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What song always gets you out on the dance floor?

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Is there a particular song where you just cannot resist & you get up & dance? What type of song is it & why does it have that affect on you? Is it more the beat or the lyrics?

While I don’t dance, in public nor in private, there are some 80’s rock songs like Footloose that I like to dance to. For me, it’s more the beat. It’s a catchy tune. Plus, if you’ve ever watched the movie (the original one especially), you’ll already have it in your mind where the people were dancing around.

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I think the ChaCha Slide is one dance that I would be tempted to get on the floor and dance to. It's easy to learn the moves and you don't end up looking drunk or like a fool. Line dances like that are in a group so everyone feels connected in a way.

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