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  1. Had some fun playing Rocket League. I haven't played it in almost 6 months.
  2. Same - Nowadays I probably eat it once or twice a month.
  3. You probably don't eat as much as me then. I swear my stomach is some kind of blackhole or something because I'm usually always hungry within an hour or two of eating heavy meals.
  4. My life has been up and down in the past year. Everyday it's something else lol
  5. Nowadays, I tend to stay away from events like this as there are always fights breaking out and all kinds of drama taking place.
  6. First in a long while I've played some DMC 5 and it felt great to be back. Also was playing some Metroid Fusion - man it's been so long! I think it's probably my favorite Metroid game out of the lot.
  7. Funny enough, I only found this out when I had just sold my WII. In my opinion, I think the WII and WII U were way ahead of their time in terms of what they were trying to implement. It's the execution that was extremely poor by Nintendo.
  8. I must be fortunate because I've had mine for over a year and still haven't experienced this. Hopefully, I didn't just jinx myself and mine starts acting up...
  9. I currently have both and depending on my mood, it's either one or the other. They're both fantastic handheld devices.
  10. I mean, if I'm being honest, this device isn't worth anywhere near the asking price that Sony has set. $200? For what? You can already stream games using Steam and there's also Playstation Plus which has a similar feature making this device redundant.
  11. I think we're more likely to see a remake of the this series and it's a shame too as I always felt it was an underrated series. The abilities were very versatile and also looked cool.
  12. I agree with @The Blackangel. The PS2 is my favorite design and I also didn't like the PS3's design either. It always looked like some kind of portable AC unit.
  13. Xtreme series Tony Hawk series Jet Moto series Driver series Wipeout series Manhunt (probably never going to happen) Twisted Metal
  14. I'm definitely going have to locate my old PS1 memory card because I didn't know this was possible. Well, it's more like I never really looked into it.
  15. I do agree that changes need to be made behind the scenes because releasing the same generic crap every year isn't doing the series any favors. Even their most loyal fanboys are starting to despise COD.
  16. Same here - Tekken 8 is a more fun game to play than MK1 and Street Fighter 6. I don't think I've ever felt that way about any previous Tekken games. MK1 is a pretty good game as well but I find the community to be so toxic.
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