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    Candy Crush

    I remember when it first came out it was like a huge craze! Everyone was playing it on Facebook through either PC or their mobile phone and I remember getting tons of invites to the game back then. I became addicted to it for a while but after a while the addiction died down and I ended up not bothering with it anymore and barely ever get invites for it anymore. I know my Mum and my Grandma still play it every so often but even with them, it soon died down and they stopped playing as much.
  2. I only got a switch myself a few weeks ago and so far I only have two games for it both of which I enjoy playing but I would love more. The two games I am looking at are Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Pokemon Let's Go and I have a funny feeling that Pokemon Let's Go may be the game I enjoy the most and will call my favourite. Every person I have seen playing Pokemon Let's Go either on streams or just a friend playing has said how addictive the game is and if it's anything close to Pokemon Go I was addicted to that for a while so I don't see a change with Pokemon Let's Go.
  3. My son owns a PS Vita and he just recently found it again having misplaced it for a good while. He seems really happy with the console himself and loves to play on it whenever he feels like a change from his Xbox One and does keep saying about how he would love more games for it. It definitely seems like it was one of their better handhelds and I always say it's a shame they didn't support it more than they did. I can only imagine what could have come out of the Vita had they continued the support longer than they did!
  4. My first ever Playstation Console was the Playstation 1, well I say my first ever, it was actually both my brother's first Playstation Console and I used to play on it a lot. I remember I would take over it the Christmas they got it and I would play Crash Bandicoot. I remember I was addicted to the racing Crash Bandicoot (name escapes me right now) and I used to annoy them by taking over it for a little while as well! Playstation I will admit is not my favourite console though and now that Crash Bandicoot is available on Xbox One, I don't always bother to use my Playstation 4.
  5. One of the oldest games I remember that I still play because it's available on Xbox One is Alex The Kidd. I loved this game as a kid when we got the Sega Master System and spent hours trying to complete it with my cousin. Going back through it on the Xbox One brings back a lot of memories, however, I find that I struggle more now on it than I did as a kid! Not sure if that is just something that happens or not as you get older but I am lucky to get past the first part sometimes!
  6. Whenever I play an FPS I always look at how the game is as a whole and how the community is. I hate to play an FPS that is somewhat a mess in terms of playing to the point of where other players seem to always have the advantage over on you and you really don't stand a chance. Something like Overwatch is perfect! It's balanced enough that every player has a fair advantage. I feel Call of Duty has not quite got the balance right at least that is one game I can think of right now that has that case.
  7. There have been so many rumors going around about a GTA 6, however, as of yet Rockstar have not given any hints or even let anything slip that there may be something. I don't personally feel myself that they have finished with GTA V and because of how much that game made them and how popular it became, there is no way they will not release another. Rockstar it seems are one of the more wiser game developers, they wait years up on years between new releases of their games and rightfully so. Anything that didn't quite work out in the previous game they give themselves chance to fix and change ready to bring out an even better game the next time. If GTA 6 is in the works I would imagine the online aspect of GTA will be their main priority and giving their players more in the online world than they gave them prior.
  8. Thinking back to all the gaming sessions I have had I can honestly say I have never actually rage quit at a game. I have walked away for a while and gone back after a few hours to try again because I usually feel more determined to beat that actual part of the game rather than completely rage quit at it. I have had times in games such as online multiplayer games were I have raged at the game but again, I usually feel more determined to want to do better at the game rather than fully rage quit the game.
  9. Violent video games never really seemed to bother me if I am honest even as I was growing up I never got squeamish or anything at the sight of the violent parts of the game. I remember once playing the game SAW quite a few years ago now and remembering back the movie and how much gore there was in that game I was very worried about playing it, thinking I would panic or become squeamish. I played through it, completed it 100% and didn't find it half as scary or squeamish as the movie itself.
  10. That is an amazing price for such a new game. I myself managed to grab that game on the Xbox Game pass which also offers me 100's of other games for one low monthly price and I was playing it for days and days before I moved over to a newer game. I would love to go back to the game though as it really is a game you can chill with and just relax with. If you haven't picked up Forza Horizon 4 yet this price is an amazing price and I would definitely recommend the game!
  11. Barricading myself in somewhere like a huge shopping store would definitely be an idea I would have, especially if it was a store that cooks their own foods like chicken and such because then you would have the ability to cook food as well as also have access to as much food, toiletries and such as possible. I guess if I could get in a shopping store near numerous other stores within short walking distance that would be amazing as well as I would have access to a lot more than just what is in a store, my only worry would be how I would get to and from safely. I guess if the store I barricaded myself into had DIY products I would be able to grab things to use against the zombies and be safe going from one place to another.
  12. I can't say I have ever been arrested, no. I have in the past been cautioned by the police but it was always for something stupid and really just a warning or I would have been escorted home because I was out later than I should have been but it was never anything so serious that they had to take me in. I remember I would have friends who would think it was cool to get arrested at a young age but to be fair I never saw the appeal and would rather have stayed out of serious trouble if I could rather than get into a lot of trouble and end up arrested. I never saw it as being cool either.
  13. My username has been with me since I was around 14/15 years old in senior school. A group of friends were going around giving each of us usernames and Shortie was the one that came up for me. When I asked my friends why they chose that particular name and not something else their words were "Because one you really are short and two you are cute!" They put both the short (I am 5ft 1 so was a lot shorter then and one of the shortest in my group of friends) and the cute and gave me the name of Shortie. It's stuck ever since right into my forum, gaming and even streaming and now I wouldn't be without it!
  14. At the age of 18 where I live in the UK by that age the child has been out of school for two years and has probably either been in college for two years or has been in work for two years so yes, I do believe that by the age of 18 that person can make it as long as they strive to make it by doing what they can to make sure they make it. Would I kick my children out at the age of 18 years old? No! I would rather see them succeed and build their way to a secure life rather than see them out there struggling. We all know that it takes a while to get to where we are today and it's a lot harder now. Can they make it? Yes! Do they need help doing so? Definitely!
  15. I would personally have to go with Coca Cola over Pepsi. Whenever I feel like a drink such as Cola I always opt for Coca Cola if I can and will only go for Pepsi if that is all they have on offer. Pepsi I feel has a different kind of taste to coca cola, I wouldn't say it's one I can not stomach but it's one that I am not overly keen on and would rather drink every so often rather than all the time. With Coca Cola I tend to drink a can or a bottle at least once a week and how it tastes I like. Everyone has their own opinion though and everyone's taste buds are different so each to their own is how I see it!
  16. I have heard of Facebook Gaming but haven't tried it if I am honest. I opted for Mixer myself to live stream and I am happy with where I am now and wouldn't dream of moving over to any other platform to stream. Facebook I feel is more of a social place rather than a gaming streaming place and as much as it may be popular for some, I feel a site such as Mixer or Twitch with the main focus being streaming and a community behind streaming is a lot better than Facebook which seems to just have everything thrown in.
  17. I don't mind either way if I am honest, I guess it depends on the sport and whether I have an interest in playing and watching or just watching. With sports such as snooker and tennis I have always been a fan of these and always enjoyed both playing and watching them whenever I get a chance. I remember when I was younger I used to be in an after school tennis club and I used to love being part of that. Tennis was something I played for years after being part of that after school club and I really enjoyed it! Other sports such as football, hockey and such I don't really enjoy playing but I love to watch them.
  18. For me there are a few different things that can be a turn off for me. The way they laugh especially if it sounds obnoxious, their attitude towards me and how they treat me as a person, their hygiene including how clean they are as a person and within their surroundings (you can always tell when someone has bad hygiene and that is a huge turn off for me) whether or not they have manners and if they know how to use them, someone who doesn't use manners or seems pretty rude is a huge turn off for me. Also someone who sneezes or coughs without putting their hand over their mouth really puts me off.
  19. Usually after I have completed a game I tend to put the game away and not go back to it for many years if at all. I feel that the amount of time it takes me to complete a game, going back to it I usually have no desire to do unless of course there is more for me to complete after completing the main campaign. For me to spend hours completing a campaign I think brings relief more than "I want to go back and play that all over again!"
  20. At the moment I am currently switching between quite a few games each time I play on my Xbox One. Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Battlefield V, Forza Horizon 4 and Fortnite are all games I have been playing on and off over the last few months with Call of Duty Black Ops 4 being the most played game at the moment. I always like to have a few games I can alternate between so that I don't get burned out on one game and always have something to move over to.
  21. I know, I know! The newest Call of Duty hasn't been out long and I am already asking what you think the next one will be, but when you think about it the next one will be announced in around 6 months time not giving us much time to speculate before we know what game it will be. I have heard people saying they hope it's Modern Warfare 4 and I have heard others say they hope it's going to be Ghosts 2. I personally never enjoyed Ghosts so Ghosts 2 I am not sure would really work too well but Modern Warfare 3 was a game I really did enjoy so Modern Warfare 4 is definitely a game I would like to see released if at all possible. What game do you think will be released next in the Call of Duty franchise?
  22. Just Dance is something I always buy each year, usually for my kids for Christmas I will pick it up and allow them to open it on Christmas Eve so they can all have fun and play together on it before they sleep on Christmas Eve. This year will be no different for me as I will be picking it up for them for Christmas this year again. I have taken a small look at the playlist for Just Dance 2019 and I must admit, again there are some brilliant songs on there, some of which I feel my children are going to love when they play it over Christmas. What are your thought on the Just Dance games and will you be picking Just Dance 2019 up this festive season or have you already picked it up?
  23. Shortie861

    Hardbass music?

    Hard bass is not the kind of music I can listen to for long periods of time. I can sit and listen to one song of hard bass and then I have to move back to something that is more chilled, and less bass I guess is a good way of putting it. I actually watch a stream on Mixer and one viewer that comes in quite regularly seems to be a huge fan of Russian Hard Bass and tends to request it a whole lot, safe to say I can only tolerate it for so long before I am having to mute once they start requesting that.
  24. I have used both Pandora and Spotify and if I had a choice on which I would rather use, I would rather go for Spotify just because the ads are so much more less on Spotify than they are on Pandora. Sometimes I don't mind paying for Spotify premium but you can't always afford the price they ask to have Spotify premium so knowing that when you can't afford Spotify premium you are not bombarded with ads that is always a bonus. I guess the only thing I would change on Spotify would be how the mobile app works, I found that with the mobile app you can't play a specific song from an album, you can only shuffle and if you only want to listen to one song from that album at that time, it can prove a problem. Other than that I have no issues and will always stick with Spotify.
  25. I no longer play an instrument myself anymore aside from occasionally the keyboard every once in a while. When I was back in school though I used to play a whole range of instruments from keyboard to drums, guitar and violin. Violin was actually one of the instruments I played as part of my final exams before I left school and I absolutely loved playing some of my favourite songs on the violin. My Mum bought me my own violin and it was my Auntie who is a music teacher who also taught me each week on a Monday for some extra tuition. I would love to go back and play the violin, however, I forgot so much now that I would have to start from scratch to learn.
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