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Favourite horror-survival game?

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Horror-survival games are pretty good to play if you love that kind of stuff. Some popular ones are Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th: The Game. Do you have a favourite horror survival game?

Personally, my favourite one is Dead by Daylight. I'm still a beginner in DBD but not that bad at all.

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I picked up Friday The 13th: The Game without realising it didn't really have much of a single-player component (I don't have PS Plus atm as I'm a bit broke -- when I fancy playing online I just end up booting up the ol' PS3 to get my online fix). Long story short, I was really disappointed with my purchase of F13th The Game. I'm sure it's fun online, though.

Dead By Daylight is supposed to be pretty good. But my favourite horror games of the last few years are more single-player experiences like Resident Evil 7, Outlast, Detention, Lone Survivor, Silent Hill 2 etc. Not sure if those count, though! 🙂

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