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YouTube ain't what it was...

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5 hours ago, Heatman said:

I can't fault you for having a very big dream for your channel. But I don't think that it's something realistic for you to get 20k subscribers by the end of 2022 when you're just at 565 subscribers at the moment. It's mathematically impossible for that to happen. 

😂, I'm futuristic, it can happen. Since I get 40-50 new subscribers everyday on my soccer channel. Let's see, I'm not precise with my statement, but something magical can still happen, and I'll come here go celebrate the milestone via this thread if the need be. 

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On 4/8/2022 at 1:33 PM, Crazycrab said:

The ads on the platform are definitely getting more intrusive, they are clearly trying to push people onto YouTube Premium.  I refuse to use add blockers because it harms creators but it getting annoying.

I can only see it getting worse for normal users with the ads. It's very obvious that their end game is getting more users to go premium. There isn't even a good alternative to choose from and I see them having their way with this. 

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You basically can't speak your mind on YouTube these days or you'd get demonetized, which is why a lot of the smaller YouTubers have to use "safe words" as replacement for controversial issues. Man, that's dystopic. Like 1984 Big Brother dystopic.

Also, let's bring back the dislike bar and we'll see just how popular your Disney movie trailers really are.

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23 hours ago, Justin11 said:

My channel isn't monetized with ads, already YouTube have filtered ads all over my videos, milking from my contents already and leaving me with nothing, 😂. That's bizarre, but their is nothing I can do, but continue to push for my channel growth. I have 565 subscribers at the moment via my soccer niche channel, my aim is to hit 20k before 2022 ends, then monetize the channel. 

Care to post a link to your youtube channel Justin? maybe i can help you get to 566 subscribers 😅

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On 9/22/2022 at 8:53 AM, Heatman said:

Well, that's a nice one. You're already on 634 and I have subscribed to get it to 635. Keep up the good work 😊!! 

Thanks man, I'll keep on pushing, I'm not looking to get monetized with YouTube ad monetization. It will be used for future influencing jobs, and promoting my own football. 

It take a long time for someone to reach 4k watch time set out by YouTube. But consistency and hardwork can carry someone there. 

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