from hearing other people with their reviews and such from remakes it's either a love or hate kind of relationship on remakes. I personally myself feel like remakes never truly work because too many people expect it to be near enough the same as it was all those years ago and it never is and then they feel disappointed. I can understand why remakes are released but I never truly believe it always does them a favour when they are released.
  10. I have only tried Amazon Prime Video once and to be honest I was not overly happy with what was on offer and when it ran out I never renewed it and never went back. Looking at this list for December it's definitely not a list that would push me to jump back onto Amazon Prime Video and will definitely be giving this a miss for sure. I find a lot of people have the same opinion though, they are not happy with what they have to offer.
  11. I don't mind watching older movies if it was a movie I loved and am able to watch over and over again. For example movies such as Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, Home Alone are just a few I can name that I can go back and watch over and over given the chance but there are some movies I just can not go back to that are old movies and it's not because of graphics or anything but because the movie wasn't one I fully enjoyed when I first watched it so going back and watching it again would be me forcing myself to do so and wasting a few hours of my life. Sometimes older movies are the best movies though! They definitely don't make them like they used to, that is for sure!
  12. I don't buy DVD's now as much as I used to but I always remember when I used to, the bonus features were always a whole lot of fun! I always remember my favourite part of the bonus features was always the cut scenes they would include from either the Movie or TV series it was! You wouldn't think cut scenes would be so funny and it always let's you see the movie or tv show in a different light after you have seen the cut scenes. The Disney Bonus Features were always a lot of fun as well!
  13. I am so looking forward to the Lion King Remake! I saw images and the trailer for it the other day and I can not believe how realistic the graphics are but just how well they have followed the original as well! I have a feeling that Lion King may just be my most favourite remake from Disney just because Lion King was always my favourite Disney movie and seeing as remake like this and how cute Simba looks will just be amazing! Is it July 2019 yet?
  14. I don't play PC games all that often with me being more of a console gamer, however, when I do play PC games I always use my monitor and I have never had any reason to want to switch from a monitor to a TV screen. Many people I know use dual monitors and as much as that looks cool, I feel myself I am so much more used to just one monitor that dual monitors would confuse me.
  15. When it comes to buying a new video game I usually sit and watch streamers I watch on Mixer to see how the game plays and what they feel to it. If I like the look of the game and if the streamer seems to be having a lot of fun with the game then I consider buying it as soon as I can afford it. Reviews are also a really good way to be able to find out if a game is worth picking up, however, reviews are not always 100% true. Seeing someone play the game and seeing their reaction to the game I feel is the best kind of review!
  16. I was super excited to see this being released earlier this week, was curious to see what changes they had made and such to the map and how they had made it different to previous years. I will admit I am not liking it as much as I thought I would, the feel to the map doesn't feel like Nuketown at all, I understand they wanted to change it but I feel they changed it too much to the point of where now it's nothing like Nuketown was in a sense. It's also very difficult to move out of spawn on the map as well without being killed so I feel they may need to work on that a little if they can. Some people like the new Nuketown and others are not so keen. I feel this time I am on the not so keen list.
  17. My first Xbox was the original Xbox years ago. I still have one, the crystal limited edition one that was made but it's modded. I don't use it as much now though with me having an Xbox One but it's still there if I ever feel like going back to it! I remember around 14 years ago I used to spend a lot of time on the original Xbox playing Simpson's Hit and Run, that game was very addictive! Would love to see it backwards compatible!
  18. I couldn't believe this when I saw it! I always remember watching Simpsons when I was a kid and also playing the video games when I was younger and Apu was always the one character that stood out for me among the others. I always remember his line "Thank you, come again!" It's not going to be the same without Apu and I feel it's a shame that they let people get to them and gave them what they wanted. This really does just show how crazy the world has got that a big character in a TV show has to be axed because of what people think.
  19. Shortie861


    I enjoyed the movie when it was first released and I will on the odd occasion watch it if I see it on the TV, however, I can't say I love the movie that much that I memorize the quotes or could watch it over and over. For me it's a movie that once you have watched it, you understand what happens and know what happens so going back over it becomes too much. I know people who have such an obsession over it they watch it a few times a week, it's such a long movie as well and I feel that is what puts me off watching it so much.
  20. I wouldn't say they are dying if I am honest but I would say they are struggling. I have found over the years that many people would rather be in one place over being in numerous different places for different things. With Facebook you have communities, games, family, friends and everything all in one place, many people would rather be in the communities on Facebook than go to a forum away from there. I myself still prefer the forum experience, I feel communities are a lot more positive and close knit with forums whereas Facebook you can't really get a close knit community as there are millions using Facebook.
  21. I much prefer forums over blogs if I am honest and I think the main reason for that is because I prefer the whole way forums work. With forums you can grow a community and make friends whereas with something like a blog you don't have that ability I don't feel because of how they are laid out. I have posted on a few forums and blogs and each time I always find myself going back to forums for the community. You can also customize a forum a lot more as well both as the user and as the owner and I love that.
  22. I never drink enough water! I am always told by people I really need to drink more water but I never do and end up drinking tea or something instead. I guess the reason I do not drink a lot of water is because I am not overly keen on the taste. I find water has a metallic taste rather than any actual flavour. If I do drink water I will usually go for flavoured water over just plain but then I don't know if that would have the same benefits as just plain water.
  23. Music is something that gets me through the day every day. My motivation comes from me listening to music so I always listen to it whether it's through my stereo, through bluetooth on my stereo or through my PC I have some kind of music on. My favourite way to listen to music though is using Bluetooth through my stereo. I can listen to all kinds of music from my phone and have it pulled into my stereo which I love!
  24. I have been to so many concerts over the years but the ones I remember the most are ones I went to when I saw Barry Manilow and when I saw 5ive. I also remember going to see Billie Piper, Bomfunk MC's, A1 and many more. The one I went to see the most though was Barry Manilow, I saw him around 10 times from about the age of 5 up until the age of 16 which was the last time I saw him in concert. I would love to go see Luke Bryan, Chris Young or Nickelback in concert, maybe one day!
  25. Kane Brown is a new one for me if I am honest! I can't say I have heard of that Country artist but I will definitely be checking that one out. At the moment I have one song that I heard on a Country Music radio station over here in the UK that I can not stop listening to at all! The song is by Florida Georgia Line and it's called Simple. It's such an up beat song and really does get me in the mood to want to do things. I would definitely recommend to listen to it if you are a Country music fan!
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