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  1. Sounds almost too good to be true. But I wouldn't have posted if not for the sources of the link. Sounds bloody convincing. https://gg.deals/freebie/rumour-free-gta-v-on-epic-games-store-tomorrow/
  2. The deal is available for limited time. The Source: https://www.gog.com/game/obduction
  3. For me, plot is crucial. If I don't feel emotionally invested in the characters and what's happening to them, it's very likely I'm not gonna spend playing longer than 1.5 hours.
  4. I just don't play the games which have loot boxes and microtransactions. And if someone has problem with them, they should avoid playing them and hope those features will die out due to little demand.
  5. Lots of "normies" criticise gamers for "wasting valuable time on a hobby that does not contribute to a personal development/self improving". This might be true, especially with MMORPG (IMHO), but what they do not realise is that they also waste their valuable time on useless stuff. In my opinion, watching sports is the most useless activity which leads to zero personal development. Yet, millions watch football. Why? Because it's fun and they like it. Well, guess what, uncle Jim, I enjoy games and games are not inferior to watching 22 men in shorts chasing a ball.
  6. I think the vast majority understand the harm of modern lifestyle and how important exercising is. But not many really "get" it. I started working out regularly only after I've put so much weight I started having minor heart problems. Only after that I got it "Oh, crap, if I carry on like that, it'll get even worse and I won't be even able to walk without dripping sweat." People "get" it late.
  7. I think it's useless. Who needs yet another RPG in 2019?? I understand if it was tied up to a huge fandom like Game of Thrones , then hell yeah, I'd at least give it a try. But it's not... Can't speak for other people, but I won't be interested in that one, even if George R.R. Martin has something to do with it.
  8. Has nothing to do with bad influence of gaming. Just like most of people, I loose, but don't kill babies. Unstable people hurt others and throw things for any reason, whether it's a game or they heard bad news, or woke up with bad mood.
  9. Source: https://gg.deals/freebie/free-steep/
  10. IsThereAnyDeal is good, but I prefer GG.deals much more. It's pretty much the same, but it has modern design, voucher codes are included in prices by default and historically lowest prices are nicely highlighted so it's easier to spot good deals. I also like how wishlist and price alerts are separate, so you can sync all interesting games from Steam wishlist, but only get notifications for few selected games. Also, you can get notifications only on historical lows (I believe this feature is missing on ITAD). Having said that, ITAD does support more stores and has many advanced functionalities. So it's best to try both sites and see which one fits your needs better.
  11. And how am I supposed to take gaming journalist seriously? After this? When out of all issues with EA they tackled this?
  12. I wish I could, but most of the time I struggle to find the original soundtracks on Spotify which is extremely annoying. :C
  13. Younger me would have conflicting feelings. In one hands, younger me would be happy to see me doing so well in life (especially working from home, she'd piss herself from happiness). On the other hand, she'd also really sad cause I don't like lots of things younger me used to cherish (eg. Im not a cat's person anymore) and things that've happened to my mental health... younger me never used to be disturbed my such things.
  14. Hands down, PC is the supperior gaming experience. But it might not suit everyone. Eg. I work on the computer pretty much every day. My life would've been really miserable if I rested at the same place I work. I like stretching my legs on bed-sofa, playing Persona 5 on my nice big TV.
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