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Halo Infinite's Spartan Killer Jega Designed to Be Disturbing

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Source: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/halo-infinite-spartan-killer-jega-was-made-to-be-disturbing/1100-6497849/

One of the main characters in the upcoming Halo Infinite is a Spartan Killer by the name of Jega, and 343 were very specific in pointing out that this character was designed to be the creepiest, most disturbing character to appear in the Halo series so far.  Jega is part of an elite group of enemies classified as Spartan Killers who represent a group known as the Hand of Atriox.  These elite assassins are there to do one thing, and one thing only -- kill Spartans, with their main target of course being Master Chief.  Jega's nature is vicious, callous and he loves to toy with his prey.  He exists solely to kill and he is very good at it.

What are your thoughts on these Spartan Killers?  Do you think they will make formidable enemies to the Master Chief?  How about Jega, does he seem like he'll be too much for the Master Chief to handle?

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9 hours ago, Head_Hunter said:

Interesting features of the game, it's simply created like a RL Hollywood. The story/plot is superb. I never played Halo infinite V, I've watched so many trailers of it. It will make a fascinating game indeed. 

Check out the previous gameplays if you have not tried it yet. I am sure you would like it. 

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He's scary but not really that scary-looking compared to things I've seen in other games such as Resident Evil. I'm happy that somebody will be actively hunting down the Spartans making it so that you have to watch your back constantly. I hope they just pop up randomly instead of pre-determined boss fights as it adds more tension to the game.

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