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Can anybody be an esports player?

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In order to become an esports player, you need two things, one, you should be very dedicated to gaming, two, you should have professional level skills in PVP games. I have no desire to participate in esports tournaments.

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On 12/2/2021 at 6:58 AM, StormyFire said:

Do you think that with the right amount of dedication and practice, anybody can be an esports player? Do you think that it requires some innate ability that cannot be taught or trained?

Yes, anybody can play and win. Half of the people winning tournaments are children (under 18). It's actually pretty easy and has alot to do with psychology.

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On 4/9/2022 at 5:09 PM, Justin11 said:

You can go and learn about where to register and go screening first with E-sports team, I don't know exactly how it works but you'll know majority of what you need by asking Google or going to YouTube. 

You don't even need a team, nor do you need to bother applying to one. All you really do is just register for a tournament and play. Good way to start is to just play people online, and if you're planning on playing in tournaments don't talk to anyone at all, unless you really know them or unless it's basic stuff. You really don't want to share any personal or competitive information with anyone because all of the competitive scenes are hard for new people.


Good thing to try is simple achievement hunting or trophy hunting (same thing/different consoles), but before that comes fun. Most of the top level guys are having a blast in tournaments while they play. So fun comes first, then just go achievement hunting if you are new to competitive play because it teaches you alot of stuff about the game. Some stuff on youtube can be deceptive, which I won't get in to.


If you are having fun with a game, collecting achievements, know the game fairly well, and do pretty decent online -- the next step is to understand how to assess yourself from an (objective) and realistic standpoint. Objective: Meaning forensic science that can be cross-examined by other people. In other words: You need to see video of yourself, try comparing it to online elites or tournament people (they're usually identical), and try not to develop a delusional opinion that you are a gaming God just because you had a few 30 kill call of duty games. It's similar to the singers that go on the american idol contest. When you speak, your voice always sounds different to you than it does everyone else, so sometimes a "singer" will sing to themselves, their family, friends, etc. -- and their friends will set them up to fail by being nice and telling them that they are a wonderful singer when they are terrible.


Then you have to know the difference between online play and offline play. The vast majority of great competitors can do either of the two, and it depends on what type of server you're on if your skill online will be directly transferable to offline play. Competitive shooting games with dedicated servers are basically the same offline in tournament, so if you are good online it will be the same offline. But there can be small nuances even with dedicated servers, and definitely P2P stuff where you have to know some stuff is going to change online. Some tournament players, who are actually NOT CORRECT, claim that online play doesn't carry over, but that's false and it depends on:

1) The Game

2) The Skill Level of the Player

3) The Knowledge Base of the Player

4) and the Type of Server in Which Game is On


It's my opinion that most games are actually easier offline, so dominating online play can actually be harder in many cases.

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I feel if you have the want to be an esports player and it's something you really want to achieve you would work hard to get yourself up there and at the skill that you could become an esports player. I don't think there is any such thing as someone cannot be an esports player because everyone can be if they really want to be, but you need to really want it and to really put that work in to reach it. It's also about seeing your mistakes and fixing them as well when playing games and wanting to become a pro in them

I played a lot of Call of Duty especially when Black Ops 3 released and me and my boyfriend had our own clan/team, and we would hang out quite a bit on Black Ops 3 and do really well in games. I got to the point where I really did feel that if our team was to enter some kind of tournament, we would do well, but it took a lot of me playing and practicing and seeing my mistakes and fixing them for me to get to the stage I was withing the team.

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