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  1. Are you being serious about that? Battlefield 2042, really?
  2. I don't understand what you meant by that "the two we're conversing on". Would you be kind enough to explain?
  3. You can't be left when other players are getting the best weapons to aid their battles. If you don't upgrade, you would be vulnerable.
  4. Between PUBG and Fortnite, which one would you consider as the better option when it comes to Battle Royale Games?
  5. No one says no to gold and when you have the character that's capable of turning everything you touch into gold, that's an opportunity I can't pass up.
  6. I never played Battlefield : Bad Company 2 but as for Battlefield V, it was one that I had a very good time playing. Even though it had its letdown, it's still miles better in terms of gameplay.
  7. I was a victim of both games. I never learnt my lesson from what happened to me with Cyberpunk 2077. It was very sad for me to join what's going on with New World now.
  8. I personally call him the Gold man while some people call him The Gold Agent which works for his character. The more you upgrade, the more he turns into gold all over his body.
  9. I never got to play Hell Let Loose even though I had the opportunity to do some last year but I had to pass up the opportunity. Now, I'm looking at getting the game all over again.
  10. Being that you're no longer playing any FIFA games, I know that it's something that's going to be kind of difficult and challenging for you to get into all over again.
  11. It's just like some games that I played years were too difficult for me to complete that I had to drop them and move on. Ghosts 'n Goblins was one that looked like what a demon from hell design with how enemies attack you from all corners.
  12. When you sell what the gamers want, they will never disappoint in rushing for it. It's the same thing with developing incredible games. They buy it like bees are drawn to honey.
  13. We have a lot of collectors in the forum already, so if you ever decide to follow in their footsteps, you have a path line of what to look for in your quest to get them rare old games that's valuable.
  14. What's your favorite among the 18 different tracks that's spread across the 3 continent in the game Burnout 3: Takedown?
  15. That's one advantage of playing only digital games. You don't have to worry about space to pack them and always having to clean them up from time to time.
  16. There was one job that I took some time last two years ago that almost wrecked my life as well as my gaming life too. The pay was that good which was why I accepted it but I had to work from Sunday to Sunday. I had no life for myself except for work. I practically stopped playing games then.
  17. You see that you do therewith your friends taking it to LineApp outside the game would make it possible to still be in constant contact even after the games. It's where I need to expand to.
  18. Between Starcraft movie and the game, which one do you like better? I kinda like the movie more than the game.
  19. Have you seen any gaming company that released games on the two franchise at the same time? It's like asking Rockstar to release GTA 6 and Red Dead Redemption 3 at the same time.
  20. It was among my best video games on Playstation 2 back then. I actually saw a guy playing it the other and I was like how far we have come in gaming.
  21. If you have F1 2021, I don't really think that it would be necessary for you to get F1 2022 because there wouldn't be much changes in the gameplay. They seem to do the same thing EA does with their FIFA games in F1 games.
  22. Anything health issues that's connected with sight is something to be taken very seriously 100%. You can't joke with your sight. If one knows the horrors those that are blind pass through every day of their lives, one would value their sight like their lives depends on it.
  23. I have even laid down when playing but that's mainly when my sleep is calling me so bad and I still pay deaf ear to it. I would force myself to lay down a bit and most of the time, I sleep off playing in that situation.
  24. If you're still playing on your Playstation 2, I believe that there are still F1 games available on the console. The last F1 game that was made for PS2 was Formula One 06. You can have it checked out.
  25. You completely butchered the guy and I get the reason why you had to do that. It's not nice when one tries to make you accept something that you aren't good with but at the same time disagree with your own opinion which is based on your feelings towards something. That's totally wrong. No one knows exactly what's fun to you but you only.
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