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Did you ever modify your console with your own art?

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6 hours ago, Empire said:

Nope, I have not. I even left my PS2 as normal and black as shades 😉 I have seen good work but I rather look at screen and play then looking at the artwork 🙂 

The art work is a lot more appreciated when you're not playing than when you play. Just watching it sitting there as you step in your room, that's an awesome sight!! 

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I have seen a lot my friend do that with their consoles but I have only attached a few stickers to my console and that's it. I have never bothered about changing the whole view or appearance of the console with full art. I'm not sure if I would like it that much. 

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16 hours ago, killamch89 said:

If you mean put a wrapping on a tech device or stickers, then yes I've done it before. However, that was on my previous gaming desktop.

My friend's PS4 is wrapped with Manchester City skin. It looks so cool that I'm thinking about doing it with mine. The problem I might have is getting my favorite club's skin - Sporting Lisbon. 


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