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Deals on 3 months of Xbox Game pass on Gamestop/Amazon & Xbox.com

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Didn't see these deals posted anywhere yet, and since this deals will probably last into the weekend I figured I'd share them here. Here are the deals I found so far, feel free to add any others you may find. 

(Gamestop) 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate  for $24.99https://www.gamestop.com/gift-cards/digital-subscriptions/products/xbox-game-pass-3-month-ultimate-membership/11095751.html 

3 months of Game Pass for PC for $1 each month (must not have Game Pass at time of purchase, otherwise won't count, also may be for new subscribers only) -  https://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-game-pass/pc-games/ 

3 months of Game Pass for PC for $19.99https://www.amazon.com/Xbox-Game-Pass-PC-Membership/dp/B08KJW9BK7

Any other Game pass deals to share? 




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