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  1. That was sometime ago and they've been running around with her. They come to look for me at times.
  2. It depends on the price of what you're buying. If it's items of over $1000, I'd take the 30% on anything. However, if they're around $500 and under, it's $200 of everything.
  3. RIP to your cousins and the last time I had a meltdown was when my dad died because of how I couldn't speak to him just before because he had Covid and cancer and was on life support.
  4. Typically after. There's no real benefit to do it before because all the food will be stuck on and between your teeth after eating so it's best to do it after eating.
  5. If I'm wrong, I'll definitely apologize. It's not like any of us are perfect. Making mistakes is apart of us and learning from them is what makes you become a better person.
  6. The Hating Game (2021) - 7.5/10
  7. Just like @Ravenfreak, I was watching the first Fallout episode a few hours ago. I think I'm going to binge watch the rest of the episodes on Wednesday. That way I can enjoy it more. Cooper Howard is a character I quite like already.
  8. I mean, I've played the games before and I do play Fallout 4 quite often but I've just watched the first episode a few hours ago and I really loved it. I'm sure that we've had this conversation long before this series launched that the Fallout universe would make for an interesting series and we were right.
  9. Played some Dying light 2 with a couple of friends - was so much fun to kick them off the roof and into the hordes of zombies so that I could escape.
  10. We all know some animal or plant names could use a makeover. Which ones do you think deserve a new title? Whether it's because of misleading names, cultural sensitivity, or just for fun, give us your views. I'll start: A Sperm Whale - first of all, it doesn't look like semen, it's not even the same color! The name has never made sense to me - I must be blind like Stevie Wonder but I can't see why anyone would name it that.
  11. If your life had a narrator, who would you choose and why? Would Morgan Freeman's velvety voice add gravitas to your mundane moments, or maybe David Attenborough could make your daily commute sound like a wildlife expedition? Let's have some fun with this one!
  12. I felt like I haven't asked any really controversial questions in a while so here's one. Imagine a scenario where ethics were thrown out the window for the greater good. What unethical experiment, if successful, could potentially revolutionize society for the better? Let's brainstorm and debate the potential consequences and benefits. From genetic manipulation to extreme social engineering, what's your take?
  13. Have you ever participated in a game's beta testing phase? Whether it's hunting bugs, exploring new features, or simply getting a sneak peek, share your stories, highs, lows, and memorable moments below.
  14. Hey VGR! I've always been intrigued by the creativity of fan communities when it comes to mods and fan games. What's your take on them? Do you love diving into fan-created worlds, or do you prefer sticking to official content?
  15. Let's talk about the highs and lows of online gaming communities. What's one thing you absolutely love and can't get enough of? On the flip side, what's that one aspect that grinds your gears or leaves a bitter taste in your mouth? Whether it's the camaraderie, competitive spirit, or toxicity, let's hear it all. Remember, keep it civil and let's have a constructive discussion.
  16. Have you observed any uplifting changes lately? Whether it's increased inclusivity, more supportive communities, or innovative initiatives, share your findings here. Sometimes we place too much emphasis on the negative parts of the gaming culture and don't praise the positive parts enough.
  17. What's the first game that stole your heart and got you hooked on gaming? Was it a classic like Super Mario Bros., or perhaps a hidden gem that holds a special place in your heart. Share your first gaming love and let's reminisce about those unforgettable moments
  18. Honestly, I'd take my chances with Mount Everest. If you get into difficulties under the deep sea, you're more or less screwed. Yes, Mount Everest has its own set of challenges but you may have a slim chance of getting help or surviving long enough to get rescued. God knows what you'll even encounter down there lol.
  19. To be fair, you're not going to survive a suddenly active volcano either. Between the toxic fumes and incredible heat, you'll die quickly.
  20. I agree. I love team sports - soccer, basketball, hockey - you name it. I mean, I do love the X-games with the skaters and BMX riders competing as solos but I love team sports even more.
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