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Ayo the Clown

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Looks like a solid 2D platformer. The art looks really good too. The “secret areas everywhere” thing is a bit off-putting, though. Like, am I just gonna have to rub up against every wall and ceiling in the game to determine which are fake? Because the secret areas didn’t appear to have any sort of discoloration or other indication that they were false walls.

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On 7/4/2021 at 6:40 AM, skyfire said:

If you have kids around and if they like 3D games like new nintendo style then maybe this game is something they would love to play. 

Not meant for most of us as it's super niche in it's type of crowd it wants to play. 


Awwh 😍, that's very cool. My 3 years old niece is coming next weekend, so I'm definitely going to be getting this for her and I'm sure she would love it. 

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