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  1. I would say valorant is most underrated game. I don't see a lot of people talking about the game. Maybe because it is not available on multiple platforms.
  2. Apart from PUBG, what other popular games that you have never played?
  3. Yes, some of my posts are generic. But you you actually think pros would use a platform like this and make thoughtful comment. Most of us here are doing generic commenting. When I make generic comments, I don't at least quote someone's post. PS: I wrote this post before the last post, so I need to edit. I also feel that the discussion on getting bored with controller seems little weird when you are discussing about game.
  4. There are no distractions at night so your concentration levels are better if you are playing at night. It will also help you ease your tension before going to bed.
  5. You are the moderator, you can take measures to make the place better but you should not terrorize the members with your "know all" attitude. Do you realize what word did you use against me when I have not said anything personal against you?
  6. Its a matter of personal preference. PUBG is the most played game, but I know a lot of people who never tried playing this game.
  7. It does not matter how you define freemium, what matter is the true meaning of freemium. I play a lot of games that are free but offer in-game purchases.
  8. I used to play PUBG Mobile.However, I uninstalled it because I was playing too much.
  9. A lot of people I know play at night because that's when they are free. Horror games sometimes do scare me when I play at night.
  10. I do a lot of things from reloading to rebooting. When it does not work, I check online to see if other players are also experiencing the same thing.
  11. Look I read your entire reply. I have never seen someone so insolent on a public space. If you own this site, just ban everyone you believe are farming. You will have no one expect you to create topics and reply to your own topics.
  12. Thanks for adding information to this discussion, I did not know it was Fortnite that sued Apple and eventually lost. A lot of games are not officially available on Play or App store because they don't want to share revenue.
  13. So, you mean to say games like PUBG, Fortnite, Valorant, Roblox are craps?
  14. Do you think when a game is adapted into a movie justice is done? I mean does the filmmaker actually make the movie as good as the game?
  15. I have used Xbox but I never owned Xbox. I never tried my hands in Switch. I find more comfortable with Playstation, or even a PC.
  16. That's how microsoft was actually built, by acquiring start-ups and smaller companies.
  17. It all depends on nature of the kids. I have seen some kids perform better when they are constantly guided by their parents and teachers (call it pressure)
  18. If you want to replace batteries just because your existing batteries are not giving good power backup, you should always buy new batteries, used batteries can be as bad as your old batteries.
  19. Do you use linux? I mean not just for gaming alone, for other activities.
  20. I have not done it yet, but I would also like to monetize my gaming activities. This would allow me to afford any games I want.
  21. So, you want to travel, spend hundreds of thousands dollars and still sit at hotel playing game? That is the most amusing think I have heard from anyone.
  22. I have nothing against quoting as long the users address the issue I am trying to bring. However, if you go through the posts where my posts have been quoted more than 90 percents are generic reply. As far as your question about what if the gamer is bored with controller and does not want to use PC, he can take mobile device or choose to play board game.
  23. Who cares what WHO says? They are pretty biased on almost all issues.
  24. Based on what you have said here, I think you like Xbox more than PS (because you ended the sentence with the word hardly)
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