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What old platforms work best for emulation?

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What old consoles and PC devices would you suggest I use to make a emulationstation type of thing? I would like to supe up either an older PC, an old Xbox or even an Xbox 360 to see about putting emulators on it. Do you guys think it'd be a good idea to use an Xbox? I know many people mod their Xbox to make it into an emulator for retro games. But I figure a PC with more power would be better and I could even emulate Xbox and PS2 games. What would you suggest to use? I know some people use Wii's and Wii U's, but I don't have either of those on hand, and the Wii U has kinda gone up in price as of late. 

Any suggestions? 

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Nintendo has claimed rights for their own emulator for mobile platforms. So be aware that the legality of emulators is starting to phase into the red zone.

Personally, I wish companies would claimed rights for the ROMs and not the emulators, we could then buy the ROMs and play it with already existing emulators.

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Outside of old PCs and older android tablets like the Nvidia Shield Tigre K1 or jailbroken Apple devices (I used to play Mario on my jailbroken Ipad), I don't think of any other platforms that were great for emulation.

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