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It's been raining all day here. yet still it's booming all over. The thing about the fourth is that people buy so many damn fireworks that takes them over a moth to set all of them off. And I have to listen to this shit literally all night long. It never stops until the tents are down for the year, and people have blown up all their stash. Which usually lasts until the middle of August. So these days I have grown to hate fireworks, and dread the fourth.

But I'll be in KC next weekend for Crypticon, so hopefully it will die down a bit after that.

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On 7/13/2019 at 3:59 PM, DC said:

It's 110 degrees outside where I live so I'm staying in and watching movies, going to the pool later.

I don't blame you at all - it is scorching outside so I don't tend to leave my house in the daytime unless it is urgent business. I had to give a stray cat some water because he fainted in the hot sun right outside my gate but luckily, I was taking out the trash at the time.

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10 hours ago, kingpotato said:

Na, already watched Strangers things and there is nothing else I want to watch, also is freaking hot out there so I'm just staying home for the week

It's true - A wild bird flew onto my shoulder and kept pointing his wing at my water bottle. To be honest, I've never seen a bird drink that much water.

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It’s not as hot here as it is where you guys are, but it’s the humidity that makes it unbearable outside. It’s close to 100 and the humidity is over 90%. For someone like me it’s not possible for me to go out, and survive for long. I start passing out due to heat when it starts getting more than 75. My body just can’t take it. I do great in fall and winter. It’s just spring and summer that kill me.

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