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  1. How good are you when it comes to solving crossword puzzles? This is something that I am very good at when I was still a kid because my father made it a point of duty that I get good at solving puzzles. I picked it as a hobby and I believe that I was very good at it. It is something that I still enjoy doing now whenever I have the time because it is a tactical way to enjoy myself. Do you enjoy solving crossword puzzles?
  2. Traveling by plane is my favorite means of transportation because it is so convenient and very fast. Even though it is very expensive, it is something that I really enjoy doing. Some people find it very difficult to travel by plane because they are afraid of heights or they can't find it easy to afford paying for a flight ticket. When was the last time you traveled by plane?
  3. When you are interested in choosing a woman to get married to or someone to be in a relationship with, what usually is your preference when it comes to making your choice? Are you the kind of person that goes for intelligence or someone that is more interested in looks when choosing your woman?
  4. Being a popular influencer means that you have power of the crowd as you are going to have millions of people following your channels online. They are going to be like your own army whenever there is something you want to stress for the world to see or know. A powerful politician is someone who holds an office where he has the power to rule. If you are presented with the choice of being one of them, which one are you going to choose?
  5. When you are presented with the opportunity of having a lot of fortune which is wealth and being famous that the whole world is going to know who you are, which one will you be interested in choosing between both of them? Would it be fame or fortune for you?
  6. This is why I try as much as possible to avoid being involved in such gaming communities because there is no way I wouldn't get aggravated by whatever they are going to do in such community which is going to affect my happiness.
  7. I still have plans on meeting my gaming friend from Top Eleven Football Manager who's in Netherlands. He's the biggest friend I've made from playing video games.
  8. Some video games can be very frustrating with the gameplay. This is why when you're trying to use video games as a therapy, to choose games that wouldn't add too much pressure on you because it's going make matters worse.
  9. It's the same size of bed that I have in my bedroom but that's not the problem for me because what's my biggest issue is that my body feels too hot. Whenever I lay in bed, my body heats up to the extent I wouldn't feel comfortable!
  10. That sounds great! As long as they are clean, it's all that matters. I have seen some towel which people use and they are not clean. I've been to hotel once where their towel isn't that neat. I never used the hotel again.
  11. What do you have to say to say about the character of Batman not being able to kill? I think taking away that power from Batman makes him appear weak to some extent.
  12. I did that one but it wasn't because I was going through any serious personally stuff but I was trying to blend into an awkward environment I found myself in at the time. I needed to look like a mean psychopath at that time which was roughly 3 months. I never did that again after I was out from there.
  13. Unfortunately, collecting isn't easy because if it were easy, a lot of people are going to be into it. If not for anything else, it's going to be for being able to make more money off selling them later.
  14. My mother will tell you to come and swallow her whole since your stomach doesn't get full 😂.. I laugh so hard whenever she say that with the kind of face she makes.
  15. This is what a lot of people are facing as a serious challenge in rented apartment in my country today because their bathroom are usually very small and there is nothing like bathtub in it. They just manage small space where they are going to stand and take their shower most of the time.
  16. I might actually consider doing that as well but that is only going to be when it is no longer convenient for me to do the dishes by myself then I will upgrade.
  17. It is a very serious stupidity on their part to engage in something like that because no one is paying you money for getting yourself hurt in that manner and they were actively doing it on daily basis. People are just mad online.
  18. Damn! Imagine someone dying as a result of wrong medication. It's horrible!! This is why making sure to use a hospital that knows what they are doing because millions of people die everyday as a result of bad medication.
  19. Thomas Tuchel ended up rejecting the Manchester United job. They approached him but he told them he's not interested which was big blow in their plans. They have decided to stick with Ten Hag.
  20. You are absolutely right with that assessment because what happened with them last season in their Bundesliga was shocking. I personally expected them to win their last match but unfortunately they didn't have the mentality to do so and that was exactly what happened to them against Real Madrid.
  21. I'm currently listening to Burna Boy - Tshwala Bam ft. Omah Lay, Victony, TitoM & Yuppe right now.
  22. Jordan Adetunji - KEHLANI holds up so much for me. I can't get enough of it all day long.
  23. I love Central Cee - Closer so much. I've been playing the song for weeks now.
  24. Heatman

    1 word song titles

  25. Civil War 2024 was the last movie I watched. If you haven't seen the movie, you're missing out on a huge banger!!
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