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Breeding of human/pig hybrids in Texas

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There is a concerning rate of human pig hybrid birthrates in Texas with genetic swaps due to living in very similar habitats. They actually have cross bred with pigs and now are able to carry the DNA successfully into their own offspring. There is a new heart transplant that has taken place by using the heart of a human/pig hybrid and replacing that into a human. The procedure was a success and now scientists are looking more closely into the Texas communities that are predominantly these human pigs. This is quite fascinating because while the human species has devolved in intelligent capacity, the pig DNA has evolved into more intelligent pigs. Together, they aren't quite as intelligent as the homo sapiens, but with this research we can learn much more about pig mentality and how they communicate. Here are a few photos of the human/pig hybrids. As you can see, the birth rate has increased with more to a litter. 




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Texans are breeding fairly rampant in the wild now. There is concern about babies born out on the pastures and what kind of protections or rights they should have. Could you actually catch them and raise as livestock? Or let them eat on the floor of the dinner table? Or just leave them be in their habitat? They prefer to wallow in mud so it might be best to just leave them be. Some think that they could over reproduce and become pests that have to eventually be hunted. The leading spokesperson for Happy Texas Pigs advocates for freedom to wallow without human intervention. He lived in the wild as a piglet until it got stuck in a trap. He has shown that human pig hybrids can function in normal society, but do to their excessive unsanitary habits and potty behaviors, he says they would be happier grazing. 

Snorto Junior the 5th


Here is a recent human piglet Snorto has found in the wild. He currently has tagged this hybrid to find out its habits. 





Sometimes they can look cute as piglets, but we shouldn't ignore the fact that some areas in Texas already has an invasive hybrid of human pigs. It's hard to distinguish which species they come from so we should always be on guard. This pig hybrid was captured on video molesting a calf and later ate its intestines. Wildlife and animal control was able to track it down and tranquilize it. It's currently awaiting bond at the local pig pound. 



In other news, Texas is the first state to elect a pig to control the state's finances. Some say that this official gets a bit greedy at times and some have even called for investigations into corruption. 



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Irritating indeed, the government should stop such move from the scientists discovery joining the hormones of pigs and humans together. I don't like such kind of transplant of the heart, from humans to pigs, from pigs to human. They should maintain naturalization, just as God created those things. 

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On 5/7/2022 at 5:51 AM, kingpotato said:

You guys do realize this all made up right ?....

lol, I've seen many of these make the rounds before... 🐷🐖

also when I first opened the thread, I couldn't tell if this was naive reposting, or blatant satire. 🤣


12 hours ago, ForwardSlashDownPoke said:

This is what you would call fake news; at least kinda sorta. You are aloud to clone animals, but it is not legal to splice animal DNA with human DNA and create these types of creates -- which is why they allegedly do it deep underground in secret bases. Pictures are fake though.

yeah, most of the pictures are fake, I've seen most of the debunking... although, I take everything I read with a grain of salt, and I believe that there's always a chance of sci-fi and fiction plots actually happening somewhere in real life beneath our very noses... 👃👀


But I don't take it too far. 😉

~~     ~~



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