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Roblox Sues Controversial YouTuber for "Terrorizing" Its Platform

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And for a whopping $1.6 million. The lawsuit in regards to a YouTuber that goes by the name of Ruben Sim, who they say he created a "cybermob" and has posted terroristic threats. Even going as far to make fun of the YouTube headquarters shooting that happened back in 2018. His threats have even shut down the Roblox Developers Conference this recent October. 

You can read more about this news here - https://hypebeast.com/2021/11/roblox-sues-youtuber-ruben-sim-terrorizing-platform-1-6-million-damages 

I'm not a big Roblox guy, but I know this game is played my a ton of kids, so probably for the best this guy is nowhere near it anymore. 

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