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  1. 167, we got long way to go.
  2. I think Alienware has lost its design and stylish products. I think we can go with iMac rather than checking this out.
  3. Welcome to the forum, glad you joined us.
  4. Sad that LG also has left the mobile sector. I am very sad that Sony withdrew the mobile phone sale in India.
  5. Share few good free games which are available in Steam. If it is old also fine as i don't have good gpu
  6. I do look at affiliates and see how they have designed their website and how it is growing. I have rarely joined affiliate website.
  7. My native language is Tamil. I am from Tamil Nadu, India. I don't know Hindi
  8. I love the fight scenes of Ichigo. When the inner hero comes out, it is a super blast.
  9. So the browser games which depends on flash won't work anymore and we should find an alternative, plus it should be re-programmed?
  10. I will go with Drag me to Hell, it was nice and had a decent story.
  11. I believe GTA is a open world game (if so) then this is the only game i have tried. I haven't checked other games though.
  12. Thank you all for the warm welcome. Nice i joined a wonderful community.
  13. If you want to play 'n' number of games then Android does the job, if you want to play selective and decent games iOS does the job. I own an iPhone but i don't game in it.
  14. I prefer simple, i dislike the lights produced by new PC cases. Decent case with 2 or 3 fans and budget friendly is fine for me.
  15. My first Playstation console is PS2 slim version which i own till date. I love to play Here Comes the Pain smack down game when i am really bored.
  16. Once in 3 months i play old games as my Linux + Zotac 1050 runs older games better
  17. I will be trying Watch Dog 1, Age of Empires 3 :D, i am old time gamer and my pc is old
  18. Black Mirror, Godless, Stranger Things. I haven't used Netflix for a while so nothing much to add.
  19. Greetings everyone, this is Jason from India. I am a noob gamer, forum owner and Techie. Nice to be part of this cool and wonderful forum.
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