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Good free games in Steam

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8 hours ago, Jason5 said:

Share few good free games which are available in Steam. If it is old also fine as i don't have good gpu

I seen Path of the Exile on that list of free games. Been a few years since I've played it but it is a decent Diablo clone if you're into games like that. 


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11 hours ago, Empire said:

There are allot 🙂 

And the shocking part that the games the I brought years ago is now free 😞 CSGO is one of the games that I brought back then.



Funny enough, I had gotten it for free years ago so I don't have any buyer's regret.

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Steam is literally loaded with free games. So much so that you would run out of options. You have to filter out your choice and also check for the games which are easy to run. Based on your favorite niche it may vary though. 

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As of this week, even that the game has been around for many years that they just added World Of tanks to steam. Better to be late than never. But I won't be playing WOT through steam.

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