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  1. We have had a lot of rainy day's here where I live just recently so much so I am thankful that today we have less rain and it's dried up a little. I find that I am okay with rain as long as I don't have to be anywhere. When it rain's and I have a day where I don't need to be anywhere, I sit in doors, sometimes snuggle up under a duvet and watch movies or even sit around and play games if I have the time. Unfortunately I feel the weather isn't always on my side and a lot of the time I end up stuck going out in the rain rather than being able to stay in and relax.
  2. My native language is English and I am still to this day English. I have learned other languages such as German, French and some Spanish but never really needed them and only really knew the basics. German was something I learned in school, French was something I learned from family as I have French family and Spanish was something I learned myself because I wanted to and because I had a friend who would periodically speak Spanish to me because I couldn't understand it at first.
  3. I can't say that I eat pizza all that often but because I don't eat it all that often, I find I enjoy it a lot more than I would do if I did eat it all the time. I think if I remember back correctly the last time I had pizza was around 3 weeks ago and I haven't had pizza since. I always enjoy a seafood pizza (tuna, prawns, cheese, tomato, onions and peppers) whenever I go for a pizza and if I fancy a change, pepperoni is also my go to. I have never tried dominoes but so many people tell me to try it. One day I will but for the moment, the place I get mine from is amazing and affordable for me!
  4. Christmas is definitely losing it's magic without a doubt. I hate to say it but Christmas now is about how much money the companies can make rather than Christmas Spirit. Christmas sometimes can be seen in the shops from the end of August before the Halloween decorations even hit the shops and it really is all about the money. I think if Christmas was to hit the shops a little later and shops were less about the money and more about the Christmas Spirit more people would feel like it's Christmas rather than going around not even realizing that Christmas is right around the corner. I myself right now don't even feel like it's Christmas and I really feel it's because of how long it's in our faces for.
  5. The way technology is progressing at the moment I will be shocked if we don't see something like robots in the near future. It's really difficult to be able to pin point I guess what we will see in the near future but it's interesting to see what will come out of the future. Some of the things I am seeing now invented are just amazing and mind blowing, just the other day I saw on Facebook a plan that detaches from the cockpit in an emergency and parachutes are deployed so the plane can safely be landed without fail, that is amazing and will be able to save so many lives!
  6. I am someone who doesn't tend to dream all that often. Many people say I am weird because I don't really dream or if I do, I never remember them. I have friends though who dream and a lot of the time it's about video games but they tend to play a lot of video games and I guess if you play enough, it will play on your mind a lot and when you shut off it will become a dream. I don't tend to game as much as I used to anymore which could be why video game dreams and not a thing. Personally I feel that I don't shut right off when I sleep, not enough to go into a deep sleep to have a dream anyway.
  7. Sex in video games is not something I am against but at the same time it's each to their own. I feel that if the game has the right age rating for what is in the game and takes into account the sex scenes and there is a clear visible warning on the game case itself or even on the game that there are scenes of a sexual nature then I don't see anything wrong with it. I guess the only time it would become a huge problem is if someone to walk in on that particular scene and you having to explain it to that person with them laughing and making a joke.
  8. When I go to pick up a game, I look at the story line. I always love a game with a great story line, without one I feel I lose interest too easily. Graphics are not a main factor for me, graphics can be amazing but the game be terrible and I have been burned on games before going for them because of graphics rather than storyline or even game play. Reviews are also something I look into as well before making a purchase. If they end up being really bad I tend to not bother but if they have a mix of good and bad reviews I tend to take the chance based on how interesting the story seems.
  9. I know some things about building my own PC but there are other aspects of it that I still haven't quite got the hang of and still need to work more on those things. I would love to be able to fully build a PC and be able to say "I built this" and be proud of it. The PC I have right now is one I had built for me which is under a 3 year warranty and so far I am really pleased with it and wouldn't change it. Being able to fully build my own PC though is a goal I have and hopefully will one day be something I accomplish.
  10. I can honestly say that I game a lot less now than what I did when I was a kid. Since having children of my own and other in real life commitments coming forward as well I find I have less time now to game than I ever did when I was younger. There are days I would love to sit and game and shut off for a while but so much comes forward that is needed to be done, by the time I have completed what I needed to do there was not enough time for me to game. I am lucky to get 3 - 4 hours in sometimes but it's nice when I manage to.
  11. I remember I was around 3 - 4 years old when I first started gaming. It was my Dad who got me into gaming one day. I remember seeing my Dad playing a game and became interested and allowed me to play for a little and I became hooked. It was after that we got a Sega Master System and I became hooked on gaming and now I game daily on many games and love it. I couldn't be without gaming now at all and find it gets me through a lot, especially my tough times.
  12. I can't remember the last time I actually saw a cheater in a game, however, I do believe in every game somewhere along the lines you will get a cheater in every game at some point. Not all games will have cheaters I understand but the majority of older games will have these cheating issues. I personally would never dream of cheating in a video game, it ruins the games for others and if it's a game that you love it runs you off it because of the cheating.
  13. Has to be the Playstation 4 if I am honest. I purchased the Playstation 4 around 4 years ago now and as it stands right now, it's barely ever turned on because we would all rather use the Xbox One over the Playstation 4. The only reason I really ever turned on my PS4 was because of Crash Bandicoot and Lego Harry Potter and they are all now available on Xbox One so there really is no point unless there is a game that is an exclusive for Playstation.
  14. I would have to say that one artist and song that springs to mind that I believe will take the test of time and still be popular in 2030 and that is Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You. Even after a few years now that it's been released it is still a song that is very popular and I feel will be popular for a lot of years to come. It's one of those songs that is up tempo, catchy and a song that gets stuck in your head, there is no way that song will just get forgotten.
  15. I would say a younger me wouldn't be disappointed but a younger me may wish that I was making more changes so that I can succeed in what I am wanting to succeed in. As it stands right now I think a younger me would say I am too nice to so many people and that me putting myself first more would benefit me more to succeed and get to where I want to be. I am in the process of making changes myself and would hope that younger me would be proud of that when I finally make those changes and start to succeed.
  16. When I am at home I usually watch TV shows or movies using Netflix or Now TV which I find are perfect for having many movies for me to watch. Just recently on Now TV (Sky Cinema) I have watched School of Rock, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Polar Express, Home Alone 2, Home Alone Holiday Heist and having it until the end of January there are so many more movies I can watch as well making it well worth the money I paid for it.
  17. For me, the worst movie of all time that I watched was Bad Lieutenant with Nicolas Cage. I remember being excited to watch this movie and it got to one night where I had the time and decided to take the time and watch it and after the movie was finished my first thoughts were "I wasted 2 hours of my life watching that!" The movie was so repetitive and never really had a story to it that could keep me interested or hooked. Safe to say I have never watched that movie again.
  18. I have watched movies that also have books and I guess with The Walking Dead you could say the same thing with TV shows only that was a comic. The movies I have watched with books are the Harry Potter movies. I find it fascinating that the books and the movies are so different and when reading the books and watching the movies you get a different perspective with each book and movie. I was never disappointed with either the movies or the books from Harry Potter.
  19. I am sorry but how cute is Simba! I am super excited for this movie without a doubt! I remember when Lion King was first released, it was the first time I had ever been to the cinema and me and my brothers all were taken to the cinema as a treat to watch the first ever Lion King and I loved it. Even to this day The Lion King is one of my most favourite Disney films ever! Being that I am older now and they are releasing it again with graphics like this I am just as excited as I was when I was a kid if not more so! I will definitely be going and watching this next year.
  20. Yes! I have watched quite a few TV shows that make me worried about ever visiting them because what you see in them actually does happen in these places. For example, the Chicago shows I watch (Chicago Fire and Med) they really try and stick to how life really is in Chicago with gangs, shootings and such and seeing all that really does make me worried about ever wanting to visit there even though I have said in the past I would love to visit there. I love how TV shows like to show the true life of a place they film in but I hate how scary it can be seeing how bad things are.
  21. I saw this announced over the weekend. I have never watched the show myself, however, I have friends who do watch the show and some of them are pretty gutted it's been cancelled. I understand that the show was declining and not as interesting as previous seasons had been. I guess when a TV show ends up becoming less interesting over time, you know it's time to cancel. With every cancelled show comes a new fresh show though is the way I always see it.
  22. I can't say myself that I have ever tried to sell anything through steam, to be fair I didn't even know it was a thing until I saw this thread. That is pretty cool actually! All too often we get times where we receive in game items we do not need and they end up just sitting not being used for the longest time. With the ability to sell them you are giving someone else the ability to grab an item they need and receiving funds to get something you need so it's a win for everyone.
  23. I remember way back when I was younger my Dad used to have a computer that played games but the games were on a cassette tape (the name escapes me as to what the computer was called) after that my cousin got me and my brothers into games such as Alex The Kidd, Sonic The Hedgehog and eventually Super Mario World and slowly I grew to be a very big gamer who now after over 29 years loves to play video games daily without fail. So I guess you could say because of my Dad and my cousin that is why I am the gamer I am now.
  24. I personally myself would definitely recommend the Xbox One X. It seems to be a lot more stable than the PS4 Pro and also with the recent hacks that Sony and Playstation seem to have gone through and also the constant outages they have as well, it definitely seems like Xbox and Microsoft are the more stable company to go with for a lot more reasons other than just the 4K aspect of things.
  25. I remember Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was a game I spent around 9 months on straight playing around 6 - 8 hours a day back when it was released. Did it ruin my life? No. It was something I did that helped me at my most difficult times especially when I was playing with friends during that time. I believe the whole worry with kids playing Fortnite for as long as they do is because of how the game makes kids. Rage is high with a game like Fortnite so with them spending time on a game like Fortnite say for around 12 hours with that rage added on, it can sometimes feel like too much.
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