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  1. Not really surprised that happened as Microsoft has been laying off people left and right over the past year or so. I wouldn't say this is a good or bad thing because Activision has needed the revamp in staff as the recent harassment scandal brought a lot of issues to light in terms of the culture.
  2. From what I heard of early Skull and Bones beta reviews, the game is a massive disappointment. I know that @Shagger was also looking forward to this game. Doesn't surprise me as Ubisoft has been doing everything in their power to drive away the players.
  3. To be honest, I've played most of these games at one point and one or two of them, I still play to this day such as GTA V.
  4. I don't think there will be another Deus Ex game and that sucks as I'm a huge fan of the series. If they've fired the staff, it means the remaining workers are going to absorbed into the new company.
  5. That's fantastic news! As a fan of Silent Hill, I'll have to go try this game out for myself. Also, congratulations to Konami for finally doing something smart for once.
  6. I'm low-key excited as I've been looking forward to an action-espionage game from Kojima for years. I just hope it's nothing where the story is too complicated like Death Stranding.
  7. I'd have to see the quality of those games before I ever get excited for games like this. I mean, most TV series/shows tend to flop as videogames as the company making it doesn't full understand the concept of said TV series.
  8. I'd take it with a grain of salt but it does make a lot of sense because Sony has also gone down this route with their exclusives being on PC as well. Games like God Of War are now available to play on Steam.
  9. I'm pretty neutral about this game. Yes, Jedi Fallen Order was decent but being that Respawn are under EA's ownership, this could either be a half-decent game or another cashgrab.
  10. I'm still confused by this whole fiasco because these rumors had not come from reliable source. It was all hearsay and if you think about it, why would Xbox shelve their consoles? They make a lot of money selling them and from things like the Xbox subscription.
  11. To be fair, I'm one of those people who've stopped playing Fifa years ago because it's more or less the same game from 2016 but refined a bit every year. The worst part is when they try to reintroduce features from previous games as "revolutionary".
  12. I've disassociated from most of those communities as I cannot be bothered with the cult-like behavior.
  13. There's always that one fanatic that will pay anything for a rare collectible of the series they adore and don't care about the long-term consequences. Then, those are same ones who turn around and complain about the prices. Absolute insanity!
  14. I was just throwing a bit of banter. I'm not sure why Fortnite players get so offended by that statement though - I've heard that from someone about almost every game I've ever played and I'm unfazed.
  15. Which shows that social media has done a lot of good for some gamers as it's allowed them to earn from doing what they love the most.
  16. They're both interconnected as sharpening your memory tends to help your thought process. They're not the same thing though. It's somewhat muddled because crossword puzzles depend primarily on memory of certain words. Other types of puzzle games tend to refine your thinking process.
  17. I think it was I who mentioned him in another post. His content is both hilarious and sometimes gets a bit bizarre.
  18. I like your Halo kart racer concept. Here are some others I think that should do one: Devil May Cry Persona Tekken
  19. You're right - remember Sonic schoolhouse? I have never owned or played the game but the fact that SEGA would make an educational game featuring Sonic is incredibly bizarre.
  20. Not at all. I do like their list. I'm glad that Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition made it because that was such an underrated Need For Speed Underground competitor that had way more customization options for cars.
  21. I agree and the actor would have to be able to translate Link's personality and mannerisms to a Live-action movie. Honestly, I think I can name only two or three live action movies that were actually above average.
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