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What’s better, fire or ice?

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9 hours ago, The Blackangel said:

Fire. I can sit and watch it dance all night and all day. Ice just sits there, doing nothing. Temperature wise, being with/around ice is more comfortable, but fire is much more mesmerizing.

Agreed - watching fire is mesmerizing especially when you have a hornet infestation in your yard and you see them all burning. One of the few things I always like to see burn.

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Dry Ice is frozen carbon dioxide. It's mainly used by the shipping industry to ship things that have to be kept cold because it lasts longer than ice, and is cheaper than a refrigeration truck that generates its own freezer. A lot of people use it on Halloween. They put it in a cheap little cauldron and let it flow out over their yards to try to give it a more spooky atmosphere.

Then the next day, the drunk bastards wonder why there are 50 dead birds in their yard and the grass is greener than it has ever been.

Reminds me of my dumbass sperm donor. He used to smoke while putting gas in the car. And every summer he could never figure out why he had no eyebrows and his hairline was receding.


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