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  1. 2 hours ago, killamch89 said:

    Honestly, this is the first COD that I've not had any interest in checking out at all and I was right not to pay it any mind. All I've been hearing from COD fans is how terrible this game is - even some of their fanboys have had enough.

    Microsoft really need to do something drastic with the next game they are going to produce on the COD franchise. They need to rip apart the production team and have most of them replaced with those who know what to do, otherwise the COD franchise will be killed off sooner than we know it. 

  2. 2 hours ago, killamch89 said:

    I'm going to be honest, this is news to me but why would I? I already watch streams on YouTube, Twitch and Rumble to name a few. I'm not interested at all.

    This was the exact same reason why I didn't feel compelled to use the service because I've had so many better option which gave me more what I even asked for. So, it's just something which never held any ground for me. 

  3. 2 hours ago, killamch89 said:

    Not much of a surprise really. Baldur's Gate more or less swept almost every category it got nominated for.

    Yeah, that's very correct. There wasn't any questions on whether Baldur's Gate 3 deserved being the best because it was a very clear cut race ahead for the game. It was like last two years ago when Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok had it very close. 

  4. 3 hours ago, killamch89 said:

    I swear that game developers/publishers do so many stupid things in the videogame industry and agreeing to stupid licenses is one of them.

    Seriously, it's a very poor decision making because agreeing to such a contract which they're aware will bring their game to a halt at one point is foolishness. Just like that, the game is off the market when it would have still be selling. 

  5. 2 hours ago, killamch89 said:

    I used G2A for like one month in 2016 and I haven't touched it since. The keys there are usually obtained by scammers using stolen credit cards that then sell you the unsuspecting person that key. At some point, there'll be a chargeback on the credit card and that key will become null and void.

    I keep wondering why the site is still up even till date when there's so much reasons for it to be shutdown based on illegal activities? Those who are still making use of G2A are taking serious risk. 

  6. On 12/7/2023 at 9:55 PM, Dismal_Bliss said:

    I just clicked on the website. I had never heard of the Gaming Awards before.

    There are quite a few categories. I was hoping to vote but voting is closed. 

    Any predictions?

    I was looking forward to voting for Hogwarts Legacy but it never made the voting poll, I had to vote for Spiderman but Baldur's Gate 3 ended up winning the best game of the year. 

  7. On 2/13/2024 at 1:36 AM, killamch89 said:

    Actually, I heard it was some licensing issue when it came to music. I've never understood why music licenses and other things for game weren't permanent.

    You're very correct. I had to look that up and found out the same thing as the licenses being talked about have to do with the game’s music. During the The Line’s menu screen, Jimi Hendrix’s rendition of The Star Spangled Banner are all part of it while the game’s soundtrack like Martha and The Vandellas- Nowhere to Run all had the licenses expired. 

  8. Even game developers knows the impact of having good graphics in their games today. It's why they are now using improved engines like Unreal Engine 5 and so many other sophisticated alternatives to develop their games. Personally, I appreciate games with good graphics too the same way I love good story in games. 

  9. On 10/7/2023 at 5:02 PM, Reverie said:

    I don't think it takes away from storyline. Destiny has a wonderful multiplayer portion, but they have told a great story in my opinion. Even Call of Duty has a storyline, now have I really ever played the campaign.... no, but I like the idea of the story they have. xD 

    I was definitely going to mention Destiny because it's one multiplayer game that have given so much in making gamers have a real feel of what playing multiplayer games is all about. As for COD, I have been trying to revoke my interest in playing the game. 

  10. On 2/9/2024 at 7:45 PM, killamch89 said:

    It's too bad the game was delisted from Steam and other marketplaces because some people will never get to experience this gem of a game first-hand.

    Even though I know it's as a result of sales and marketing purposes which the game wasn't meeting up with target but I refuse to understand it. If some gamers will still buy the game, what's the essence of delisting it? 

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