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  1. I feel these games are like having a time machine and escaping into another world for awhile. It's a nice way to have fun and get away from your problems and stresses, while wiping the dust away from everyday life - this is nothing new, people have been escaping into books and movies for years to get away from the mundane.
  2. Innovation and competition will elevate the industry's offerings, and cloud gaming will be a new frontier for these gaming companies as well in the future.
  3. One reason Fortnite is so popular is because unlike most video games on consoles and PCs, this Fortnite Battle Royale is free to download and play - but I have heard kids getting addicted and becoming depressed if they were not allowed to play Fortnite.
  4. This Stadia, is a cloud-based gaming platform that Google is coming out with, and it looks interesting for a streaming solution for playing video games.
  5. It seems like working at these gaming companies would have some great pros - like this video points out about Valve, but I have heard the cons as well, like sometimes these gaming companies making your work a lot of overtime and not paying you for it during crunch-time?
  6. The Star Wars franchise is owned and operated by Disney and its subsidairy Lucas Films - so these games can be hard to make, because you have to be in constant contact with Lucas Films and navagating bureaucracy all the time, and this can be difficult, dealing with the complicated approval process.
  7. This Foresaken game seems like a interesting game - after the earth is nuked, leaving behind a rather desolate place - the human population flees to space, and bounty hunters, mercenaries and thrill-seekers return to earth to gather treasures and settle old scores.
  8. I don't think they can decide which direction to go with this "Half Life 3" game - a lot of project teams working on this game, but every time they work on this game at Valve, and it gets scrapped - it makes it harder to find any momentum after awhile with this game.
  9. I saw a "Days Gone" game advertisement when I walked in the door at Walmart the other day, and it showed a guy sitting by his motorbike and it looked quite interesting. They say that the motorbike contributes to the fascinating survival mechanic in this game, which looks like a strong point for this zombie game. Shooting hordes of zombies sounds very fun as well.
  10. In this Hong Kong Massacre game, you play an ex-cop out for revenge, after his partner was killed by triad gangsters - but it mostly serves a vehicle for your violent shootouts.
  11. I think there are a lot of silver-haired gamers out there, but the benefits of these games would be really good for the mind and body, as we age. So I think these game producers need to keep the older gamers in mind, when they design these games.
  12. I think I would be interested in the multimedia artist jobs that are out there some where, since I like to draw and paint. The multimedia artist is responsible for dreaming, designing, visualizing and creating graphics for video games.
  13. Somewhere that offers low-pressure game play and lots of great scenery comes to mind, not to much action but a place you can chill out mostly - I would pick a game called Journey(2012), it has some great scenery and a few monsters in it, but I could handle that.
  14. I would guess ever since George A. Romero made the movie, "Night of the Living Dead" in 1968, people have gone crazy for this type of thing. These flesh eating and emotionless characters make them fun to shoot at, in video games and movies as well.
  15. Anything with zombies sounds great, and this Zombie Shooter - Death Hospital sounds scary - when entering a mysterious hospital, a diabolical lunatic suddenly captures you and traps you inside the zombie-infested hospital. You get to kill hordes of zombies in this game and solve some puzzles to survive.
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