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While I've never been to a pub or bar, growing up, we had a nice full basement complete with a pool table where we also put the ping pong table on as well as a dart board. It was always enjoyable as a kid having games to play. While I wasn't that good at darts, I did do my best. Have any of you hit the bulls-eye? I cannot recall me ever doing that. There were times I barely could hit the target lol 

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I enjoyed going to pubs and playing games. I think I have a pretty accurate arm in throwing things, so I was fairly good at darts. My backyard is the woods and I have target practice with a hatchet and I can usually hit it and stick in the tree lol. But it's a dead tree and falling apart so no worries. I have always liked air hockey. We had a ping pong table in the garage that was pretty challenging to play. 

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I don't care for ping-pong or darts.  However, billiards is a blast.  In fact, I'd like to get good at it.  Anyway, there is no access to a pool table here, unfortunately.

Well, I do want to get a video game of billiards when I get back into gaming.

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