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Respawn is going to discontinue sales of original Titanfall

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Well it looks like Titanfall will be removed from digital marketplaces as Respawn is going to discontinue the sale of it completely as of today or yesterday. So this means you won't be able to purchase the game anywhere. It will be removed from Xbox and PC marketplaces. But the good news is, that the servers aren't being taken down, and anyone who already owns the game can still play it fine. 

My concern, is that if you can't buy it any longer, how long will the servers stay up for? 

Full story at the link below. 


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50 minutes ago, skyfire said:

Now that makes existing copy very expensive. Now the hoarders and the flippers will be out in market for it. 

Oh for sure. I think a local family dollar was selling copies of the first game, but I forget. Maybe they still have some. Probably should get a copy before it's too late. I thought I had a copy of the game, but I guess not. 

Anyway, I can see a lot of people picking up copies of the game now. If anything, maybe it'll result in more people playing the game again. 

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